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The event Google Cloud Summit ISV Day, was the perfect venue to discuss and understand How Google will help in business development. Google's total control in the overall system (Networking, coding, software, cloud, production, etc.) was discussed along with many other topic of interest. The highlights of the day can be viewed as the various sessions conducted covering these agenda as promotion and discussions on DevOps (Development in Operations), Apigee API & its real-time working, SaaS & its overall growth, Google Map, Evolution from GPS to Dynamic location track,. The day went covering the talk about containerization strategies for ISVs, detailed process on how to extract monetary funds by locking the customer in a contract and to the various aspects of India's potential market. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning gathered much interaction among audience and team SysTools gathered information as part of our R&D on intelligent ways to cover market & the consumers by using Google products.

Efficient methods for CDR analysis and reporting was demonstrated in the workshop conducted at DCP Office, North–East Zone, Delhi for the investigating officers and other police officers. It is mandatory to know the best practices to monitor and measure the CDR in details. If the officers have the right set of formulas and tools to extract and identify the report, then the entire CDR analysis & reporting process becomes relatively easy. The CDR expert from team SysTools shared the best methods to find call connection, location and other basic details from the dump of CDR shared by service providers like IDEA, Airtel etc. The detailed discussions on phone number, the number that placed a call, the date and time the call started, the time it was connected and ended was conducted during the workshop that marked as a great success with the active participation of both the parties.

The International Police Expo marked the gathering of various service providers, vendors as well as in-house application developers whose contribution is immense in the domain of homeland security surveillance and cyber security. Day one of the international police expo started with the session addressing the Challenges in Combating Transnational Crimes & Terrorism. Team SysTools was there to discuss the highly alarming concern about “HACKERS HAVE ORGANIZED, GOOD GUYS HAVE NOT”. The major aim was to collaborate and network among police officers, law enforcement personalities as well as other similar service providers to share their expertise in tackling Cyber Crimes efficiently. MailXaminer the signature email forensics tool developed by SysTools was among the top noted products in the expo and gathered many eye balls for its elaborated feature set designed to simplify digital forensics investigations. Email Forensics, Data Forensics and Digital Forensics Solutions, Training & Services that SysTools offer to police & other law enforcement agencies were detailed as well as other Digital Forensics products & services were also demonstrated at the booth.

DCSI (Data Security Council of India) is a non-profit organization setup by NASSCOM® with an aim for data security in India with a motto to protect cyberspace across nation with best cyber security practices to strengthen data security culture across India. SysTools has marked its presence in an event organized by DSCI Financial Security Conclave [FINSEC] on 10th & 11th April, Mumbai. The event was organized to gather all Cyber Security Fraternity accross country and address Cyber Security & Digital Innovation Agenda regarding increasing threat level across business sector thereby safeguarding financial architecture.

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