Type of Formatted Partition Data Recovery

As the formatting of a drive involved removal of all partition data & the complete data of partition get completely deleted. The permanent removal of data from partition leads to high level formatting. While the low level formatting involve mark address information, fix logical bad track, divide track & section for blank space. Using the specific utility, these operations are not recommended due to the possible corruption to disk magnetic medium.

But what internally happens is a real different scenario from the permanent removal, as the formatted stuff gets marked as inaccessible & shows the drive & its data as non-existent by Windows OS. Thus, users would fail to find the data after formatting, but in reality the data still exists on hard drive instead of being erased.

The formatted partition can be recovered using SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery irrespective of the damage level it contain.

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Partition Recovery Concept:

If machine is required to start booting properly, there are requirements for it:

  • MBR (Master Boot Record) must exist & be safe.
  • Partition table must exist & contain at least one of the active partitions.

If both the conditions are fulfilled, the executable code in MBR select the active partition & passes control to it, so that it can load the required files in accordance to its file system. But if these files don't exist or are corrupted, then the OS will be unbootable.

To make the partition recovery software work in this scenario, you need to detach the hard drive & insert it into a machine that is working or bootable.

Common topics related to the recovery of partition, irrespective of their file systems:

  • MBR is damaged
  • Partition is deleted or Partition Table is damaged
  • Partition Boot Sector is damaged
  • Missing or Corrupted System Files

In context of damaged partition recovery the process to fix partition table is much faster but there are possibilities that you may not be able to get back your data. Therefore, in this scenario partition recovery software is recommended for easy & successful recovery of data.

MBR is damaged

MBR (Master Boot Record) is created automatically when the disk initializes for the very first time or the first logical partition is created on hard drive.

The first 446 bytes (0X1BE) are reserved for MBR itself, & the next 64 bytes are reserved for partition table & the last two bytes are signature word for sector & are always 0X55AA.

Case1: First Sector has been Damaged

To simulate the damaged MBR, let's overwrite the first 16 bytes

After overwriting the MBR, a blank screen appears without having any error message which shows that the initial code doesn't get executed properly due to unrecognized MBR.

If the machine is booted from CD/DVD ROM drive or USB in DOS or Windows, we can view the FAT partition & its files & we are able to perform some operations like; copying file & executing it. This is because only the MBR has been damaged due to which it causes issues while booting. If there is an alternative method to boot the system it is by inserting another bootable disk or USB then we will be able to get its partition table.

Case2: Sector Signature (last word 0x55AA) has been Corrupted or Removed

Suppose, we write zeros to the location of Sector Signature. This results in error messages that state; Operating System is not found. In this case even if the MBR is safe, the computer doesn't boot due to the Invalid signature.

Suppose, we write zeros to the location of Sector Signature

This results in error messages that state; Operating System is not found. In this case even if the MBR is safe, the computer doesn't boot due to the Invalid signature.

Case3: If First Sector is Unreadable or Bad

At times, while booting the system, we may come across a black screen. In this case, if we attempt reading the sector with a Disk Editor or Viewer utility, then the possibility of an error message stating the sector as 'unreadable' to appear on screen, becomes high. In a case like this, the implementation of a tool with the capability to scan and execute the recovery of partition is necessary. Locating something found on the affected partition is an opportunity provided to retrieve and save it into a safer location. Hard Drive Data Recovery software will prove to be a great help in such a case.

Thus, the Partition Recovery Software deals in the following scenarios:

  • Damaged partition recovery
  • Partition is not readable or detected
  • Lost partition recovery
  • Partition reformats issue

Note: In case of crashed Windows, you need to detach the hard drive & insert it into a bootable machine, & then install the exe of partition recovery software on a healthy drive. The data can be permanently lost by overwriting the formatted drive, so never touch the formatted drive with new data.

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