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Join the SysTools Affiliate Program and make lots of money by qualifying the sales. We offer quite impressive and eye catchy commission rates in the affiliate marketing- up to 50% on each sale. Simply feature SysTools products, including Data Recovery, Digital Forensic, and Cloud Computing tools and get your share at each purchase. Get your affiliate business mingled with the industry that already had their footprints of success in the online market.

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How Much You Can Make Via Affiliate Program ?

Being a part of SysTools OEM Program, you are profited with more than just an easy and authorized access to the industry best in class Original Equipment Manufacturer software solutions. You also get to associated with the brand's market reputation and indulge in the expertise of technology involved to understand the user demand for recognizing target customers. You are also paid a commission of defined percentage as part of your share in the revenue made through the overall sales generated.


  • Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
  • Basic Commission per sale
  • No Targets

Commission Per Sale



  • For Growing Affiliates
  • Fixed Commission per sale
  • Sale Above $4000 per month

Commission Per Sale



  • For Powerful Affiliates
  • Fixed Commission per sale
  • Sale Above $8000 per month

Commission Per Sale


Affiliate Models

Ready to become an affiliate? Here’s how to get started!


These publishers offer interesting and useful material for their site users by creating original works of art. News and opinion sites, blogs, influencers, and review sites are examples of content-producing web properties.

Email Marketing

These publishers send emails to their customers with information about special offers, promotions, and new items that they believe they'll find valuable.

Loyalty & Rewards

This group of publishers offers reward points, miles, cash back, or charitable contributions in exchange for purchases.

Online Comparison Shopping (OCS)

In order to give buyers the ability to compare multiple products based on price, reviews, and features, these publishers collect product information from a variety of sellers.

Deal & Coupon

This type of publisher collects discounts or deals from a merchant's website and makes them available to their users.

Product Listing Ads

These ads provide more information than ordinary text ads to entice readers to your site. These retail adverts appear on many Google properties.

Social Sharing

Publishers who monetise their sphere of influence are often a single person or a small group of people.

Software Download Sites

These publishers improve or ease online shopping with browser extensions, software downloads. Many are also loyalty & rewards publishers.

Affiliate Program that Pay Instantly !

SysTools Affiliate Marketing Program assists you in empowering your growth by marketing and selling our software. Add a new chapter to your business success story by joining our best software affiliate program. Becoming a SysTools affiliate, will not only elevate your career but also enable you in acquiring recognition across the globe.

Why Join SysTools Affiliate Marketing Program ?

High-Performance Software

The exquisite range of solutions hosted by SysTools is tailored to satisfy both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers) usage needs. The tools are designed for Windows & Mac platform.

Flexible Commission Rates

Our Affiliate Program offer best in industry commission rates to potential affiliates. You can earn up to 50% commission per sale. We extend commission and incentives to our performing affiliates but it is not stringent and is negotiable.

Complete Product Details

We are also ready to help you in promoting our product efficiently. We can offer our affiliates some relevant marketing materials also such as content, screenshots, boxes, product updates, links, banners, etc.

High Conversion Rate

Online marketing of any software done by affiliates has a full chance of offering conversion rate. In addition, each product that is tested by the users has 99% of conversion to sale. Similarly, it will increase the your commission by 99%.

Offer Affiliation Support

A proper affiliate marketing program is offered by us that can help you in resolving user queries on time and increase sale. We provide chat support also for any software or sales related queries to affiliates and normal users. In addition, a separate dedicated team to manage affiliate program is also offered by us.

Quick Delivery Via Mail

As the placement of the order is confirmed from your side and notified to us, we guarantee to deliver a product within 48 hours. The products under SysTools Affiliate Marketing Program have been thoroughly tested and update according to the current trends. We perform digital delivery of software via mail.

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Monthly Rewards

Earn Exciting Monthly Rewards & weekely offers with exclusive discounts

Get Listed on SysTools Page

Grab an opportunity to be listed as SysTools Trusted Affiliate Partner

Amazon Vouchers

Win exciting Amazon gift/vouchers by being best performer of the month

Increment In Commission

Earn Increment in commission which can be yield up to 65% with time

Personalised Coupon Codes

Offer high discounts to your customers with your personalized coupon codes

Join our exclusive interviews

Win a chance to become a part of SysTools Affiliate Partnership Success story

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Affiliate Program Related Queries

Affiliate marketing is basically a type of marketing done by affiliates for our products. It is a purely performance-based program that let affiliates earn commission by promoting our software and converting it into a sale. We reward them on the basis of each sale. Affiliates promote our products by writing blogs, sharing them on social media, answering forums, etc. Through this customer will purchase our tools and affiliates will get fixed commission in return.

It is totally real time-based program. It means you will be paid per sale and your commission will be directly transferred to your registered account with us.

In SysTools Affiliate Marketing program, the commission rate is dependent on multiple factors. It includes number of products sales, time taken by affiliates in making per sale, and many more.

The software offered by us are totaly safe and secure to use as they are Digitally Authenticated and trusted by VirusTotal also.

Nothing you have to pay, get it completely free.

In SysTools Affiliate Marketing program, the commission rate is dependent on multiple factors. It includes number of products sales, time taken by affiliates in making per sale, and many more.

We are committing to protect your privacy so when you share your data with us, SysTools promises to ensure the privacy of your data. In addition, we collect your personal information for defined purpose only.

In SysTools Affiliate program, one simply needs to creats links for the products offered by SysTools from their websites. Now, to do this affiliates can do digital marketing of the tools. It includes SEO (writing blogs, answering user’s query with product page links), SMO via their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), PPC, Email Marketing, etc.

It is totally dependent on your choice, which product you want to promote on your sites. However, our all tools available on are eligible for commission. All completed sales from your site will be subjected to commission.

We have a straight forward policy for our affiliate program. If the buyer that has some through affiliates ask for a refund, the commission for that sale needs to be returned back by affiliates to us.

SysTools is Avangate partners so security and privacy policy followed by Avangate is applied to our software also.