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Our 4 Step Plan for Cloud Migration Services Includes:

  • 1. Planned Strategy
  • 3. Cloud Data Migration
  • 2. Pilot Project
  • 4. Results Validation

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Simplyfying Your Journey to the Cloud

Why Customers Choose SysTools Cloud Migration Service?

Migration between or to the cloud is not easy at all. Having a partner with a flexible and reliable solution can bring you success quickly. SysTools is one of the leading Cloud Migration service Providers that will help your organization with a seamless and secure cloud migration. We have a huge experience in managing the cloud services be offering loss-less migration. Our main aim is to make sure that your cloud migration project completed in as smooth way as possible. To achieve this, let our migration experts do all the hard work for you via Cloud Migration Services by SysTools.

Source & Destination

SysTools Cloud Migration Service offers multiple options to move data between the clouds. During migration from one cloud to another, SysTools Cloud Migrator supports following

Source & Destination

  • Lotus Notes (HCL Notes)
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive
  • G Suite
  • Google Drive
  • Exchange
  • IBM Verse

Data items with associated Meta Information

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Documents

24X7 Support

We believe in customer satisfaction and to make sure the same, offer 24 X 7 & support. SysTools renders two type of support to its clients i.e.,

  • Basic Support: It includes SLA of 4 hours (fixed). The customization will be additionally charged with proper support via email or chat.
  • Advance Support: It includes SLA of 1 hour. In addition, 1 or 2 small customization requirements will be done by us without any extra charge. We offer a proper email, chat, or phone support to contact our engineering team.

What We Offer ?


Project Management & Reporting

SysTools Migrator for project management generate a detailed reports also containing complete details of the migration process. Reporting can be done in multiple ways like for whole migration process at once, or from a particular mailbox or job perspective. This reporting is beneficial for future reference and to keep project on track.


Managed Services & Infrastructure

For Remote Migration service, we offer proper infrastructure also. SysTools provides proper virtual environment also on your remote machine to ensure fully managed services with high performance. This way you can easily run large number of application without any hassle.


Safe & Secure

The biggest challenge faced by the organization is in keeping everything safe and secure during the cloud migration process. To achieve this, we have a security team with great experience and keep your cloud migration on track always without any leakage of data.


Totally Customer Oriented

We offer cloud migration service in a way that our cloud architects will be with you at every single step of cloud migration. We always keep your organization requirements first while building a solution model for proper cloud migration.

customize migration plans

Customize Migration Plans

Every organization has different requirement so, one workload migration plan does not fit all. Depending upon the needs of customers, we have different or customize migration plan. This way clients can choose between the plans depending on their need and bring more success to enterprise.

cost effective

Cost-Effective Migration

The major concern or challenge faced by organization is the total cost during cloud migration. As we are expert in offering a fast and risk-free cloud migration service on a reasonable price. You need not care about the migration service completion as we are here to do that for you guys.


Simplyfying Your Journey to the Cloud

Our Expertise: Minimal Risk & Maximum Performance

As we are cloud experts so, we have always been there for you guys. You no need to worry about anything as we are already prepared for the situations for which you are unsure. We will let you decide whether the solution is right for you or not. We have extensive experience, proper knowledge, applications, and resources to manage your cloud migration process in an efficient manner with a successful result. We offer migration for all sizes at 0% risk of data loss. We can help you optimize your cloud to scale up the nature of your business.

Simplyfying Your Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Migration as a Service Made Simple With SysTools

Pre-migration Strategy

Architecture Evaluation / Analysis Solution Model


Final Testing

After Process Support

Simplyfying Your Journey to the Cloud

Challenges Faced During Cloud Migration

No Visibility

There are chances that you might lose visibility and management of cloud migration process.


Most of the times, deployment complications are faced by the clients in the self-service.

Bad experience

Because of lack of experience in cloud migration, customers face issues at each and every step of migration.

Configuration issue

Sometimes clients are unable to perform configuration properly, which results in a failure during the cloud migration process

No Guarantee

After investing so much of efforts, time, and money, there is no surety that cloud migration will done successfully.

Simplyfying Your Journey to the Cloud

Types of Cloud Migration Services We Offer

Remote Migration Service

In this type of migration service, a user can contact us to perform cloud migration remotely. A user just needs to give remote access to their local machine. After that, we with the help of a limited environment, we move data between the cloud.

On-Site Migration Service

We are open to provide you on-site cloud migration services for all size of organization with complicated migration requirements. SysTools Cloud Migration Service team will come to your location and perform complete migration at your place only.