Top 6 Outlook Express Error Codes With Relevant Solutions

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Published On June 28th, 2019
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Since Microsoft stops their support for Outlook Express so, encountering various error messages is very common for the users who use OE (Outlook Express) as their emailing client. These errors slow down the application performance, creates a hurdle for users and generates various troubles around their work. Considering this, we’ve list all the common errors faced by users while using Outlook Express along with their solutions. So, let’s get started now!

Error 1. Outlook Express Keeps Crashing

Sometimes while using Outlook Express, if users click on the link in an email message, the program freezes. Also, while reading, replying or performing some other action, suddenly Outlook Express stops responding. Once the application becomes unresponsive then, it starts crashing frequently and this might be caused due to a bad email message or program clash. However, if the Outlook Express doesn’t get started then, there might be some serious issues.

Solution: In order to troubleshoot Outlook Express not responding problem, you can opt the following techniques:

  • Update Windows OS: First of all, make sure your Windows OS is updated as the new updates would seal all the security holes and fix the application crashing issues.
  • Use Antivirus Program: Presence of suspicious or malicious emails in Inbox folder also might cause application crashing issue. You can run a powerful anti-virus program for a full-system scan.

Error 2. Outlook Express Runtime Error 800ccc03

Error code 800CCC03 prompts when Outlook Express application becomes failed or crashed while running. This error code occurs due to virus infection, poor Internet connectivity or deletion of registry files associated with OE. Also, if an incompatible program is running with Outlook Express then, you can also get error code 800ccc03.
Solution: Below are some simple hacks that can resolve this annoying runtime error of Outlook Express:

  • Re-install Runtime Libraries: Since Outlook Express error 800ccc03 can occur due to updates like MS Visual C++ package, which is not installed properly. So, first uninstall the current package then, reinstall a fresh copy.
  • Close Conflicting Programs: In case if the error is occurring due to the conflictions between two or more programs then, stops those conflicting programs immediately and update them (if required).

Error 3. Outlook Express Send/ Receive Error 0x800C0133

When trying to send or receive an email in Outlook Express, users encounter ‘An unknown error 0x800C0133’. Corrupted or damaged DBX files in Inbox are one of the most common reasons that results in this error prompt. After encountering this error prompt, all the mails get disappeared and users become unable to download or send new emails from Outlook Express.

Solution: Following are some simple hacks that might help you to resolve Outlook Express Send/ Receive Error:

  • Check DBX File: Check your DBX file and check its size. If the file exceeds its defined limit then, create a new DBX file and move some heavy emails to this newly created DBX file to free up storage space.
  • Repair Windows Registry: If the registry files of Windows OS, gets corrupted or if some of them are missing then, you need to repair your Windows Registry.

Error 4. Outlook Express Error 0x800ccc0f

If there is an issue with the Internet Connection, Outlook Express error code 0x800ccc0f occurs and prevents users from receiving any error message. Also, sometimes when Windows Firewall blocks the application this error code occurs and says connection to the server was interrupted or the server has terminated unexpectedly. The error mostly occurs when OE becomes unable to connect the browser-based email client.

Solution: There are a couple of methods that can resolve error 0x800ccc0f in Outlook Express code in a simplified manner:

  • Disable The Anti-virus: Sometimes the anti-virus programs installed on the system blocks incoming and outgoing services of application and results such errors. Hence, it is recommended to disable the anti-virus program and check if the error gets resolved.
  • Check Internet Connection: Poor or unstable Internet connection also can prompt error 0x800ccc0f in Outlook Express. So, make sure your Web browser or Internet connection is stable and you’re working with stable bandwidth.

Error 5. Outlook Express Initializing MAPI Error

While moving emails from Outlook Express to Outlook or importing emails in OE, users get Outlook Express cannot export the messages MAPI error. Also, the same error occurs when Outlook Express is installed as the default Simple MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) client in computer.

Solution: To resolve the error, you can try any of the following methods, as per your situation:

  • Change MAPI Settings: If you’ve set Outlook Express as the default Simple MAPI client then, you need to disable this. For this, you need to change the MAPI Settings in your system.
  • Remove Temp Files: Since Temp system files also make Outlook Express unresponsive and occurs various error like MAPI error in Outlook Express. So, you need to delete the temporary files associated with OE version.

Error 6. Outlook Express Sending Same Email Multiple Times

Outlook Express users often face difficulty while sending or receiving large sized email attachments. In addition, it seems like sent email is in outbox folder but actually, the recipient gets multiple copies of the same email. Exceeded DBX file size limit, conflicting applications, anti-virus programs etc., are some major causes for what Outlook Express is sending multiple copies of emails.

Solution: Below are some simple solution techniques to stop Outlook Express from sending multiple copies of the same email message:

  • Stop Anti-virus Program: If the email messages are being tracked by the anti-virus program then, it might cause the repeated download of emails or send same email multiple times. Hence, it is essential to stop your anti-virus program and check if the issue gets resolved.
  • Outlook Express Mailbox Limits: DBX files has a 2GB size limit to store emails. When the Inbox or Sent Items folder of Outlook Express exceeds this limit, the application starts behaving abnormally. So, make sure your DBX files’ size is within the defined storage limit.

One Stop Solution To Fix All Outlook Express Error Codes

Eventually, we conclude with the fact that Outlook Express is an eminent emailing service that is no longer supported or updated by Microsoft. Hence, moving to a new and better email client like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc., seems a good idea to prevent oneself from various Outlook Express error codes. DBX Converter is a powerful utility specially designed to make Outlook Express files compatible with other email clients. The software allows to convert Outlook Express DBX files into PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX file format in bulk mode so that users can access DBX emails from other supported email clients. Using this, you can get rid of many other Outlook Express errors like:

  • Outlook Express Error 0x800420CB
  • Server time out error
  • Slow loading of Outlook Express
  • Unable to Delete E-mails in OE
  • The message could not be displayed
  • The folder could not be displayed
  • Error 0x800CCC90/ 0x800420CD
  • TCP/IP error 0x800CCC13
  • Server connection Failed: Error 0x800CCC0E

Concluding Lines

This article talks about some most common Outlook Express error codes and their reasons. Despite this, we have also covered some working solutions to resolve the errors quickly without any data loss. Moreover, if users want to transfer their Outlook Express emails to any other email client then, a reliable third-party tool is also suggested here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I am facing connectivity issues with Outlook Express?

Connectivity issues with Outlook Express basically occur when you are offline. So make sure Work Offline option is unchecked and if it already unchecked then, repair the Office install.

What are the common causes of errors in Outlook Express?

Poor Internet connection, wrong or incomplete account settings, deleted temp files etc. are some of the most common reasons that occur various errors in Outlook Express.

How to fix Outlook Express loading emails slowly issue?

Open Tools in Outlook Express and uncheck automatically log on the option to Windows Messenger. Doing this will fix slow loading issue with Outlook Express.

Can’t delete emails from Outlook Express?

In case if you are unable to delete your emails from Outlook Express then, your ‘Deleted Email Folder’ might gets corrupted and this happens when a copy of the deleted email is sent to Deleted email folder after deleting the email.


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