How Mail Migration Wizard Works!

A Step by Step guide for Domino Server Mailbox to Exchange Server Mailbox Migration.

  • Lotus Notes Client must be installed and configured with Admin mailbox of Domino Server.
  • Microsoft Outlook must be installed and should be configured properly for any valid or dummy profile/account.
  • If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".
  • You must have full admin permission on Domino mailboxes.
  • Admin account of Exchange Server must be impersonated. Apply impersonation in:
  • For Exchange (2000-2003) Versions: Exchange Mailboxes should have complete administrative rights.
    How to Manage Exchange 2000-2003 Admin Rights

Install and Run the Mail Migration Wizard Software. To migrate from Lotus Domino Server to Microsoft Exchange choose select Domain User(s) radio button and enter Domino Server Name or IP address and Password. After entering the credentials hit Login button as shown in below image.

domino to exchange server

Now you will see all NSF files which are available on Domino server. Just select that particular file(s) and hit Next button as shown in below image.

login to domino server

Now you wiill see an Export Options window where you need to choose Exchange radio button and then choose version of Exchange server. In this demonstration we are going to choose Exchange 2007 or above version of Exchange. Leave Maintain Folder Hierarchy Checkbox checked if you want the same folder structure of all items (Emails, Contacts, Calendars) in Exchange Mailbox. And hit OK button to proceed for next. See below image for reference of this step.

Note: If you uncheck Maintain Folder Hierarchy checkbox then after migration all data items will be added into the already available folder like: Domino Server Inbox mails will be added into Inbox folder of Exchange mailbox and in same way other folders will be added.

connecting to domino server

Now you have to enter Admin mail ID and the password of Exchange Server. After entering the credentials select the version of Exchange server as shown in below image.

domino mailboxes

Now enter the IP address of Exchange Server and Active Directory. If both IP address is same then check Same as above checkbox and hit Submit button. Refer below image for this step.


Now Enter Exchange Mailbox Name which in which you want to migrate all data items.


After entering the mailbox name, the software will authenticate automatically and after successful authentication the Right mark in green color will appear as displayed in below image.

Here you can customize the categories for migration. For Example if you want to migrate only Lotus Domino emails then just check the Mails checkbox only and uncheck all remaining checkboxes. You can also go for application of more customization by clicking on Apply Advance Options Checkbox.

After applying all customization hit Export button. Check below image for reference.

export progress of mailboxes

Now you will see a new IBM Notes window. Here just enter the Domino server Admin password and hit OK button to start migration process.

migrated item count

Now you will see the migration process will have started and all progress status will be displayed in Export Report window. After completion of Domino server to Exchange migration the tool will display Migration completed successfully message.

migration completed successfully



You can also save the report of migration as CSV file in your computer. Just refer below image for saving report.

migration completed successfully


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