Know How to Fix Mac Outlook 2016, 2011 Not Syncing with Exchange Server

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Published On August 8th, 2018
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User Query: “Hi, all. I am facing an odd issue with Outlook 2011 for Mac. I added the business account to Outlook (domain name and password) to Outlook 2011. For the first time, all folders were synced just fine. But, then I saw when I write new emails, these newly sent emails do not appear in the Sent folder in Outlook 2011. The same problem was observed in Outlook 2016 by my friend. Please, could you tell me how to resolve Mac Outlook not syncing with exchange server issue? Any lead will be greatly appreciated.”

The syncing issue between Outlook and Exchange Server is a very common problem. But, the best part is it can be fixed easily. The post explains several methods to resolve Mac Outlook not syncing with Exchange Server. So, keep reading till the end of the write-up.

Workaround Solution to Fix Mac Outlook Not Syncing With Exchange Server

The database for Outlook profile has been corrupted and there are chances that you have to build a new Outlook profile in Mac Outlook 2011.

How to Troubleshoot Outlook For Mac not Sync With Exchange Server?

Method 1: Moreover, users have to follow the below preventive measures to fix the issue regarding Mac Outlook 2011 not syncing with the Exchange Server:

  1. End of all the Microsoft Office related processes. It is required to close all of them, for example, MS Word, etc.
  2. Create a replica or backup of Office 2011 identities folder, which is present in “~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 identities/”
  3. Hit on the Alt key while you click on Outlook to open it.
  4. It will directly go into the Microsoft database utility mode, where you can recreate an identity (database)
  5. Select the identity that is required. Generally, it is the main identity. Then, hit on Rebuild
    This step will take a while

In case, only one folder is not syncing, but other folders are synced properly. i.e. only previous day’s mails are present. However, the rules sending the emails to different folders are still getting new emails, then you can attempt “Empty the Cache”. This implies that you can re-sync the folder with the Exchange Server by following these steps:

  1. On the left-hand side panel of Outlook, right-click (or Control+Click) on the folder from the folder list
  2. Then, select Folder Properties
  3. Hit on Empty the Cache button located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. This procedure will take some time depending on the amount of database.

Method 2:  Troubleshoot Outlook 2011 Mac not Syncing With Exchange Server

  1. Exit from all the running applications
  2. In your launcher, hold down option and then, click on Outlook
  3. This will open the Outlook reindex tool. Choose your database and hit on hit on Reindex
  4. You have to wait until it is done
  5. Launch the terminal and write the following commands:
    • sudo mdutil -E /
    •  …. wait until this procedure is complete
    • sudo mdutil -i on /
    • …. wait until this procedure is complete

Note: This will take a couple of minutes for the reindex to complete on Spotlight. The status can be viewed by clicking on Spotlight icon i.e. magnifying glass present at the top right-hand side corner.

Top Methods to Troubleshoot Outlook 2016 for Mac not Syncing With Exchange

In the higher editions of  Mac Outlook not syncing with Exchange Server 2010 error occurs due to various reasons. The possible factors, along with the solutions are discussed here.

Cause 1: Outlook is in the offline state

Solution: Make sure that Outlook is working in online mode. This can be done by:
On the menu of Outlook, you have to ensure that the option of Work Offline is not selected

Cause 2: Outlook is not connected to the server that is executing MS Exchange Server

Solution: Make sure that the connections are properly established

  1. From the Tools ribbon of Outlook, select Accounts
  2. Search for the Exchange account present in the left panel. In case, there is some issue with the Exchange connection, the indicator symbol will be orange
  3. Then, try to establish a connection with another Exchange program, for example, OWA (Outlook Web Access). The status of the Exchange server can also be examined by contacting with the admin of Exchange Server.

Cause 3: Due to Corruption of Outlook Cache Mac Outlook Unable to Sync With Exchange

The data items from the Exchange Server are saved in the Outlook cache. If this cache is corrupted or damaged, synchronization issues can occur with the Exchange Server

Solution: Empty the cache in Outlook. Due to this, Outlook can download all the items from Exchange Server again.
Below-written steps are to be followed:

  1. Make sure that the computer is connected properly with the Exchange Server
  2. From the navigation pane, select the Exchange folder for which cache has to be emptied. Then, Ctrl+click or right-click on that folder, and hit on Properties to fix Mac Outlook 2016 cannot connect to Exchange Server
  3. Go to the General tab followed by clicking on Empty Cache.
  4. Once the folder is empty, Outlook will automatically download the items from the server.

Suggestion: If the above-stated manual methods cannot fix Mac Outlook not syncing with Exchange server problem, then it is suggested that move from Mac Outlook to default email client application of Mac OS X i.e. Apple Mail with an automated tool like OLM Converter for Mac.

Final Words

Generally, Mac Outlook users face an issue regarding connectivity of the Exchange Server. It is observed in older as well as newer versions. The post explains multiple workaround solutions to fix Mac Outlook 2016 not syncing with the Exchange Server.