DXF File Viewer

Use DXF Reader to Open DXF File

Open DXF file

DXF Viewer Functionality

  • Open and View DXF Files
  • No bulk-sized CAD software installation required
  • Supports Zoom-In & Zoom-Out Features
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows; so you can open DXF files on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
  • Freely Available & Easy to use interface

DXF Reader Details

The detailed features provided by DXF File Viewer are as follows:
  • Supports both ASCII and Unicode Encodings (UTF-8, System Default)
  • See DXF files of any AutoCAD versions
  • Imposes no limitation on size of DXF File; so you can open large DXF file
  • Works on any versions of Windows OS
  • Open DXF file without AutoCAD installation

What is the Need of DXF Explorer?

The DXF File Viewer should be downloaded by the users who need to do the following:
  • Open and preview any old AutoCAD Files of earlier versions
  • Access designs or blueprints of architectural or building construction
  • Complete platform to read project plans stored in DXF file
  • See architectural plan before implementing on Physical site

How to Read DXF Files?

See the following steps to know how you can preview DXF files using a free & easy to use third party tool named DXF Viewer.

Who Should Buy this DXF File Browser?

You should try DXF Viewer if you are:
  • Architect or builder who wants to analyze building’s components
  • User who wants to get a virtual 3D representation of object
  • User who wants to browse DXF file without AutoCAD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to view DXF files on Windows?

A: The DXF Explorer tool helps you to read a DXF file and it works on all the versions of Windows OS.

Q: Do I need to install AutoCAD systems to view my DXF file?

A: No, this DXF Browser software is a stand-alone application that allow user to open Drawing Interchange Format files without AutoCAD installation.

Q: Can I use this DXF Reader to preview DXF files in ASCII format?

A: Yes, the tool allows user to access any DXF file in ASCII, UTF-8, System Default, and Unicode formats.

Q: My DXF file is too large. Will the tool help in previewing large-sized DXF File?

A: Yes, the DXF Viewer is capable enough to open & read AutoCAD drawing file of any size.

Q: I cannot open DXF file in AutoCAD. Please suggest best DXF viewer software to see these files.

A: DXF Reader tool is an efficient tool that helps you to open DXF file without AutoCAD.