How to migrate Libero Mail to Office 365?

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Published On December 11th, 2023
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Libero Mail is an Italy-based email service with features like email classification, external calendar addition, and drive storage. Furthermore, it has good email security features and a simple interface for easy understanding. However, many Libero users wish to move their email data to a more efficient productivity medium like Office 365 by Microsoft. If you are a Libero user looking for solutions to migrate Libero mail to Office 365, read this blog to get your answers!

Why Export Libero Emails to Microsoft 365?

Experts recall many reasons for Libero email to Office 365 migration. However, we will mention the top reasons in the following points:

  • Finite Mailbox Storage: Libero users get only 1 GB of email storage, upgradable to 5 GB and 1 TB only with premium plans. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 offers 50 GB of mailbox capacity, with an increase of 100 GB in some plans.
  • Limited Account Security: Another reason to transfer Libero Mail mailbox to Office 365 is the minimal mailbox safety features Libero provides. Two-step email access and antispam filters are the only email security features for Libero email users. In contrast, Microsoft 365 has security features like message encryption and threat analysis that ensure complete mailbox safety for every user.
  • Restricted Drive Storage: The third reason to migrate Libero Mail to Office 365 is the meager cloud storage of 2 GB offered by Libero. Hence, they must upgrade to the premium plan for accessing 10 GB storage capacity. MS Office 365 offers a massive 1 TB of cloud storage in all plans. Some plans have 6 TB of data storage capacity, making Microsoft 365 the best choice for Libero mail migration.

Now that we have understood the reasons, let’s move ahead and discuss the solutions for the Libero email to Office 365 migration process.

Manual Approach to Forward Libero Mailbox to Office 365

The solution involves configuring your Libero email account to Microsoft 365. The following points describe the steps for Libero to O365 configuration:

  • Open your Outlook 365 account on the web browser.
  • Click the File menu and select the Add Account option.
  • Enter your Libero email address and click the Connect button.
  • Select the IMAP option from the Choose Account Type list.
  • Next, enter the IMAP server details (Server:; Port Number: 993, requires SSL) and click Next.
  • Then, enter your Libero account password and click the Connect button.
  • Click the “Done” button once Outlook verifies your Libero email account.

This method to forward Libero mailbox to Office 365 proves time-consuming and lengthy due to the technicality involved in the entire mailbox configuration process. Hence, we will discuss the perfect solution to migrate Libero Mail to Office 365 in the following sections.

Expert Solution to Migrate Libero Email to Office 365

The manual method can’t add Libero emails to O365 directly. Hence, we will discuss the perfect solution for Libero to Microsoft 365 email transfer: automated software. The software has several benefits that help Libero users seamlessly transfer their emails to Microsoft 365 on Windows OS computers. This unique software is SysTools IMAP to Office 365 Migrator. The software works perfectly with all Windows versions. Moreover, this software migrates your Libero emails to Regular, Shared, and In-place Archive mailboxes in Office 365.

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Transfer Libero Mail Mailbox to Office 365 on MacOS

MacOS users can comfortably rely on the SysTools Mac IMAP Migrator Tool for seamless Libero to O365 email transfer. The software runs smoothly on all computers with MacOS X versions 10.8 to 13. The software helps you select Libero account folders for Microsoft 365 migration with the help of the Folder Filter. You can use the Date Filter for transferring limited emails from Libero to Office 365, besides saving the migration report in CSV format.

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Steps to Migrate Libero Mail to Office 365 on Windows Computers

Follow these steps for Libero email to Microsoft 365 migration on Windows OS computers with the software:

  • Install and launch the automated tool on your Windows OS system.
    launch the tool to migrate libero mail to office 365
  • Select IMAP as Source and Office 365 as Destination under the Setup window.
    set imap as source and office 365 as destination
  • Click the “Email” checkbox under Workload Selection since we are transferring Libero emails to O365.
    select email option under workload selection
  • Check the Date Filter to transfer finite Libero Mail emails to Office 365. You can also skip it for a whole mailbox transfer.
    select date filter for selective libero mail to office 365 migration
  • Next, click the “Other” option under the IMAP Server menu and enter the server details and port number under the Source window. Then, click the “Validate” button to permit read user & email permissions.
    select imap server from the menu
  • Afterward, enter your Office 365 details (email address and application ID) under the Destination window, and click the “Validate” button again to allow all permissions.
    enter destination account details
  • Click the “Next” button and add the Microsoft 365 users by clicking the Import Users or Download Template button.
    add users to the software
  • Enter the “Source App Password” once the users get added, and click “Validate” to verify the password.
    enter source app password
  • At last, set the Priority status for the Office 365 account you wish to migrate Libero data to, and click the “Start Migration” button to transfer Libero Mail mailbox to Office 365.
    click start migration to migrate libero mail to office 365

Noteworthy Highlights of the Software

We will explore some remarkable features of the software for Libero email to Office 365 migration:

  • O365 Mailbox Migration: This software will seamlessly migrate Libero Mail to Office 365 single or multiple Regular, Shared, and In-place Archive mailboxes without data loss.
  • New Email Migration: The software has a feature known as Delta Migration that helps Libero users transfer new emails to Office 365 without migrating the entire mailbox.
  • Mailbox Metadata Intactness: The software adds Libero emails to Office 365 with a complete mailbox structure preservation, thus ensuring no data mismatch during the email migration.


Libero Mail (English: Free Mail) is an Italy-based email service providing efficient mailing service to Italian citizens. However, many users search for solutions to migrate Libero Mail to Office 365. We discussed the reasons for Libero email to Office 365 migration, necessitating an urgent O365 mailbox transfer.

The manual method looks perfect for Libero email to Microsoft 365 migration. However, the restrictions limit its usage since it involves high technical know-how. The automated software mentioned here is the perfect solution for Libero to O365 email transfer on Windows and MacOS platforms. Features like Delta Migration and Mailbox Intactness make it the best method for Libero mailbox migration to Microsoft 365.


By Mohit Jha

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