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SysTools Solutions have simplified the lives of millions of computer users and IT admins. Innovative risk management and business complaint data recovery solutions from SysTools have ushered in a new era of smart tools that are cost effective and efficient.

The SysTools Saga

Being the pioneer SysTools has been at the forefront of Data recovery Technology under the able leadership of motivated entrepreneurs and talented dynamic duo - Anuraag Singh and Debasish Pramanik since 2007. The company has been offering services across a diverse range that includes data recovery, digital forensics, and cloud backup solutions.

We at SysTools provide innovative software applications that enhance efficiency and adds a sense of security to the lives of millions of IT admins and computer users around the globe. The smart tools developed here facilitate data recovery both on-premise and on cloud even in the most intense and adverse environment. Our objective always has been to deliver foolproof DR plans. SysTools aims at business compliance data and provides risk management solutions in the most proficient and user-friendly way. SysTools understands the user and is therefore able to provide right solution for his or her needs.

After making strong strides in the Digital Recovery sphere, we at SysTools are now ready with new products. We also develop innovative tools that assist in digital forensics. We at SysTools are focussing on providing solutions that enable email investigations. Our foray into Digital Forensic space has given us the much-needed competitive edge that now helps us in shaping our future. We are making big inroads in private and Governmental agencies. We help investigations involved in civil and criminal cases by providing critical evidences and leads.

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SysTools Office

Powerhouse where Technical Geeks are at Work

SysTools offices around the world maintains the ecstasy in design. There is no dividers or walls between work stations as part of the openness of culture within the company. Have a look at the interior of our offices in USA, Pune, New Delhi and other world countries here.

Choose SysTools Software: SysTools is one of the bests.

SysTools specializes in providing easy to use, cost effective and super-efficient solutions. Our core belief in innovation by using cutting edge technology has lead us into the digital forensic space and we continue to move ahead ensuring we remain alert to the needs of our current and prospective customers.

Performance ( Excellence Assured )

We integrate different techniques and features in our solutions to ensure that the users are able to make optimal use of it with ease, through simple - single interface.

Ease ( Solutions for Everyone )

We ensure that our applications are easy to use, intuitive and self - explanatory. User convenience is of paramount importance. Everyone from a home user to enterprise user can benefit by using our products.

Updates (We Move with Time)

We provide customized solutions to our users. Optional facilities are provided which can be used as and when needed. Our culture of innovation ensures that we remain on the quest to make our products better. We monitor the changing requirements and incorporate new discoveries while providing updates.

Free Tools ( Let's grow together )

We want our users to be productive and we help them grow by providing free tools for a number of functions. These complimentary tools provided by us are secure and can be easily downloaded and installed.

Compatibility ( Smooth, Seamless functionality )

We ensure that all the versions of any product developed for a particular application are all compatible. Be it a lowest priced version or the latest newly minted version, the tools will work together seamlessly. All client-server editions of Windows OS support product installation.

Support ( Quick response teams )

Client satisfaction is important to us. We have different channels through which our experienced and efficient support team interact with our clients- 24 x 7. We ensure that all the product or order related queries are quickly resolved.

Cost-Effective ( Right value for your money )

We provide cost effective solutions in different versions so that our solutions can reach everyone who needs them. The applications have different licences - you only pay for what you get. From time to time we have special deals on offer that have maximum benefits with minimum prices for our clients.

Guarantee ( A name you can trust)

We at SysTools are in the business for a long haul. We care about our customers. We value the trust our customers have in us. We ensure that we deliver the best to them. Our refund policies, ticket systems are all pro customers and are our way of guaranteeing that we are with them, listening to them, solving issues if they have any, after the purchase.

The Innovative Game Changers at SysTools

Anuraag Singh

CEO, Co-Founder

Anuraag Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of SysTools passionately believes that technology should simplify life. He is a thinker and an innovator who has introduced several game changing IT solutions in the market. His intense and geeky understanding of email structure and architecture has provided SysTools the world class expertise that was needed to design MailXaminer – the certified email forensics tool – his brainchild. MailXaminer today provides immense help to the digital forensics investigators all over the world and is being actively used by most of the law enforcement units.

Debasish Pramanik

Co-Founder, MD

Debasish Pramanik, MD & Co-Founder, heads the Research & Development wing of SysTools. His domain is cloud computing and Data recovery. His great understanding and sharp intellect has made huge contribution in the products and applications SysTools developed for cloud computing and data recovery. CloudCodes, Google Apps Migration, EndPoint Vault are some of his globally-accepted and successful solutions that prove his grasp of technology, his experience, his innovative outlook and his deep interest in the ever evolving cloud computing sphere.

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