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SysTools expertises in provisioning data recovery solutions for all issues related to data inconsistency. Provided solutions adeptly deal with matters ranging from minor to complex cases of corruption. The robust technology employed for the rendering of data recovery solutions ensures resiliency of damaged contents from a variety of file types, whatsoever. Transparent solutions ensure the intactness of the data contents regardless of the file being terabyte in size.

Data Recovery Software

SysTools provides great quantity of quality products that successfully cater to the various needs of users related to recovery of enterprise as well as consumer data.

Windows Data Recovery

We offer a successfully wide range of Windows based data recovery software programs capable of dealing with data inaccessibility precisely. Whatever the case be, these applications have a suitable solution for all of them.

Email Recovery

We have host of products that will take care of every aspect related to email recovery and management. Our product will help you to perform:

PST Management

Organize your Outlook Data File size, storage type, and deal with integrity loss issues too with the incredibly productive range of PST management software solutions.

PDF Management

Organize your Adobe PDF File size, storage type, and deal with integrity loss issues too with the incredibly productive range of PDF management software solutions.

Database Recovery

SysTools Database recovery platform covers enterprise database such as MS SQL Server to application desktop database such as Access to browser based database such as SQLite recovery tools. The tool does take care of deleted records within the tables.

Backup Recovery

The second copy of data called as the backup data can be easily recovered and saved in the easily accessible formats through the backup recovery solutions available here. BKF file data created through NTBackup application of Windows OS can be recovered to the original formats despite of any logical or physical error reported. SQL data backup in .bak file format from SQL server 2012, 2008 or any other version can be recovered to healthy file formats with the SQL Backup recovery solutions provided.

Password Recovery

We have designed and developed host of password recovery software to help you get back access to your encrypted data. Recover your SQL, Outlook, VBA or Access Database password by use of the following software.

System Admin Tools

Get advantage of our software designed for various aspects related to system management. We have designed software that will help you manage your System Environment in more secure way.

Address Book Recovery

A damaged or stagnant list of contacts remains of no use to its users. Get your address book recovered or converted all at one place with our address book management solutions range for a variety of contacts storage files.

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Data Recovery: The Precautions And Possibilities

Computer hard drives store a large amount of our professional and personal life, sustaining data. But, despite of knowing its importance, we show least efforts towards backing it up. Thus, coming across the ‘big and small consequences’ of data loss, as a result of corruption caused on the hard drive.

Precautionary measures are always suggested to, safeguard computers and the data stored within. Otherwise, only commercial data recovery software programs can resolve the situation. Once the hard drive is corrupt, a very common query that plenty of users tend to ask about is, if the data is still recoverable or not?

However, the answer to it always depends on the following conditions:

  • The intensity of corruption
  • The actions taken post corruption
  • And, the type of files to be recovered

Situations of corruption are hard to be judged sometimes, as their cause remains unclear. However, this article will sort out the same confusion by offering a look at the, possible and impossible cases of data recovery.

Preventive Measures

This section not only discusses about the precautions to be taken before corruption takes place, but also points out the ones to be taken post corruption. The post corruption precautions will help you control the effects of corruption and also to avoid it from reaching a severe stage.

Note: Not even data recovery software will be of any help, if post corruption precautions are not taken seriously.

Precautions: Before Corruption

To ensure that your system isn’t affected by corruption make sure that the following measures are taken:

  • Keep a good quality antivirus application installed on your machine to avoid the risk of malware entering into the system.
  • Make sure that you keep checking the hard disks on a regular basis with a built in disk diagnostic tool like the one provided by Windows i.e. Scandisk utility. This will help minimize the very chances of such problems from occurring.

Precautions: Post Corruption

In order to make sure that your chances of data recovery are going to be high and lasting, ensure taking the following precautions after corruption has taken place:

  • Once you are aware that your data is corrupt, avoid using the computer until you perform recovery on it. Using an affected computer tends to decrease the chances of a successful recovery of lost data. As, the white space left over by the old data on the hard disk might get replaced by the new activities you may perform on the system leading to overwriting.

NOTE: However, not only Hard Drive Data Recovery application, but any other data recovery software will not be able to recover data from this stage of corruption i.e. once its overwritten.

  • For the enhanced and protected recovery of data, make sure that an external storage medium, preferably hard disk, is attached to the machine. Saving recovered data back on the affected machine will make the effects of recovery short lived. As, the data may not be able to remain unaffected by the same corruption for a very long time.

Software Tips

The following section provides guide you in performing a successful data recovery via Hard Drive Data Recovery.

