Date Based Email Filters In Export Notes

Need To Filter Emails while Migration:

Exclude Unwanted Data: When database is migrated from one platform to another, there can be situations where the entire data is not important and thus only a section of it has to be included for migration.

Less Time Consumption: If data for export is selected from the database, it will definitely take less time is moving the database from source to destination. The time taken by unwanted part of data will be saved.

Quick Startup with New Platform: While recent data can be selected for export, the older one can be exported later as an archive. This will help to get started with the new platform with business critical data available for work.

How Export Notes Filter NSF Data?

Mail Filter: On the Select Criteria window, enable the check box for "Mails". This will ensure that messages from the NSF file has to be migrated (It is enabled by default). Corresponding to this option, activate the radio button for "Apply Filter (s)". Click on "Set..." button.

A pop up named Email Date Filter will get opened. Enable the check box for "Include Date:". Use the drop down menu for the To/From field and use the calendar to define a time span for which emails are to be exported. Here, entire folder (Sent, Received, etc.) will get filtered. Click "Apply" to save the provided input.

For example: If To: Monday, May 11, 2018 and From: Wednesday, May 13, 2018 is selected, then emails that have been sent or received from 11 to 13 May will be included in export process.

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