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SysTools Digital Forensic Software Make Your Evidence Finding Faster, Smarter, & Efficient


MailXaminer examines evidence from a variety of sources like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. and is compatible with both web-based & desktop programs.


MailPro+ finds, analyzes, and exports emails from a variety of email applications, in more then 12+ file formats, & export them to more than 6+ formats.

SQL Log Analyzer

This tool reads and examines SQL server log files (.idf) transitions and then displays information about all transactions in a human-readable format.

Exchange Log Analyzer

With the Exchange Log Analyzer, different exchange database log files are inspected and detailed information about every offence is obtained.

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SysTools is a pioneer in Cyber Forensics Software that helps in solving Cybercrime cases in lesser time than expected.

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Our Expertise

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About SysTools Forensic Software

Uncover the Truth with SysTools Digital Forensics!

SysTools is a renowned forensics company that provides in-house Cyber Lab Setup and Computer Forensic tools and software, all in one place! We recognize the value of data and have created several forensic tools to help in the creation of digital fingerprints.

We came up with the unique idea of combining technology and legal foundations to make history in the realm of digital forensics. Many Government Entities and Law Enforcement Agencies have placed their trust in us to respond quickly and effectively to electronic evidence collection and preservation.

SysTools Forensics Team

The Expert Team Creating Legendary Forensic Tools

Identify, Accumulate, Analyze, & Secure Your Electronic Data at Once.

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Hands-on Experience with the Cyber Forensics Solutions

Our strength lies in the exceptional software solution that allows us to move forward with confidence & lead over the past 15 years in the industry!

Recover Information from Devices

The forensic examiners are capable enough to recover probable evidence from any type of digital device such as laptops, mobiles, computers, memory cards, etc.

Investigate and Preserve the Data

With a skilled analyst and correct digital forensics software, preserving even the trickiest evidence becomes easy. The experts identify, acquire, analyze, and report electronic evidence with ease.

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Aquire Legally. Analyze Swiftly. Present Duly.

We have proven in-depth digital forensic expertise developed by working with law enforcement organizations. What else do you want?

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Our dedicated forensics team works 24X7 to help the clients find the desired digital fingerprints that will be used as proof.

Customer Satisfaction is Everything

We are committed to delivering outstanding, value-added cyber investigation software that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

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Frequently Asked questions

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The cost of a computer forensic investigation varies substantially based on the number of systems involved and the difficulty of evidence retrieval.

In the cases of industrial espionage, general crime cases, unauthorized disclosure of corporate information, For electronic evidence collection, etc.

Yes, you can recover your emails depending on the email client you use. With the help of computer forensics tools, the experts will be able to recover your emails.

A computer forensics examiner has the hardware and software tools that can unlock certain password-protected files. More complex passwords are sometimes difficult to crack. However not impossible.

You must understand that the OS continuously overwrites the data on the hard drive. So the longer you wait, there’s the probability that the digital evidence will be lost or corrupted.

In computer forensics, the investigators mainly focus on three types of data- active, archival, latent (ambient data).

Electronic devices such as computers, iPads, laptops, mobile phones, hard drives, digital cameras, USB, Backup tapes, etc can potentially hold electronic evidence.

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