Troubleshooting Fatal Error 8946 in SQL Server

Raj Kumar ~ Modified: September 15th, 2022 ~ Error, SQL Server ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Most of the organization uses MS SQL Server for database management system. It is an outstanding platform but like other databases, it is also vulnerable to corruption. However, most of the SQL errors can troubleshoot by DBCC (Database Console Commands) statement. Still, there are some issues that cannot be analyzed by the SQL DBCC command such as fatal error 8946 in SQL Server.

In this article, we will help users to fix SQL Server error 8946. But first, let us have a look at what this blog will cover.

Topics to be Covered in this Article:

The following blog will discuss the corruption issues in the SQL Server database. Let us explore the table of content before going further:

  1. What is SQL Server 8946 problem?
  2. What are the factors responsible for error?
  3. What are the consequences of 8946 error?
  4. Why it cannot be resolved by DBCC?
  5. How to Resolve error 8946 in SQL Server?
  6. Bottom Line

Quick Note on SQL Server Error 8946

The hard disk space granted to SQL database file is classified into pages. In other words, this logical pages is assigned to save the databases. A single page is further divided into 8 KB of pages where the data stored. All the pages have proper indexes through which data is retrieved by the SQL query. Furthermore, every page consists of a page header that comprises information of the entire page index. So, whenever a user runs a query to display the data, this header checks the page number where the data stored and show them to the software interface.

Instant Fix: If DBCC command does not fix SQL 8946 error page header corruption issue, must use SQL Recovery tool. This software will enable the user to recover SQL database without backup and export data directly to the live SQL database.

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Basically, this error generates when the header information is not consistent with the page data. Because of this reason, SQL Server becomes unable to read those pages and pops-up the error 8946 on the system. The basic format of the error looks like this.

Fatal Error 8946 in SQL Server

SQL error 8946 is also known as PFS page header corruption.

Reasons Responsible for Fatal Error 8946 in SQL Server

There are multiple causes behind this page information inconsistency. Whenever the header information does not match with its respective page, then the below-mentioned situation occurs with the database.

  1. Unexpected shutdown of the system during any SQL transaction.
  2. Malware infection or bug in Microsoft SQL Server
  3. Power Failure
  4. Malfunctioning of Hardware
  5. Upgrade the version of SQL Server

Any of the above-mentioned reason can create PFS page header corruption.

Consequences of SQL Server Error 8946

Error 8946 in SQL Server is a page level corruption problem that makes it impossible to access the files. And, once the page header gets damaged or corrupted, it might result out in data loss. So, it is advised to fix this error on the urgent basis. Otherwise, get ready to lose your important data.

DBCC Cannot Repair Fatal Error 8946?

DBCC function is to find out the logical as well as the physical integrity of all database objects. Its primary work is to check logical data consistency, indexes, pointers, page offset. On the fundamental level, CHECKDB command uses PFS pages to determine the consistency. As we mentioned above, the SQL 8946 error known as PFS page header corruption. So, once the PFS page gets corrupted, then there is no way to determine which pages have been allocated or not. That is why DBCC statements cannot rebuild the PFS pages. One and only solution to repair PFS page is to again reconstruct it. Because they are the fixed part of database pages and cannot be deleted.

How to Fix Error 8946 in SQL Server?

The easiest solution to fix SQL Server error 8946 is to restore the database from a backup file. If you do not have a backup of your database, use SQL Database Repair Tool. This tool is capable enough to recover corrupted MDF (Primary database file) & NDF (Secondary database file) files. And, restore the database that undergoes the data corruption. The software has some additional features that help the users a lot during database recovery.

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Striking Features of the Software

  • Recover all database objects like Triggers, Rules etc
  • Provide support to ASCII & Unicode XML datatype
  • Support SQL Server 2017, 2016 or below editions
  • Widely compatible on Windows Operating system
  • No File Size Limitation for recovering MDF / NDF file
  • Recover database in minimum time utilization

Bringing It All Together

A strong database plays a significant role in businesses and a fatal error can destroy it. A similar situation happens in SQL when the SQL Server error 8946 occurs. It is advised to always take a proper troubleshooting measure i.e SQL Recovery Software that resolves all your SQL Server problem in just a few clicks. Whenever error 8946 in SQL Server arises, use the tool and erase this problem from your database.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I recover SQL database without backup when DBCC command fails?

Yes, with SQL repair tool you can recover SQL Server database without backup and external utilities.

How many types of database corruption in SQL Server?

1. Page Level Corruption
2. Page Header Corruption
3. Index Corruption in SQL Server
4. Boot Page Corruption