Windows Vista Administrator Password Reset Process

Stepwise Guide for How to Reset Windows Vista Administrator Password

Microsoft® Windows is one of the most used Operating Systems all over the world. Its high usage is the proof of its excellence. Amongst many Windows versions is Windows Vista. All the Windows Vista protects their data stored in the computer machine by passwords. But if Windows Vista password is lost, you are compelled to take some decisive action for quick results. To reset Windows Vista administrator password, there are two different methods available. These methods are sure to resolve Windows Vista password issue in no time.

Methods to Reset Windows Vista password: There are two different methods available for resetting Windows Vista password such as:

  • Changing into administrator
  • Use of password reset disk

NOTE: For Windows XP and Vista, same methods are to be used.

First Method » Changing into Administrator in Detail:

First of all, log into Administrator Account

Then Start » Run » type "lusrmgr.msc" into Run dialogue box.

Then, double click on the Local Users and Groups

Press Users Folder

After this, right click on the user to change the password. Choose "Set Password" option.

Press "Proceed" option available in Set Password for Admin.

Enter the new password then confirm it and press 'OK'

Press "OK" again

Second Method » Use a Password Reset Disk

Begin this process by pressing "Users Account and Family Safety"

Press "Users Account"

After this, Press on "Create a Password Reset Disk"

Then press "Next" has given in the Password Wizard.

Choose the "Remove able Disk" or the password key disk. Press "Next"

Enter your Current Windows Vista Password and then press "Next"

After this, press "Next" again after the progress bar finishes off.

Lastly, press "Finish"