How to Extract Attachments From MBOX File? Get Perfect Solution!

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Published On September 22nd, 2023
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Nowadays, most users prefer using MBOX-supported email applications just because the file format is extremely flexible. To be more precise, an MBOX file does not require any specific Operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux nor requires any supported email client set up to read the data out of the MBOX file. As you are aware of the fact that, one of the major reasons for an oversized MBOX file is due to the large-sized attachment files that are been inserted with the MBOX emails.

Because of this, the overall efficiency and performance of the email program are degraded to a greater extent thereby leading to MBOX file corruption, data loss, and various other issues. Thus, it becomes a major requirement to save attachments from multiple MBOX emails for a sophisticated emailing experience. Get the perfect solution to extract attachments from MBOX file.

Are you a Thunderbird email application user and at the same time looking out for the best solution to extract attachments from Thunderbird MBOX file? Then, without any doubt, simply explore this blog where we will shed light on trustworthy approaches, which will allow users to save attachments from the MBOX files that can be reliably followed without any hassle.

It’s time to follow a user-query to understand the circumstance more clearly,

“I’ve been a Thunderbird email application user since the time I have joined this organization. A couple of days back, I had encountered a tragic instance wherein my system got crashed and later it was settled after consulting with the IT Admin. Luckily, all my data was restored back without any fail.

As there are some important attachments from the MBOX file, which I do not want to lose in any way. Thus, I need to extract all of my sensitive attachments from the MBOX file as soon as possible. Is there some instant and reliable solution to extract attachments from MBOX file? Please advise!”

Free Method to Extract Attachments from MBOX File

  • Open Thunderbird client on your computer.
  • Install ImportExportTools Ng add-on and import MBOX file.
  • Open the MBOX email that contains attachments.
  • Click the Save button corresponding to the attachment.
  • Extract MBOX attachments to the desired location.

How to Extract Attachments from MBOX File Using Thunderbird Application?

Mozilla Thunderbird provides a free add-on that permits users to easily export Thunderbird attachments from the MBOX file in a hassle-free way. Following are the steps to implement the same instantly.

  • Initially, you need to install Thunderbird Attachment Extractor plug-in from the official website of Mozilla Thunderbird which can be available from,
  • Now, launch Thunderbird application and choose Add-ons from the enlisted options
  • After that, from the Gear icon, select Install Add-on from File..option to extract attachments from MBOX file

Extract Attachments From MBOX File

  • After selecting the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor XPI file, click the Install Now button to continue with the installation process
  • Once the installation process is successfully completed, a pop-up message will appear to restart the Thunderbird application
  • Now, you can choose the desired email folders and select Extract All Attachments to.. option and hit Browse to save the resultant MBOX attachments

save attachments from multiple MBOX

  • After the attachments are successfully saved in the destination location, one can easily access the MBOX attachments seamlessly

Here Comes a Twist! Find Out the Shortcomings One-by-one!

Limitations Associated With the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Add-On!

  • This plug-in does not work on the latest versions of Thunderbird i.e., (60+)
  • It is available only for Thunderbird application, which means it does not work for other MBOX supported email programs
  • Not feasible to extract attachments from bulk MBOX folders

Beat All Limitations With Most Trusted MBOX Attachment Extractor Software

With the help of SysTools MBOX Attachment Extractor wizard, a user can conveniently save attachments from multiple MBOX folders in a single go. For that, one needs to simply add the MBOX (with or without extension files), MBX, or MBS file into the tool. And this wizard will create folders as per the selected hierarchy containing all the attachments, which is been extracted from the MBOX file.

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Besides this, it also provides the option to extract attachments from MBOX file folders or from the selected folders. It is the one-stop solution to extract all attachments from MBOX file and also it provides multiple naming patterns to save the file during the extraction process. Moreover, all these functionalities are rendered in a simplified interface which helps novice users to easily operate the tool.

Simple Steps to Extract Attachments from MBOX

  • Run MBOX Attachment Extractor.
  • Click on Add File or Add Folder button.
  • Choose multiple MBOX files that contain attachments.
  • Set MBOX filters and naming convention.
  • Click Extract button to extract attachments from MBOX.

extract attachments from mbox file

Now, It’s Easy to Save Attachments from Multiple MBOX Emails

When it comes to extracting the attachments from the Thunderbird MBOX file, a user must first download the add-on as discussed above. Besides this, this add-on will only allow to extract Thunderbird MBOX attachments from a limited set of versions. Hence, it is best suggested to avail the automated tool wherein a user can seamlessly extract attachments from MBOX file supported email programs without any data loss issue.


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