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Published On March 23rd, 2022
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A Guide to Transfer Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone /iPad/Android / MAC

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email application that is completely free of cost. It can manage many emails, news feed accounts and supports multiple identities within the account. If a Thunderbird user wants to sync Thunderbird address book to iPhone, iPad, android, Mac mail, this post will be a great resource for them. It will discuss some of the manual ways to import Thunderbird Address Book contacts to iPhone & multiple platforms to convert MAB (Mozilla Address Book) file to iPhone.



Reasons to Sync Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone

Nowadays, most of the users use Thunderbird as email application on desktop and need to seamlessly sync up their calendars and contacts to iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Mac Mail as well. Thus, they can easily access the necessary contacts from several platforms without wasting their valuable time. Sometimes, users don’t have access to Desktop computer. Thus they are unable to access the Thunderbird account and as the result, they can’t use the contacts stored in Thunderbird Address Book. That is why, they search for the solution to import Thunderbird Address Book contacts to iPhone / iPad / Android / MAC Mail applications.

Manual Solutions to Move Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone, Android & Mac

There are different methods to export the Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone & other platforms including iPad, Android Phones, and Mac Mail. We are going to explain these techniques in the upcoming sections:

Export Thunderbird Address Book Data

Step 1: Open Address Book in Thunderbird email application and Click on File >> select New Group.

Step 2: Now, assign a unique name to new Address Book Group.

Step 3: Choose Address Book Group and then, import Group Mail contacts into it. After this, select File >> Import.

Step 4: Select the file format between CSV and vCard that contains the mail contacts and right-click on Filename.

After performing these steps, to import Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and MAC mail. Let us discuss in detail.

Move Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts to MAC Mail

Step 1: After importing CSV file extension, for Mac application select “Do not import” option beside each field that a user want to import and mapping it to corresponding Mac Address Book from the drop-down list. For any field, keep the setting at “Do not import” if users do not want to include:

Step 2: In case, if a user tries to import .csv file that doesn’t consist header columns, unmark the “Ignore first card” and click OK.

Step 3: Select from used existing contacts, replaced existing contacts, merge or updating existing contacts for addresses those are already present in it. Next, click “Import” tab

Step 4: Finally, now users contacts are available like a group in MAC address book. As per users need, either can add manually new contacts to this group or by importing extra .csv files.

For Android Phone users

Step 1: After extracting vCard files from Thunderbird Mailbox.

Step 2: Now, a user has to turn on Android Smartphone. Select the Menu icon to view the application list

Step 3: Open Contacts icon. After that, choose More and then, press Import/Export tab to sync Thunderbird contacts to Android Phone

Step 4: Once to import box appears, Click “Choose File” where users vCard contacts have been saved.

Step 5: From the Create contact under account text box, to select the Local contact icon to import users contacts to a local device. Even, a user can also select the associated email address to import the contacts to Gmail account.

Step 6: Android users should Wait until searching for vCard files on internal storage.

Step 7: Next, Choose .vcf file that a user needs to export Thunderbird contacts to android phone

Step 8: Finally, click OK button proceed to import users contacts.

Transfer Thunderbird address book to iPhone and iPad as well.

Using iCloud platform, to sync iPhone contacts with Thunderbird Address Book from VCF file and also same for iPad as well those are mentioned below.

  • Import vCard File (.vcf) into iCloud Account

Step 1:  First of all, login to the iCloud website with correct credentials

Step 2: After that, from the iCloud menu, choose Contacts option

Step 3: From the lower-left corner, click on the Gear button and choose Import vCard option

Step 4: Now, to select the VCF file from your computer, click on Browse button

Step 5: After selecting the VCF file, click on Open button and all your contacts are added to iCloud contacts which will help to sync

  • Thunderbird contacts to iPhone.

After importing .vcf address book in iCloud profile. Now, the user has to move the contacts from vCard file to iPad and iPhone as well. The  process goes like this:

Step 1: Make sure a user must log in iCloud account with entering the valid password.

Step 2: Go to home screen and then, click “Contacts” to verify the contacts.

Step 3: Now, move to the Settings icon and choose “import contacts” so that a user can pick the .vcf file that user wants to import from Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone and iPad.

Step 4: After this, a user is allowed to preview the Output on Web page and iPhone & iPad contacts.


Because of multiple advantageous features, Mozilla Thunderbird is steadily rising as the preferred desktop-based email client. In the previous section, we have discussed all manual procedures to let the users understand while importing the contacts from Thunderbird to multiple devices and applications such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Mail Mail. Also, discussed the reasons to sync contacts from Thunderbird to iPhone platform. Address Book Converter application is also available to Convert Thunderbird MAB file for transferring address Book in bulk to various other file formats supported.



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