SysTools MailPro+

Multi-tasking Software to Preview, Search and Export Emails from Multiple Mail Clients

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7 file format supported
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Highlighted Features of MailPro+

  • Support More than 15 email file format
  • Read Mailbox of any email file type
  • Search emails within the email files
  • Create & Save collection for easy mailbox management
  • Search & Extract Email Files from Hard Drive or External Storage
  • Export emails into PST, PDF, MSG, HTML, EML, TIFF & CSV file type

Key Features Exhibited by SysTools MailPro+

Create, Open, Close Collection

Collection is a term that allows to add multiple file types for scanning, searching and exporting. The feature is very helpful if you want to save all activities (scan & search) for further usage.

create collection

Relevancy: Suppose added email files are very large and an urgency arrive that demands to shut the Mail Exporter software. If you close the tool without saving collection then you need to invest the lot of time again for re-scanning. Using same feature, you can save time for re-scanning and proceed from last point

Auto Search Files On Disk

Auto search is another helpful feature that saves your time and makes file selection process automated. It searches for desired files from selected drive or complete hard disk to view emails and other items.

search emails

Relevancy: In case, the exact location of a file type is not known or file is stored in a different location then browsing of each file will be hard and time consuming work. Here, auto search function of email exporter software becomes very helpful that asks file type and drive information only and shows files related to your search within few minutes.

Process Multiple File Types

process multiple email files

The Email exporter tool is built with Single as well as Bulk Mode to process multiple files at once. The tool allow to view emails of any file formats. Below given file types can be added for viewing, searching and exporting the data:

  • .pst (Microsoft Outlook)
  • .msg (Single message file)
  • .ost (Exchange Offline Storage)
  • .edb (MS Exchange Server)
  • .olm (MS Outlook for Mac)
  • .nsf (IBM Notes)
  • .dbx (Outlook Express)
  • .eml (EML – Email File)
  • .mbox
  • . (Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • .mbx
  • .tbb (The Bat! Database)
  • . (Sea Monkey)
  • .imm (IncrediMail 2.0)

Relevancy: The Mailbox Reader for any Mail File Format is a time savvy tool for users in two ways:

  • Browse & Process multiple emails of different file types at once, of different email clients.
  • Browse & Process single or multiple emails of same file type at once.

7+ Views For Mail Preview

Preview feature of MailPro+ Email Exporter tool allow viewing an email thoroughly by showing all the properties of email in detail in a different tab:

email file viewer
  • Hex View
  • Normal Mail View
  • Message Header View
  • Properties View
  • MIME View
  • Hierarchical View
  • HTML View
  • Attachment View
  • RTF View
  • Mime View
  • HTML View
  • RTF View
  • RTF View
  • Attachment View

Relevancy: To analyze an email's header or to gets detailed information regarding email source the preview feature is useful. The Message Header View tab will come handy in this case for providing details like: message ID, IP, message priority, etc.

Recursive Listing of Emails

Recursive listing offer collective view of the emails that are in the main folder & its subfolder(s), under the top folder (Single Folder) only.

recursive listing

Relevancy: The feature prevents you from going to the folder & its nested folder one by one to preview their internal items. Just right click on the main folder and select Recursive Listing to view emails & other items listed under the main folder for a collective view in mailbox reader for any mail file format.

Deep and Advance Searching

search email within file

The search feature lets you filter out emails within the added data, with the help of 9+ parameters that let you perform deep as well as advanced level of searching

Parameters Applicable for Searching Emails

  • Subject
  • From
  • To
  • Sent Date
  • Importance
  • Bcc
  • Has Attachment
  • Received Date
  • Modification Date
  • Cc

Relevancy: Required filters can be applied through the email exporter software for searching the specific emails from the bulk of data items. Suppose the scanned file consists of bulk messages, but you only need to view the ones received during a specific date. Received Date parameter can be applied here to view only selective set of emails.

TIP: With Default Search option you can perform a keyword based search on each part of a mail & view any email file.

6+ Export File Types

export file type

The Mail Exporter software offer selective or bulk items export from the processed file types. Given are the file types in which you are able to convert:

  • PST (Outlook Format)
  • EML (Outlook Format)
  • PDF (Adobe Format)
  • MSG (Outlook)
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
  • CSV (MS Excel only Header part)
  • HTML

Relevancy: By having multiple email export types user can export from any email client's data to other email client through the Mailbox Exporter utility.

