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OST to PST converter

Trent Colson : "Our organization had been working on Microsoft Exchange Outlook environment since the very beginning. All our data has been exchanged over the server by the connected user machines. However, a technical issue with the server recently caused to put it under maintenance. A large number of employees worked even from home, and had been using offline mailbox for the same purpose. Therefore, due to this unplanned downtime they have been left affected. Most offline mailboxes are now in an unusable state, which has hampered a lot of work. We were wondering of a way through which independent accessibility can be availed until the server is back up and running."
Note: Trent Colson is a recent addition to our list of satisfied users. This challenge was shared was by him before we proposed SysTools OST to PST Converter for tackling with the situation to convert OST file to PST file.

Challenges at Hand

  • Exchange Server is under an unplanned downtime thus the mailboxes cannot be connected or synched.
  • Moreover, the conversion if considered manually cannot take place, as OST mailboxes are tied with a security, which connects the offline mailbox replica to the mailbox on the server end.
  • How to Re-import OST file to Exchange Server after backing up the OST file
  • How to open a archive .ost file on a new computer from which Exchange Server is not synched

Solution Proposed :

  • Conversion of the Offline mailbox data to Outlook PST format must be carried out in a condition like this. The conversion will help attain business continuity in the form of independent usage of OST file contents on Outlook as PST, i.e. without dependency on Server.
  • Moreover, the conversion is executable with the help of SysTools OST to PST Converter that helps bypass mailbox security with conversion of orphaned OST files.

That's all
That was the suggested solution for users seeking OST to PST Conversion.

With SysTools OST to PST Converter, the procedure has been simplified largely for end users of a universal group. The application has a user-friendly interface to convert OST to PST, that improves operability experience for the users without a compromise made on the feature list.

Added Advantage of OST to PST Converter

  • OST file to PST format conversion rendered within few clicks
  • The tool also offers recovery of damaged OST file
  • All item preview is provided before OST to PST conversion
  • Attachment preview provisioned for all email messages
  • Works with all versions of Windows Operating System
  • Deleted data restoration supported from offline mailbox

Tech Talks

Q: What are the possibilities of accessing the contents of an offline mailbox when in orphan state?

"Most of the offline copy of my organizational user accounts are in an orphan state. The server is down for maintenance too. What can we do to regain the access to these replicas in the defined condition?"

A: The OST or offline mailbox of users can be converted to Outlook PST format using OST to PST Converter for regaining the access of its contents for business continuity.

Q: What about the mailboxes storing more than 20 GB of data? How much time will they consume during conversion?

"There are certain mailboxes that also store more than 20 GB of data which would make the entire conversion a lot more stretched in duration. How will the software handle such bulky sized files and quickly finish the conversion too?"

A: Although, the conversion time depends somewhat depends on the amount of data being converted, but the software is capable enough to deal with large sized mailboxes too at the same time. Therefore, the size of mailboxes won't make much of a difference as the tool's rate of conversion from OST to PST is quite quick as compared to most other utilities of its category.

Q: How to re-import the OST file stored back to Exchange Server?

"I have 3 GB of Offline OST file, I have taken its backup. What should be the process if I want it to reimport on Exchange Server?"

A: First thing OST is offline Outlook Data & it is not present on server. For reimporting the data on server you first need to convert your OST file into PST file. Follow the given process:

  • First select the desired mailbox & click on the ... icon and then Import PST.
  • Then specify the path of PST file in Wizard & Click Next.
  • Then on second wizard select the user mailbox in which PST is need to import & Click Next.
  • On the final page select checkbox if you want to notify the PST has been imported & click on Finish.

That's all it become very easy to reimport the OST file back to the server if you have converted already in PST. And for conversion SysTools OST to PST Converter is one of the best solution.

Q: How could conversion time be managed and organized according to custom requirements of the user?

"We have several custom email folders in the affected OST files. Some of which isn't necessary. How to manage the time consumed unnecessarily in the conversion of this data?"

A: OST files can be converted without the need of having to convert all data unnecessarily. One can choose what to be and not to be converted from OST to PST. Checkboxes are provided against each single item and folder to select the preferred data for conversion. This will help manage conversion time by cutting it short according to the requirement.

Q: How can we get multiple mailboxes converted when found in a corrupt state?

"On trying to process the OST files, it was discovered that many were in a damaged condition too. What are the chances of getting back the data in this condition?"

A: All data is recoverable with guarantee despite the condition in which the file is available whether intact or corrupt (minor / severe). OST file converter is also capable of converting data from offline mailbox copy in the case of corruption.

Q: How to Open archive.ost file on a new machine?

"Currently we have Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2013. The location on which the archive email stored in my previous machine having Windows8 is c:\users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. I got a new PC. I have copied the data file Now I want to open archive to look for an old message. But on importing following error message appear.
Error, "The file you chose is not an Outlook Data File. You must select a new file of this type." I know that Outlook wants open a .PST file, but I need to open an .OST file."

A: Firstly OST is an Offline file. It could not be accessible if you do not have exchange server synched with your Outlook. To open it in Outlook you need to convert OST to PST format only. And OST Conversion Software is the suitable solution for it.

Q: How to merge multiple OST Files?

"My server deletes sent emails, but there are several OST file stored on different machine. I'd like to integrate all the file into one large file to get managed but without any duplicated messages."

A: All the entire OST files are need to be converted first into PST format. Then in your Outlook you can integrate all of them one by one in your configured profile.

What Clients Say

Converting all our mailboxes seemed like an impossible task. However, SysTools OST to PST converter made it look like everyone's cup of tea. There was not much that we had to do, as the program is quite intelligent and works just on click to go commands. Great job!

Albert Flander, USA

Completely satisfied with the performance of OST converter. We tried this application after trying a number of other tools. I must say this application is way better than that of the other vendors offering a tool of the similar caliber.

Stephen Simons, London