How to Split Merged PDF Files by Size in Two Ways

Kumar Raj ~ Modified: June 15th, 2020 ~ PDF ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to know how to split merged PDF files in the best & easy ways? Well, here in this blog you will get two solutions for the query.

Generally, people merge PDF files for easy file handling and to keep all their data in one place. But sometimes, after merging all the PDF documents and files, it becomes quite large in size. Hence its large size creates difficulties in uploading the file or sharing it with others. So, to overcome these problems people split combined PDF files by size.

There are many tools available in the market to divide large PDF. But, here I am only going to talk about the two best and effective tools to split bulky PDF.

First, you are going to learn about how to separate merged PDF files by size files using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Second, how to split merged PDF files by size using SysTools PDF Split and Merge Tool. This tool is trusted by many professionals like Data scientists, Advocates, Govt. Officials, Forensic experts, bankers, etc.

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Now, let’s dive right into the solutions!

How to Split Combined PDF Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Note: There is no particular option in Adobe Acrobat to split merged PDF files by size, you have to split the PDF files using its “Split by size” option.

Portable Document Format, which we all know as simply PDF was developed by the company called Adobe. With this, they also created a family of PDF applications. One such application is Adobe Acrobat DC. This software is used to view, create, print, manipulate, or manage PDF.

Download Adobe Acrobat (standard DC or PRO DC) & Follow these steps to split the files by size:

Open your PDF files in Acrobat DC.
● Click on the “Organize Pages” option >> then, click on the “Split” option.
● Now to split the PDF by size, select the “Maximum File Size” option.
● Click on the “Output Options” to give the location where you want to save & what to name the file, and how you would like to split your file.
● Click “OK” >> “Split” to unmerge the file.
● Give a name to your new file and click on the “Save” button.

This is how to unmerge PDF files using Adobe Acrobat DC.

NOTE: To use its service you have to take an annual subscription of Adobe Acrobat. They will monthly charge money for it. This will require an annual commitment as stated on their website. You will have to pay $12.99 per month for standard DC & $14.99 per month for PRO DC.

This comes as their biggest downside because most people don’t want an annual subscription. Hence, they look for a more affordable and robust solution.

How to Split Merged PDF Files by Size Using Professional Tool

With the help of this tool, you can split or merge PDF files in the way you want. Also, this tool comes with the “Split Merged PDF by Size” option to unmerge PDF files by size.

Without wasting much time, let jump to the steps

1. Launch the software & choose the Merge Option.

merge option
2. Click “Add Files” or “Add Folder” to insert PDF file(s).

add files
Note: To skip attachments from the resultant PDF file check the “Skip Attachment” option.
3. After inserting the PDF file or folder click on the Next button.
Note: If your PDF file is secured by a password and then, enter the PDF password in the “Password” text box if not then, skip
4. The tool gives you 2 PDF Merge Options. Choose “Split Merged PDF by Size”. Also, give the size in the text box.

5. There are two destination paths are given: Create a New PDF and Merge in Existing PDF. Select as per your convenience.

6. Click on the Merge button given at the bottom.

7. Once the process will complete. It will prompt the message. Click OK.

click ok

This is how to split merged PDF files by size.

Other Amazing Functionalities This Tool Carries

Below we have mentioned other features of the tool lets have a look:

1. Splitting & merging the PDF Files in Batch for fast execution to save your time.
2. 6 Split PDF options: Size, Page Number, Page Range, Even, Odd Pages, or Each Page.
3. You can merge specific pages of different PDFs by its “Page Range” option.
4. Combine multiple files in New PDF File or Existing PDF file
5. The takes care of formatting, layout, structure, margin, page breaks hence maintains the originality of the document.
6. It preserves attachments of resultant PDF files and image quality.
7. It is a powerful software that has no limitation on the Number of PDF Files to split or merge
8. It provides the option to skip attachments from the output PDF file(s).
9. Split the password-protected PDF files. (You need to provide the user password)
10. The tool is compatible with all the editions Windows OS.
11. Supports all the versions of Portable Document Format.

You can see the tool is designed in such a way that it gives you the complete freedom to manage PDF in the way you want. That is why it is the perfect solution to how to split merged PDF files by size.


In this write-up, we have discussed Adobe Acrobat’s solution also but it does not provide a direct option to separate merged pdf files by size. It can split the document based on size but not providing the direct option to split merged PDF files by size. Also, its annual subscription costs more than the above-mentioned tool. So, it is better to opt for a professional tool. Users can free download and try its free edition that will split 5 PDF files. It has all the features that the user demands.