How to Make Watermark in PDF File (As Text or Images)

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Watermark is an identifying text or image placed on a PDF file to own the confidentiality of the data. You might be aware of the PDF watermarking. It is a simple process by which the PDF files are added with digital texts or images in different shades of color. But, the below-asked question usually arises in our mind, don’t they “How to make watermark in PDF files or how to make PDF watermark permanent?”

In this article, we will be discussing the solution to such questions one by one. But before we move towards the solution, let’s just check out the necessity to create and insert watermark in PDF files.

Why User Create Watermark on PDF Files?

There might be a number of reasons to put watermark in PDF documents. Some main reasons for watermark addition in PDF are discussed below

  1. Watermarks prove the copyright over a content silently
  2. Helps in preventing transformations (modification) in the PDF content
  3. Hiding and protecting information from others
  4. Assuring and handling confidentiality with the data in the PDF file
  5. Adding descriptions & infographic as image watermark

Now, as we have got an idea about the various reasons to put the watermark, let’s learn how to create a watermark permanent on PDF file.

How to Make Watermark in PDF File Professionally?

SysTools brings PDF Watermarking software that puts a text (also include date/time) or an image-based watermark into a PDF file. The software can watermark a PDF page through text or an image along with setting up the transparency ratio along with setting an angle. You also get Page select options.

The Preview option helps the user to make changes before making the PDF watermark permanent (the tool will make new replicas of your PDF files but with your desired watermark in them).

To learn how to create a watermark in PDF documents efficiently, install the free demo version of the tool on your system. Then, follow the simple procedure below to get PDF files watermarked effortlessly.

(Note: Here, the procedure is described for text watermark)

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Steps to Make Watermark in PDF File

  • Download & install the tool on your system
Download tool
  • Add Files: You can add encrypted files to make a watermark in PDF , you can choose to save or print PDF files with the desired watermark
Add PDF files
  • Choose for Text or Image Watermark, you can also choose Date-Time watermark
Text or Image option
  • Here Text watermark interface has been shown and you can see all the available settings along with it
Watermark Text Position Font Color
  • Click the Generate button to make a watermark in PDF files
making watermark in PDF

By following the above steps you can successfully enter watermark to PDF document. After the process completion, you can go to the destination location to view the PDF files with the transparent watermark on it.

The users, who wish to place a watermark on PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro can find the process downside. We have an illustrated guide of what all to be done to create a watermark on PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

How to Make Watermark in PDF File Using Adobe Acrobat Pro?

To add text (or image) watermark in PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat Pro, you have to do the following steps. It’s a built-in function in Acrobat but requires licensing to function well on the PDF files.

  • Install and License Adobe Acrobat Pro

Note: Licensing is required to perform watermark function in Adobe

  • Open a PDF file
open PDF file
  • Go to Tools >> Edit PDF option (Also, shown on right side of the document)
Opt. Edit PDF
  • Go to More () option >> Watermark >> Add.
Watermark Option
  • Choose the Source form (Text or Image File)
  • Under the Appearance section, provide Opacity and Rotation
  • Position the watermark by Vertical & Horizontal distance
  • Click OK to create watermark on PDF document
Watermark settings

After that, you can view the watermark added on the PDF file.


In this write-up, we have learned how to make watermark in PDF files. Along with the manual solution we have also covered an automated method. A limitation in the manual method is, it’s license needs to be after a particular time interval. To overcome the limitation, an alternative is provided that will make you learn how to create watermark on PDF documents efficiently and effortlessly.

Frequently Raised Questions

Q: How do I put a Watermark on a PDF Document for free?

A: Simple Steps to Add Watermark in PDF
Step 1: Download and Run PDF Watermarking Tool
Step 2: Click on Add file and insert PDF files
Step 3: Enter Watermark (text/ image), Position it, and do font settings
Step 4: Click on Generate button

Q: How do I add a watermark on Adobe PDF?

A: Steps to Make Permanent Watermark on PDF Files
Launch Acrobat DC application and Open PDF file.
Go to Tools and click on the Edit option.
Click on the Watermark option and select the Add option.
Choose Text/ Image watermark. Choose the file if the Image watermark selected.
Place it on the Page and click the OK button.

Can we make PDF watermark permanent for free?

Yes, Use the Free PDF Watermark Tool and watermark multiple PDF files with permanent watermarks (text and image watermark). Though the free version has its limitation.

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