Multiple Export Settings

export settings

Maintain Folder Hierarchy: If the original folder order of arrangement has to be maintained, this option will help. Note that, the feature is of great importance in case of analysis.

Remove Duplicate Entry (emails): When this checkbox is selected, duplicate entries (only emails) will be excluded from being exported to the output.

Naming Conventions: A desired type of naming pattern can be selected for naming the output – single mail files or document file, with the provided options.

select items to export

Folder Selection: You can specify email converter to only convert particular folders by selecting them using checkboxes provided against each for a selective conversion.

Relevancy: As the email exporter tool allow to export emails from a selective folder without changing the way folders are maintained. As the duplicate entries are barring to do so here multiple export emails settings with a naming pattern could be applied while saving emails individually.

Complete Export Report

A detailed report of the export procedure is provided at the end as a Comma Separated Values file in which details like success count, path and fail count are included:

  • Source File (Path)
  • Subject (email)
  • Exported File (Path)
  • Export Status
  • Total Item Count
  • Success Count
  • Failed Count

Relevancy: To avoid the unnecessary time consumption, save the export report generated by the Mail Exporter software after export emails process. In the report, you can check the number of exported and failed emails, etc.

MailPro+ Software Screenshots

A Unified Platform to Read Mailboxes of Any Mail File Format

add new collection
Step 1: Add New Collection
select source file type
Step 2: Select Source File Type
search emails
Step 3: Advanced Search Option
multiple export options
Step 4: Export Options
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Mailbox Reader for Any Mail File Format
Download MailPro+ Software
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Size: 31.9 MB Version: 1.0

Trial Limitations

Free Demo version MailPro+ tool will export 50 items and allow adding 2 files of each type only. Trial version of tool scans the file size up to 2GB and allow adding 10 files in a collection.

Download MailPro+

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Windows OS : Windows 8.1 or any below version (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Processor : 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 512 MB (1 GB is recommended)
  • Disk Space : Around 50 MB free space for installation

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • MS Outlook – Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010(32/64 bit), 2013 (32/64 bit), 2016 (32-bit)
Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to install/configure Outlook on my machine to run the tool?

No, the MailPro+ Email Exporter software does not need Outlook installation or configuration to run successfully.

What types of emails can be viewed, searched & exported using SysTools MailPro+?

SysTools MailPro+ Email Exporter software supports 14 email data storing file formats belonging to a variety of email clients (desktop based only) like; MS Outlook, Eudora, Lotus Notes, Bat, Incredimail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.

Why can I not see the contacts and calendar of my scanned PST file?

The software is an email data scanning, viewing, and exporting tool. Thus, you can only view the email data of any scanned file and not other items like; contacts, calendar, etc. It works as an mail exporter & email search software.

Is it possible to view the MD5 value of my emails?

Yes, you can view the MD5 value of the loaded emails. The email search software lists entire emails of the scanned file with all attributes like; subject, from, to, sent, received, size in bytes, and MD5 value.

Will the MailPro+ (email export software), search & export software be helpful for the e-discovery of emails?

Yes, the MailPro+ (email search & Export tool) can be used for e-discovery purposes. Scanned emails can be viewed using multiple types of views like; property, normal mail, header, MIME, Hex, Email Hop, etc., to thoroughly study an email body and header.

How many collections of emails can be made on the MailPro+?

There are no limitations imposed by the software on the number of collections that you can make using MailPro+ email export software. You can make unlimited collections, add unlimited number of files of any desired type in any multiples without being restricted.

What can I do to view the permanently deleted emails of a file?

The Email Search Software performs a thorough scanning of the selected file(s). During this scanning procedure, it recovers corrupt as well as permanently deleted emails from the file.

What Clients Say

I was very glad to come across this tool, as we regularly faced the issue of opening different file types and then converting them to legal format. This mail exporter tool not only made the conversion easier, but also gave us the opportunity of looking into the emails thoroughly with the multiple views provided. Thanks!

Sharleen Mcduffie, Ireland

We had been looking for a email file viewer tool for any mail file format to study emails to be installed at our institute for studying analysis of electronic data. Thanks to MailPro+ Mailbox Reader and its extremely friendly GUI, students are able to run the tool themselves without much guidance required

Christia Espinoza, Spain
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