What is MHT/MHTML File Extension?

Learn the concept of MHT Files & How MHT Files are different from MHTML Files

What is MHT/MHTML File Extension?

MHT file is a web page archive format, which is also known as MHTML format. It stands for MIME HTML. Microsoft Internet Explorer provides a facility to save the web page on the local disk in various file formats, out of which MHT file format is the convenient one. The browser creates a single MHT file for the complete web page, which contains all the images, CSS, Javascript, internal links of the page. Basically, it creates an offline representation of the content by remapping all the internal and external web links to a single MHT file. These MHT files can be used in future to have a direct access to the web page.

MIME Type of MHT




Full Form of MHT File Extension

MHT File stands for MIME HTML & meant for easy access of web page without Internet access.

What is Web Archive File

Web Archive Files are MHT or MHTML File itself, which is created by web & generally accessed in Web browser in order to access the web page without Internet connection.

what is MHT file

How to Create Web Archive File i.e. MHT

While using Internet Explorer, the user can simply generate MHT file aka Web Archive File for any web page by following these steps:

  • To save required page, click on Save Page As option
  • Select Web Archive(MHT) format under save as drop down
  • Click on Save to store the file at specified location.

Features of MHT File

Some of the important features offered by MHT/MHTML files are:

  • MHTML files help user to share the web pages directly through email applications
  • The embedded images of MHT files can be easily attached into email message body

Understand the Difference Between HTML & MHTML File Format

While saving a web page, the user is asked to choose the type of file format in which the web page needs to be saved on the local system. Most commonly, the user gets confused between HTML and MHTML file formats. They find it difficult to determine which file format is better between these. So, let us have a look at the basic difference between HTML and MHTML file formats.

When a user decides to save web page as HTML, then a folder is created, which contains multiple files for different contents of the page i.e. different files are created for text, graphics, applets etc. On the other hand, saving the web page as MHTML creates a single file for the entire web page. All the components of page including graphics, links and other files are embedded within a single file.
Naturally, it is easy to handle MHT or MHTML files as the single file, that can be protected and shared easily through the email. However, the HTML files are under the risk of data loss as loss or deletion of even a single file may create the entire HTML folder useless for the user.

Common Queries Regarding MHT File Format

What is MHT File Extension ? Does MAC system support MHT files?

MHT is acronym for MIME HTML & a copy of the web page which you can save in your local machine & access without internet. Moreover it is a single file created for the specific web page, if it has images, videos, etc. it will be embedded in the single MHT file.Yes, MHT files are totally supported by MAC OS.

How can the MHT files be shared among users?

The MHT files can be shared as an attachment to the email.

Is it possible to print MHT files?

Yes, the MHT files can be printed conveniently.

How can I edit the MHT file documents?

To edit MHT file, convert it into HTML document and edit it. After editing, save the HTML file as MHT file.


Users can choose to save the web page in an archived format i.e. MHT file document as it creates a single offline page for the complete web content.