  • For Drive Selection: Once the data recovery software has scanned your computer, it will list all the available drives, including removable media. Carefully select the one that has to be recovered by cross checking the details of selected drive on the right hand side panel: Partition Details.
  • For Specified Recovery: In the Data Recovery software, you will find three options to perform a particular type of recovery:
  • Normal Data: Use this option to perform corrupt data recovery.
  • Deleted Files and Folders Only: This option offers recovery of soft/hard deleted data from files and folders.
  • Formatted Partition: Formatted partitions of the system drive or the removable media can be processed for restoration with this option of the data recovery software.
  • For Searching Data: Using the advance and well defined search option, you can restore a particular set of data from a large number of files. This will offer speed and accuracy.
  • For Particular Export: Particular files or folders can be exported directly from the preview panel by right clicking on them and selecting export selected file(s) / folder(s) option.
  • For Saving Data: Data recovery software offers the option to save recovered data into a new location. Use this option to save data on an external media attached to the computer to avoid short-lived recovery span. Also, you can use the New Folder creation option for better manageability.

Fight Back Data Loss

Reportedly, Logical corruption is the most common grounds that lead to the loss of data from hard drive on a large scale.


Primarily, the need for performing data recovery arises in the following conditions, when:

  • The partitions of your hard disk are not accessible.
  • The partition prompts for formatting.
  • The data: document, media files, etc., becomes unusable
  • Inconsistency errors are displayed while opening files present on the corrupt logical drive.

Read about the top three categorization of data loss, resolved successfully by data recovery software in the section that follows.

#1: Data Recovery From Human Errors

As the name states itself, the issue is a result of the mistakes made by users. Such issues tend to cause severe damage to the system and its files. These activities/mistakes may include:

  • Corruption of Drive/Data: Abruptly shutting down the system while a file was open / being processed, or otherwise.
  • Corruption in Removable Media: Improperly ejecting the removable device (without using a 'safe remove' action) or shutting down the computer while the device is still connected / performing a move operation.

Though these errors are the most difficult to repair, but by providing deep scanning and repair process, data recovery software still proves to be a successful aid in the discussed circumstances.

#2: Data Recovery After Hard Deletion (Permanent Deletion)

There are two types of data deletion scenarios i.e.:

  • Soft Deletion
  • Hard Deletion

Meanwhile, soft deletion cases are mostly resolved easily, but hard deletion cases are the most critical to overcome. Despite of the fact, permanently lost data recovery is made possible with the help of Hard Drive Data Recovery software.

NOTE: Avoid using the system in case of hard deletion (even booting the computer shall be avoided) to prevent data getting overwritten; decreasing the chances of recovery by any means.

Using the Deleted Files and Folders Only Recovery option of Windows data recovery software is the one to be implemented in such cases.

#3: Data Recovery From Formatted Partition

Formatting, when takes place, clears file allocation tables as well as the root directory. However, all your data is still available there, but physically you have lost the following:

  • All Entries in Root Directory
  • File Allocation Tables

In cases like these, you can attain a fair level of data recovery by using other means and methodologies. However, using data recovery software can prove to be a boon due to its capability of serving guaranteed recovery with complete integrity.

Conclusion: Cases of corruption, (hard) deletion, and formatting are precisely and professionally handled by the Hard Drive Data Recovery software. Implementation of the recovery is also possible on external storage devices and media like; flash/thumb/pen drives, external hard drives, SD Cards, Memory stick, etc.

File Repair Tools

Get guaranteed repair for your damaged files. Files of all formats, size, any platform, or damaged with any kind or level of corruption; dealt here.

MS Office File Repair

Word, Excel, or an Access database, MS Office file repair series of applications own an expertise over recovering documents and databases with sheer precision and guarantee of no data loss offered along with.

Open Office File Repair

Get your Open Source application’s text document files repaired as well as recovered with the appropriately designed and structured Open Office Writer Recovery program from the Open Office File Repair range of solution.

File Converter Tools

Here is a list of solutions that allow you to perform a successful switch over from one file type to another without confronting compatibility issues any more.

Server Conversion

Get benefited by our huge list of Server based applications intended to serve you with conversion of data from Server to data files or even documents. Choose accordingly and avail top notch services at affordable prices.

Email Clients Conversion

Email client data conversion category of solutions offers you with plenty of applications to deal with conversion of data or documents as well as management of your files with a precisely convenient manner with guarantee of its security.

Address Book Conversion

Ensured security of data is the primary concern along with which field data retention while performing conversion of unlimited number of contacts is what makes Address Book Conversion series of solutions special.

File Migrator Tools

A number of user friendly yet technically sound applications for the users looking out for large scale data type migration from Server and Client platforms.

Server Migration

Migrating Server based data in bulk and limitless quantity is made simpler yet accurate with the Server Migration solutions. Now get your Server data migrated to any platform of your choice with user friendly solutions.

Email Client Migration

Here is your chance to migrate email data files from one platform to multiple other file formats without coming across compatibility issues. Switch from your email client to any other email platform without compromising on your data.