Steps For PST Merge 64 Bit Of Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2010 is the 14th version of MS Office suite for Windows OS, which is designed with the compatibility for 64 bit as well. Using 64 bit version of Outlook user can handle large amounts of information than a 32-bit system. Since it can use more RAM – 4GB and up – a 64 bit computer can be more responsive when user is running lots of programs at once.

PST files are Personal Storage Table used to store user mailbox information in Outlook. They files stores emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks into it. Having multiple PST files in Outlook often makes the task of PST file management time-consuming and searching for particular data even more complicated.

  • Direct data export from GroupWise to MS Outlook
  • Restoring GroupWise backup data into Outlook email client

In this write-up you can get an idea about restoration of GroupWise data into MS Outlook profile as well as afterwards you can also learn process to backup GroupWise data.

The process to add-up Novell GroupWise data into Outlook is quite easy. If you have Novell GroupWise backup data then, you can get back your business orient email information into MS Outlook for further access.

Why User Need to Merge Multiple PST Files to Single File?

  • Managing multiple PST files in Outlook make user complicated and confused while managing them. So in order to avoid confusions and complication user can merge multiple PST file into Outlook for better management of data.
  • When user will merge multiple PST files into one file sending and receiving of PST file data becomes easier as all files are located at one place.
  • User can easily search any data in single PST file rather into multiple PST files.
  • Synchronization of PST files becomes easy when PST files are merged into one.

How To Combine Multiple PST Files In MS Outlook 64 Bit Versions?

Go to Start - All Programs - MS Outlook Program.

Click on all those PST files which are to be merged into one PST file in the navigation pane.
Go to "File" menu in Outlook, click on "New Items", point to More Items and click on "Outlook Data File".

"Create or open Outlook data File" window will appear. Provide a name to new Outlook data file and click on "OK".

In the navigation pane of Outlook the new outlook data file or PST will be highlighted.
Now go to File - Open - Import. "Import and Export Wizard" will appear.

Select "Import from another program or file" from the list and click on "Next".

Now selected file type which is to be import from. Click on Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on "Next".

Click on "Browse" and select the file to import. There are options as replace duplicates with items import, allow duplicates to be created, and do not import duplicates. Check on "Do not import duplicates" so as to remove duplicates from PST file.

Click to "Next". Now select the folder to import from. Check the box "Include Subfolders" and "Import items into the same folder in". In last step click on "Finish"

Note: If you have number of PST file and want to merge them into one then a commercial PST merge solution can be used. It will simply combine entire data of PST files into single healthy PST file