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SysTools PDF Splitter Tool (Win & Mac)

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Best Offline Tool to split PDF into multiple files on Windows & Mac.

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This Software Preserves the Layout, Structure & Orientation of the PDF Pages

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Split PDF Files Having Password

This SysTools PDF Splitter software for Windows and Mac is capable enough to split user-level password-protected PDF documents. But, the user must know that password. However, after entering the respective PDF password the tool will process those secured documents. But, if in case the user level password is not known to a user then the software will skip that PDF and process other files. Also, the software does not support restricted PDF (i.e. owner level secured) documents for split.

PDF Split tool

Split Different Types of PDF Files

Explore Most Commonly Used PDF Files That This Software Can Easily Split

Financial Document

Financial Document

Invoices or Bills

Invoices or Bills

Govt ID

Govt. ID

Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Forms & Resumes

Forms & Resumes

Study Material

Study Material

PDF Splitter Tool Splits PDF in 8 Ways

There are a total of 8 ways by which users can split their PDF files with this software. Each Page (Separate each page of PDF into a new file), multiple pages (Separate multiple pages of PDF into a new file), page number (Split PDF by providing the page numbers), page range (Provide page ranges like 3-6, 7-9), multiple page range (provide multiple page range by suing space button), size (Split PDF according to the size), odd pages (Take out all odd-numbered into a file), & even pages(Take out all even-numbered into a file).

8 Options

Key Features in SysTools PDF Splitter Tool Windows & Mac
Software to Split PDF Files in Offline Mode

split pdf files by page

Split PDF by Page Number

Using this option, users can split large size PDF files having multiple pages into separate files. This PDF Splitter software will create PDF files for that particular page within the PDF documents (For ex: if the user "enters 2" in "Split by Page" option then the tool will create a single page PDF file containing the 2nd page of the document). Likewise, this process will be similar for all the added PDF files.

split large pdf files by range

Split PDF by Page Range

This option is provided for all those users who want to split PDF files by range. For example – the user is having a PDF document containing 12 pages, but he wants only four pages from the middle i.e. 2-5. Therefore, in such cases users can select this option and creates a PDF file containing all pages coming in that range.

split pdf files by page

Split by Multiple Pages

Users can also split their PDF files by multiple pages if they need to. As an example, if users have 10 pages in a PDF, then users can easily select multiple pages by adding a single space between them. Entering 2 6 8 9 is the way to get multiple pages split. Moreover, adding a comma can help them select multiple pages from multiple PDFs.

split large pdf files by range

Split by Multiple Page Ranges

The software allows users to split PDF files with multiple page ranges. For instance, the user is having a PDF with 30 pages. Here, the users want to add two to three page ranges, then they can do that like 2-5 6-14 18-26. They just need to add space in between. Moreover, for multiple PDFs, they can add commas here for further customization.

extract even pages pdf

Split PDF by Even Pages

With this option, you can create a separate PDF files containing all the pages in even number of count of all added PDF files. For instance; if there are 10 pages in your PDF files then using this option, then this PDF Splitter software will create individual PDF files for pages numbered as 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10. This will not make any changes to the source PDF file but create a single PDF document at the target location.

split big pdf file by odd pages

Split PDF by Odd Pages

Similar to the options mentioned above, the PDF Splitter software will split up odd-numbered pages of the selected PDF files. For example, if the selected PDF files contains multiple pages then the software will create single PDF for each added PDF file containing the page numbered as 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. So, all in all, each single PDF will be created for all selected PDF files without making any changes to the original file.

split pdf into multiple files by size

Split PDF File by Size (MB)

With the help of this option, you can easily split PDF files into small parts; using a common size for all. Users can define the PDF file size range in MB (minimum 1 MB to maximum 2 GB) and this PDF Splitter tool will accordingly split single PDF documents to multiple PDF files. The software performs the PDF file splitting process without any data loss.

each page split

Split PDF by Each Page

With this option, the tool creates multiple PDF files containing the single page. At the destination location, a folder is created containing multiple PDF documents having a single page. Also, there is no limitation on the number of PDF files. At a time users can split multiple PDF documents.

preserve attachments

Keeps Attachments Intact

SysTools PDF Splitter Tool (Mac & Win) split PDF documents by keeping attachments and other formatting intact. It keeps all source file attachments in the output PDF file. However, if multiple PDF is created in output then all attachments will be saved in the first PDF file. Any attachments, forms, hyperlinks, bookmarks, tables, font color, chart everting, or any other data will not be changed by the tool.

pdf cutter tool keep formatting

Preserves File Formatting

The PDF Splitter Software for Mac & Windows does not let users to lose PDF file properties. The tool preserves file format, page orientation, layout, and file structure same as the original PDF document. All attributes like heading tags, bold tags, metadata, annotations, form fields, images, graphics, links, etc., will remain unchanged.


