Split PDF into Odd and Even Pages Time Saving Approach

Raj Kumar ~ Modified: October 27th, 2022 ~ PDF Management ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Do you want to split PDF into odd and even pages? If that is the case, then stop searching and read this article, here you will get to know the step by step tutorial to divide the document into two parts .i.e odd and even pages.

As we know that PDF is the widely used file format to save the data files. It is a secure way to store data in digital forensics. Forensic investigators, enterprise, and naive users save their data files mostly in .pdf format for future references. But sometimes in many situations, they get the requirement to split PDF into odd and even pages. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Why Do Users Need to Split Odd and Even Pages in PDF?

There are could be many reasons when users want to separate even and odd pages from PDF files. Some of them are given below:

• Due to professional reasons, the user needs to share specific or particular data rather than transferring the whole document.
• Splitting the document into odd and even is highly useful for printing the back to back pages.
• Users can easily take the duplex print of a document that contains multiple PDF pages.

For instance, if your printer does not support the duplex print mode.

By manually typing 1,3,5,7….and 2,4,6,…so on to split PDF into odd and even pages will take lots of patience and efforts.

Thus, the process is time-consuming. But, what if we can sort out the odd pages and the even pages before printing?

Don’t you think it is a much better way to save your precious time? Absolutely yes!

You can finish the complete job in a few seconds. Keep reading to know!

Also, many situations like these come in our day to day life.

One of the real-time user’s queries is mentioned below.

“Hello everyone, I have a PDF book that contains 500 pages in it. Now, the problem is that all the odd pages are blank in it, So I want to print only the even pages. Is there is any way to skip the odd pages and print only the even pages? Although I tried many online methods but didn’t get the exact result. Kindly share with me the simple solution that can print all even pages in PDF?”

Now, let’s resolve all these problems faced by users.

How to Split PDF into Odd and Even Pages With Tool?

PDF Splitter Software provides many options i.e. split by page number, range, each page, size, odd and even pages. The tool preserves file format, page orientation, layout, and file structure the same as the original PDF document.

With the help of this professional software, users can easily split odd and even pages into the individual PDF files for the easy management of the workflow. Also, this utility is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems and Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, and 2016.

Eminent Features of the Proficient Tool

Some of the striking features of the tool are mentioned below:

• Software supports to process multiple PDF documents at the same time
• Creates individual PDF files that contain even pages.
• Generate separate document containing all odd pages
• Maintain the file formatting after the process completion
• Allow splitting the password-protected PDF files.

Simple Steps to Separate Odd and Even Pages in PDF Files

Follow the below steps to quickly split PDF into Odd and even pages on the Windows or Mac operating system.

For Windows

Download purchase

For Mac

Download purchase

A. Steps to Split Odd Pages in PDF

Step 1: Download the tool and select Split option

Step 2: Click Add Files / Add Folder option to browse PDF documents

add files
Step 3: Choose the Split by Odd Pages option & click on “Split”

split odd pages in pdf
Step 4: Software successfully split odd pages in PDF. Hit the OK button.


B. Steps to Split Even Pages in PDF

Step 1: Run the tool & select Split Option

Step 2: Click Add Files / Add Folder option to browse PDF Files

add files
Step 3: Choose the Split by Even Pages option & click on Split option

split even pages in pdf
Step 4: Tool successfully split even pages in PDF. Hit on the OK button.


Finally, you get the desired pdf files in now separated into two individual pdf files. The first PDF document contains the odd pages in it, and the second one consists of even pages only. As far as we know, this is the best method to split pdf into odd and even pages.

However, if you would prefer the manual approach, read the subsequent section.

Manual Method to Split Odd and Even Pages in PDF Files

Follow the below steps manually by using the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to separate odd and even page from PDF documents:

Open the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
• Click on the View option & select Tools
• Click on the Organize Pages & hit the Open button.
• Next, click the Split option at the top of the screen.
• Now, select the Page Range as Even, Odd
• After selecting the Even, Odd options click the Split button
• Finally, the confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Note – Users need to purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software to split several files into even and odd pages.

Limitations of Using Manual Method

1. Adobe Acrobat allows you to upload and convert files that are up to 100 MB. If the file size of PDF is more than that, then you have to purchase its subscription. That will be expensive for you if your budget is low.
2. It does not provide the option to split the password-protected PDF files.
3. The manual tool does not have advanced features as compared to the professional tool.

Thus, to overcome all challenges while performing the manual approach, the automated tool is a reliable and efficient solution for business users.


To really resolve the user’s query i.e. “how to split PDF into odd and even pages” efficiently, we mentioned a quick, simple, and convenient method. With the professional software, you’ll get the resultant odd even PDF pages with proper file formatting. Also, there is no limitation on the number of pages, and their quality. However, if you manually try to accomplish this task, then user must have Acrobat full version. Therefore, we recommend users to try this automated tool that can split odd and even pages in PDF files without any hassle.