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What is Salesforce ?

Learn about Salesforce Services and Products along with Its Benefits

What is Salesforce used for ? They played pivotal role in evolving business model by introducing a new model to the world. Now, organizations do not have to go through lengthy installation and information upload process. It is possible to use corresponding Salesforce services and avoid creating and hosting individual CRM applications. Salesforce also helps saving time and money that would have spent to create separate CRM solution for individual companies. Salesforce services have made a profound impact on business world. The surging popularity of could-based CRM is the living proof of this impact. If you are already current user for Salesforce, then you can easily secure your data with SysTools Salesforce Security

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What is Salesforce Used For ?

What is platform ? Salesforce is an on-demand cloud solution provider. It is a B2B company that usually provides services to other business organizations. It is most famous for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It allows users to create and use customized CRM solutions and applications. Salesforce business products mainly focus on sales and support sectors. Small, medium and large organizations can become a Salesforce client, as they offer applications for all size of businesses. Salesforce offers PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS services to its users.

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What are the Major Salesforce Services and Products

What is Salesforce CRM ? It is one of the biggest CRM solution providers in the world. After Understanding What is Salesforce & Besides providing customized CRM suites for various businesses, it also offers an array of cloud services in the domains of sales, marketing, service, commerce, analytics, and community. Here is a brief description of Salesforce services and products.

By platform, Salesforce provides case and task management interface to the companies. Users can track their cases using this portal. It also provides analytical tools, social networking plug-in, Google search option, and event routing system. is a platform service by Salesforce, where Salesforce developers and admins build customized Salesforce applications and websites. After development, these applications and websites are deployed in servers of The most significant characteristic of this service is multitenancy.

It is a cloud-based customer support product. This product is made to serve small businesses. Previously known as Assistly, provides services and features targeting small organizations. It renders support for maximum 50 languages. can be integrated with other applications like Salesforce CRM, Salesforce IQ, JIRA, Mailchimp, and Atlassian.

This is a component of sales based CRM of Salesforce that serves the purpose of lead generation and sales. This product acquires and manages CRM records automatically. also works as a virtual business directory. Members can retrieve contact data from this user-generated database. Interaction among members helps to maintain and update this database.

This social performance management platform offers solutions to sales, marketing and customer service domains. This product is a part of community cloud services offered by Salesforce. In terms of user interface, it is similar to social networking websites. The target of is to engage with employees in three different ways.

Salesforce used to have a task management tool named This social collaboration application was designed for small size companies and businesses. had the ability to manage various projects and the people associated with these projects. Note: Salesforce discontinued the service of in 2014.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Services

Salesforce users get ample benefits by using range of services that Salesforce offers. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Customer Information: Having all clients information available at one place is the biggest advantage of using Salesforce CRM. Cloud-based CRM solutions have been an upgrade from physical resources to digital facility. Salesforce services help to manage business holistically by retrieving customer information easily.
  • Accessibility: As Salesforce products are cloud-based, they are accessible from everywhere. You can stay in touch with team members and clients even from home. It means you do not have to stay away from your business during illness or traveling. This has made the whole business functionality easy and convenient.
  • Teamwork: Chatter application by Salesforce improves communication among the team members. Using Chatter, you can communicate with a single team member or an entire team. It also enables task scheduling and prioritizing. Ultimately, it keeps the team focused on assigned goals every day.
  • Time Saving: Salesforce services save our time by providing all necessary information in one place. Task organization according to the category of clients is feasible now. You can also use the built-in calendar tool for better schedule maintenance. Thus, overall productivity of your organization enhances to a great extent.
  • Client Management: As you have all necessary information about customers, independent and customized plan can be made for each customer account. You can make to-do items and reminders to follow up individual customers. Time spent on each account can also be managed, which is helpful for organizations with a large number of customers.

Sectors that Use Salesforce Services

Readers might be interested to know about the sectors where Salesforce is being used. Here we have compiled some of the major sectors that use Salesforce products.

  • Communication: Salesforce is used in the communication sector by US-based giant Comcast-Spectator. It uses Salesforce services to manage profiles of their customers.
  • Finance: The customer success platform of American Express is provided by Salesforce. This platform is used to connect with thousands of clients across time zone and organization.
  • Community: “Obama for America” campaign also used the Service Cloud of Salesforce. It allowed them to send customized emails and receive real-time reaction from all over USA in a dashboard.
  • Manufacturing: Sales Cloud of Salesforce is used by InMobi. It has turned into an efficient company that runs only one layer of data management across the organization.
  • Technology: Tech-giant Sony uses Salesforce to stay connected with its users. It also helps them to manage all the cases as an amalgamated agent experience.
  • Health Care: The Community Cloud service of Salesforce helped Health Leads to start a new model in healthcare sector. Updating patient data, coordination with the physicians, locating useful community resources, all are done easily by Salesforce App Cloud.
  • Retail: Heroku based platform helped start up business Trip a Deal by providing stability in system and other useful benefits.

This blog describes about What is Salesforce & How Salesforce services have made business management easier for business organizations. Both the infrastructure and the platform are now available on cloud for all types of business requirement. Every day, more and more users are subscribing to Salesforce services. However, this also brings forth the question of security. In the world of technology, user id and password are our only identity. The security of Salesforce data will be under threat if these credentials are lost somehow. Salesforce users should be conscious about these issues and take precautionary measurements to protect their Salesforce data.