Skip Attachments from Output PDF

The software provides an option “Skip Attachment” & enabling this will skip all the attachments (like doc file, PDF, spreadsheets, etc.) from the Output file. This feature can be used if the user wants to split PDF documents by skipping all the attachments from the resultant file.

split pdf files

Split Protected PDF

To split PDF files that are password-protected (user level password) valid password is required. However, the software can process the secured files but the password must be known to the user. This PDF File Splitter tool for Mac & Win gives the option to add a password for processing the password-protected PDF documents.

pdf splitter for win

Windows Operating System Support

SysTools PDF Splitter tool is a Windows Operating system based utility to split PDF files. The tool is compatible with Windows OS i.e. 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2 and 2016. Along with this, the software supports all version of Adobe PDF files.

mac pdf splitter tool

Supports Mac Operating System

The Mac PDF Splitter software is also compatible is with the latest versions of Mac OS. The tool can be easily run on macOS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), and all above versions i.e. macOS X 10.9 (Mavericks), macOS X 10.10 (Yosemite), macOS X 10.11 (El Capitan), macOS X 10.12 (Sierra), macOS X 10.13 (High Sierra), macOS X 10.14 (Mojave) and macOS X 10.15 (Catalina).

SysTools PDF Splitter Tool Specifications
Download the Best Software to Split PDF Files

Software Download


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Size : 62.3 MB

Version : 5.0

MD5 : 6944a1930db13763be475b1db0888de6


mac Download Now

Size : 28.4 MB

Version : 4.0

MD5 : f86e9d35001dbe032c7945846f0b11ee

Trial Limitations

The demo version of the offline PDF Splitter software allows to Split only first 5 PDF Files. Also, it will add “SysTools” watermark on Output PDF files.

System Specifications


Hard Disk Space
Minimum 100 MB of free hard disk space

4 GB is recommended

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz


Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

4 GB is recommended

Mac Computer with Intel Processor
Mac Computer with Apple Silicon (Apple M1)



Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above should be installed.

pre requisites


Java JDK & JRE 8 should be installed in the system. To know more, Click Here

Make sure your System Region should be United States and Language should be English Read More

Supported Editions


  • Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, 2016


  • MacOS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), MacOS X 10.9(Mavericks), MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite), MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan), MacOS X 10.12 (Sierra), MacOS X 10.13 (High Sierra), MacOS X 10.14 (Mojave), MacOS X 10.15 (Catalina), MacOS X 11.0 (Big Sur), MacOS X 12.0 (Monterey)



Electronic Delivery


Software Customization

If you need to customize SysTools PDF Splitter software or need additional features then, Request Quote

SysTools PDF Splitter Software for Windows & Mac Feature Comparison

Get an Overview of PDF Splitter Tool Features in FREE and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Add PDF File(s) & Folder
Split PDF into Multiple Files
Split Multiple PDF Documents at Once
Compatible Windows OS 11, 10 & Previous Versions
Support Mac OS X 10.8 and All Above versions
Split PDF Files Without Watermark
Cost FREE $39
Frequently Asked Questions About SysTools PDF Splitter Software

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How can I use this offline software to split PDF files in batch?

pdf splitter tool

Follow these 5 simple steps to split PDF documents:

  • Step 1: Download & install the SysTools PDF Splitter Tool
  • Step 2: Click on “Add Files” / “Add Folder” option to select PDF files
  • Step 3: Click on the “PDF Split” option
  • Step 4: Select the destination location for saving resultant PDF
  • Step 5: Finally, a process completion message will be displayed

“My PDF file contains 15 pages and I want only second and third page of PDF file. Is this possible with this tool?

Yes, of course, the trial version of PDF Splitter software provides various options to split PDF files & one among them is "Split PDF by Range". With this feature, you can set the page range as (2-3) and get the desired pages. But, the demo version of the software will add watermark in the resultant PDF.

Yes, of course, this PDF splitter software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems including 11.

No, there will be NO file formatting issue caused by the tool, all the data remains intact or unchanged. It is a trouble free utility that can will only split PDF files without making any alterations.

Yes, this tool is compatible with all versions of PDF documents.

Yes, this tool provides the option i.e. "Split by Each Page". By using this option you can easily create a separate PDF File into single pages.

Yes, the software does not affect file formatting, it keeps all inline images and other data intact.

“I am having a PDF document and I need to extract only even pages from it. So, is it possible to use this tool to perform this task?"

Yes, of course, this tool provides multiple options & one among them is "Split PDF by Even Pages". By using this option you can get all even pages of PDF file.

“I have some PDF files containing some forms & .doc file as attachments. Will tool keeps attachments or it will delete after the splitting process?"

Yes, the software preserves all attachments intact. If the output file is single file then it will contain all attachments of all input PDF files. Otherwise, if the output is multiple files then, in such case the first file will contain all attachments.

Yes, Mac version for SysTools PDF Splitter is compatible with macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion.

No, users can add both password-protected & usual files together in the software. Users will only need to enter the password for the file. In case users do not enter the password, the software also shows a prompt screen for the same. Skipping it will lead to splitting the files without that password-protected PDF.

Benefits of Splitting PDF Files

fast access

Quick File Access

Splitting a large size PDF document into smaller ones helps in the fast accessing of the PDF files. Users will not find any System hanging issues while opening the PDF files generated by the tool after the completion of the PDF splitting process.

split pdf files into multiple files

Saves Downloading & Uploading Time

Uploading or downloading the large size PDF files takes more time. Thus, to deal with such problems SysTools provides PDF Splitter software. With this utility split large size PDF files into smaller ones & save your time.

share particular pages

Share Particular Data

Sometimes users want to share a particular page or content with their team-mates or with friends. Therefore, in such cases, the best solution will be is to split PDF file into multiple PDF files. With this, it becomes very easy for the user to share the particular data with others.

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