How to Export PowerMail to Outlook? Convert Emails to PST on Mac/Win

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Published On September 22nd, 2022
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This article dedicates itself towards converting the emails from PowerMail to Outlook platform. It will also inform users about other email applications to which PowerMail can export its data. And solve why there is a need to extract PowerMail to PST file format? Solution is available for both Mac and Windows system!

About PowerMail: Based on Mac OS system, PowerMail is a feature-rich email client that simplifies the email management for all kinds of users(novice and advanced users alike). Boasting the powerful FoxTrot technology, PowerMail searching capabilities is quicker and more accurate than most of the other email clients. A lean interface with high-performance capabilities makes it a suitable email application for many Mac OS enthusiasts.

But this alone is not sufficient for all users. Due to unavoidable circumstances or a need for more advanced features and security, users often move from PowerMail to Outlook and other email applications. In this article, we will be providing the best possible solutions regarding this email migration.

Inbuilt Mechanism to Export PowerMail Emails

PowerMail has a built-in feature which lets it export all emails and attachments to different file formats including Unix mailbox format(MBOX). To access this feature, follow the given steps:

1. Navigate to File >> Database >> Export

2. Here choose the format you want to save all your PowerMail emails as per requirement.

Note: Choose Unix Mailbox format to export emails as MBOX file.

3. Choose to Include attachments > All attachments and hit the Go Ahead button.

powermail export options

Things to Note:

You will see multiple email applications in the export list. But MS Outlook is not included in this list. This is because PowerMail supports MBOX format which is inaccessible in MS Outlook platform. For PowerMail to Outlook migration, follow these steps:

  1. First export PowerMail Emails to Unix Mailbox format as described above.
  2. Then convert the emails into PST format which is accessible in MS Outlook.

How to Convert PowerMail to Outlook PST?

Lack of reliable manual methods is a serious matter of concern during PowerMail mailbox data to PST conversion scenario. Which is why a professional approach is required!

The software solution is available for both Mac and Windows OS. Which variation to choose is solely at the users discretion.

free download
Download for Windows
Download for Mac

SysTools MBOX to PST Conversion Wizard simplifies this entire process by converting MBOX file of PowerMail to PST format. This file is easily accessible in MS Outlook. An easy to use interface laced with powerful features make this software solution one of the best in its arena.

Various benefits associated with the tool are:

  • Both Windows and Mac software variation are available.
  • Multiple file formats to export PowerMail data into without data loss.
  • Convert emails and attachments from PowerMail to Outlook.
  • Supports both Selective and bulk conversion.
  • Option to Split output PST file into smaller parts.
  • Option to Merge multiple PowerMail MBOX files into a single PST
  • Or generate separate PST for each MBOX file.
  • Retains folder structure and metadata information(header, images, properties, etc.)

Steps to Export PowerMail Emails to PST on Mac

Simplified steps are as follows:

Step 1. Run the Mac MBOX Converter software and hit the Add File button.

Mac step 1

Step 2. Set the following option:

  • Choose PST as the export format
  • Checkmark the Maintain Folder hierarchy radio button.
  • Change the destination path to a location where you want to save all your Powermail data.

powermail to outlook conversion

Step 3. Choose Advance settings tab for more options as shown in the screenshot.

Mac step 3

Step 4. Finally, save all the settings and hit the Export button to start converting all PowerMail mailbox to PST format.

Now simply import this PST file in any Outlook edition and get access to all you PowerMail emails and attachments in MS Outlook.

Steps to Convert Emails from PowerMail to Outlook on Windows

Step 1. First, move the exported Powermail MBOX file to Windows platform.

Step 2. Download and run the Windows MBOX Converter tool and click on Add File >> Next.

add file

Step 3. Locate the PowerMail MBOX file and click on Process.

browse mbox file

Step 4. Preview all emails along with attachments in multiple views. Click Menu Export button

avail previews

Step 5. Set PST as the export type and then choose from various export options as per requirement (See screenshot)


Step 6. Hit the Export button for accurate PowerMail to PST conversion.

Once you have the UNICODE PST file, you can easily import it into any Outlook application including Outlook 2019/2016/2013 and below.


The article specializes in providing an accurate and reliable method to export PowerMail to Outlook. It covers every aspect of this migration scenario – from exporting the emails from Powermail to converting them in Outlook readable format. An intuitive tool available for both Mac and Windows provides users with the flexibility to convert emails on any platform as per need. No matter what platform is chosen, the generated PST file will be compatible with all MS Outlook editions (be it for Mac or Win). Take advantage of this software solution and let go of all your PowerMail to PST migration worries in an instant.


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