Resolve Outlook Error “Your Outlook Data File Cannot Be Configured”

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Summary: In this blog we are going to discuss the step by step method on how to deal with “your Outlook data file cannot be configured” error. Here we will also know the reasons behing this error.

The MS Outlook is one of the most well organized email client in many corporate organizations. This application enables the usage of mail account in offline mode by creating the OST file. It is very favourable for Outlook users to securely carry out remote access emails & other mail attributes from their mail accounts.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has include many advance features that were not present in its previous versions. But, while using MS Exchange Server OST file many users has came across with the error message saying that your Outlook Data file has not been configured. With this error message the users are unable to figure out what triggers this error message on Outlook 2010 or other versions. So, let us know in short about the error message data file (.pst & .ost) in Outlook cannot be configured.

Error: Outlook Data File Cannot Be Configured

This type of error is usually seen with Microsoft users which have roaming profiles connected to MS Exchange Server in an organization. The roaming user profiles are saved on the shared network wherein, the users can easily access their Outlook profile from any computer which is connected to that shared network. Thus, while executing this action many times users get errors displaying your Outlook data file (ost/pst) cannot be configured roaming profile.

Causes of the Error: Outlook Data File (.pst & .ost) Cannot be Configured in Outlook

The most common reason for Outlook 2010 error Data file is cannot configured includes missing of OST & PST file on the system where MS Outlook is running. If the system gets crashed while importing data file in Outlook, then the process will get dismissed & Outlook may not configure the profile which you are looking for. Moreover, when the OST & PST file gets corrupted due to virus attack, logical error, synchronization error, abrupt termination, etc. it can display this error message “Your Outlook Data File Cannot be Configured” when the users tries to access their Outlook profile again.

Remedies to Resolve This Error

To eliminate “your outlook data file (.ost & .pst) cannot be configured” error, you can follow the below mention tips:

  1. Recheck path of Outlook data files in the system
  2. In case of OST file, delete the .ost file & download it from Exchange
  3. Reinstall Outlook & try to open Outlook data files
  4. Use inbuilt Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe)

Manual Method to Solve “your Outlook data file cannot be configured” Problem

Repair the Data File (.ost) in Outlook

There are some account types like MS Exchange Server which uses an Offline Data file (.ost). This type of data file is a replica or copy of information which is saved on your mail server. If you encounter any problem with .ost file, the file can be deleted & recreated by downloading a copy of your items again. But, we don’t recommend repairing Offline data file using Inbox Repair Tool , because sometimes this Outlook Inbox Repair Tool not responding so if your .ost file is not usable then you should recreate it.

  1. Exit Outlook
  2. Now, open Control Panel, in the search control panel box, write Mail, and then select Mail
  3. A Mail Setup dialog box will appear, choose E-Mail accounts.
  4. Now, choose the data Data Files tab & then select the Exchange account, after that select Open File Location on the mini toolbar.
  5. Close the Account Settings & the Mail Setup box, & return to the File Explorer window.
  6. In the corresponding File Explorer Window, right click the Exchange data file (.ost) & then choose delete.

Note: The next time when you start Outlook, a new .ost file is created for the account.

If the above method does not help to configure the .ost file in Outlook then you can fix OST file using a third party utility i.e OST Recovery Tool. The software recover OST file in Outlook 2016 & export the files into PST, EML & MSG file format.

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There are situation when your Outlook shows an error saying “your outlook data cannot be configured” pointing towards the .nst file extension. Many Outlook users are unaware about this file format. So, let us explore about this through one of the user query. After that we will discuss how to repair .nst file which is displaying an error Outlook 2016 data file cannot be configured.

“I recently encountered the error message “your Outlook Data file cannot be configured in Office 365” when I was configuring my Office 365 account in Outlook 2007. The error message was indicating towards .nst file. As I’m not a technical person I don’t know how I can overcome this issue. I will be glad if anyone helps me out from this problem.”

Both the files (OST & NST) are created when the user is in offline mode. You can traverse to the data where your OST file has been stored, there you can also find a file with same size as of .ost file. Now, to fix this error you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

How to Fix Outlook Data file (.nst) Cannot be Configured Error

Step 1: Verify the System for Corruption

Run System scan

  • Press Windows + R
  • Now, type cmd & press Enter
  • Type “sfc/scannow” & then press enter (Require Admin Privileges to run this command)

Step 2: Update the Most Up-to-Date Windows

Check for Windows update

  • Click the start button
  • Type Update & hit enter
  • A Windows dialog box will appear
  • If the updates are available, then click on the install updates option

Step 3: Clean Up Junk Files

  • Press Win + R
  • Now, type “Cleanmgr” & press Enter
  • Pick the OS partition & click OK
  • Now, click on Clean Up System Files

In most of the cases when error like your Outlook data cannot be configured .nst file occurs then these errors must be resolved on time. If however, the problem still comes then please get your system checked by an expert.

Steps to Solve .pst File when Data File Error Arises:

To use ScanPST.exe first you have to locate where is Scanpst.exe located to eliminate “Outlook data file cannot be configured in Windows” error:

1. Exit Outlook & perform one of the following:

  • Browse to C:/Program Files:
  • Browse to C:/Program Files (x86)

2. In the Search box, type scanpst.exe

3. Open scanpst.exe

4. Now, a window will appear, enter the name of the .pst file which you want the tool to check, or you can browse to select the file.

5. Hit Start to begin the scanning

6. If the scan finds the error then you can choose Repair to start the process to fix them

7. When the fixing process gets completed, start Outlook with the profile associated with the data file that you just repaired.

An Alternative Approach:

The above section gains the attention of the users regarding the limitations of manual method to solve “Your Outlook Data File Cannot be Configured error”. The manual method which are discussed above are very time consuming, so the users can opt an expert solution. We have in our kitty a tool which is PST Recovery.

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The tool works in such a way that it captivate the users. Moreover, the tool has an potential to fix the Outlook PST files & save the PST data in PST, EML, MSG & in Office 365. The beneficial feature of this tool is that it also support .nst file. Along with this you can easily fix your file in few minutes.


After examining the issues which are faced by the users while eliminating the error: your outlook data file cannot be configured using the manual tricks. We have discussed an expert solution which can be used to eradicate the error in Outlook. The users can use these tools to perform the task as per the need without the threat of data loss or data corruption.

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