How to Transfer MWEB to Gmail/G Suite Expertly?

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Published On December 28th, 2023
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Are you searching for methods to transfer MWEB to Gmail? This blog provides solutions for seamless data migration from the MWEB mailbox to a Google Workspace account. We will also discuss the reasons behind the email transfer process. Let’s start this blog!

MWEB is a Cape Town, South Africa-based ISP (internet service provider) company providing internet services besides cable television and web hosting services. It also delivers email services included with the web hosting plans.

Gmail, also called Google Mail, is the most used email service. Features like automated email management and progressive anti-spam filters make it perfect for personal and professional usage.

Advantages of Selecting Gmail Email Service Over MWEB

There are many reasons for MWEB email users to switch to Gmail/G Suite, and this section describes some of them in the following points:

  • Gmail/Google Workspace offers 15 GB of free mailbox capacity, with the facility to upgrade to professional plans having 30 GB, 2 and 5 TB storage for efficient email storage.
  • Google is a pioneer when it comes to email security. Features like confidential mode, phishing alerts, and the Advanced Protection Program ensure the complete safety of your crucial emails in your Gmail/Google Business account.
  • Gmail offers seamless app integration for effective teamwork and productivity, helping users collaborate on projects through real-time video conferencing and chats.

These reasons describe Gmail/G Suite’s value as the preferred email platform for many email users, including MWEB users. The upcoming sections explore the methods for MWEB to G Suite mailbox migration, so keep reading to know them!

Transfer MWEB to Gmail/Google Business on MacOS

The unavailability of a manual method to export MWEB emails to Google Workspace makes the SysTools Mac IMAP Migrator software an excellent solution for the email transfer process on Apple MacOS X 10.8 to 13 version computers. This astonishing automated tool has many marvellous reviews from technical specialists who like it for its complete performance. The “Retry Failed Items” feature lets you re-migrate MWEB emails that couldn’t get sent to Gmail/G Suite on the first attempt. The “User Mapping List” facility helps with concurrent MWEB to G Suite mailbox migration without data loss.

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Steps to Move MWEB Mailbox to Gmail/G Suite on MacOS

  1. Download and run the software, complete the requirements, and click “Continue” on your MacOS computer.
    download and run the software
  2. Select “Other” from the dropdown menu, enter your MWEB account details, and click “Validate” under the Source IMAP Account section.
    enter mweb account details and click validate
  3. Next, click on “Gmail” or “G Suite” from the same Host Name menu in the Destination IMAP Account section, enter your account credentials, and click “Validate.”
    select gmail or g suite and enter account details
  4. Then, add more accounts in the “User Mapping List” box to transfer MWEB to Gmail in bulk.
    add more accounts under user mapping list box
  5. Use the “Advance Settings” box to apply Date and Folder filters for selective email migration from MWEB account to Google Workspace.
    click advance settings for date and folder filter
  6. Don’t forget to check the “Attach Source Account Tree” box for an intact mailbox transfer to Google Business account.
    select attach source account tree for mailbox intactness
  7. Finally, export MWEB emails to Google Workspace by clicking “Start Migration.”
    click start migration to transfer mweb to gmail

MWEB to G Suite Mailbox Migration for Windows OS Computers

Many technical experts suggest SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migration software for moving your MWEB mailbox to a G Suite/Google Workspace account. Its unmissable features make it the go-to automated tool for a seamless email migration process. You can use it for all Windows OS versions for an error-free data transfer. The software retains the email folder structure and metadata during the email transfer. You can migrate your MWEB mailbox data to a Google Workspace account in bulk using the “Import Users” feature. Another benefit of this software is the option to give precedence to selective accounts during the MWEB to G Suite mailbox migration using the “Priority Migration” facility.

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How to Export MWEB Emails to Google Workspace on Windows?

  1. Install and launch the automated tool on your Windows OS computer once activated.
    install and run the tool
  2. Pick “IMAP” as the Source and “G Suite” as the Destination under the “Setup” window.
    select imap and g suite as source and destination
  3. Next, check the “Email” checkbox under the same window’s Workload Selection, and click “Next.”
    select the email checkbox
  4. Select the “Date Filter” box next to the Email checkbox for selective MWEB to G Suite mailbox migration.
    check the date filter box for selective migration
  5. Next, select “Other” from the “IMAP Server” dropdown list in the Source window, and enter your MWEB account server credentials.
    select other from imap server menu
  6. Click the “Validate” button to verify the mandatory user and email reading permissions.
  7. Then, go to the “Destination” window and enter your G Suite destination administrator ID, service account, and certificate file.
    add g suite credentials under destination window
  8. Next, confirm all the required permissions by clicking “Validate.”
  9. You can add more email accounts to export MWEB emails to Google Workspace in bulk using the “Import Users” button under the “Users” section.
    click import users to add more email addresses
  10. Next, click the “Validate” button to verify the Source App Password for the included account(s).
    click validate to confirm the source app password
  11. Finally, move MWEB emails to the G Suite/Google Business account by clicking the “Start Migration” button on the top-right corner.
    click start migration to transfer mweb to gmail or g suite


This blog discussed the reasons and methods to transfer MWEB to Gmail/G Suite/Google Workspace account. The reasons mentioned in this blog necessitate urgent MWEB to G Suite mailbox migration. The automated utilities described here are the perfect solutions for an error-free email migration on MacOS and Windows computers.

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