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This article explores the best solutions to transfer emails from Comcast to Gmail business. Here, we discuss two automated expert-suggested utilities to successfully accomplish the task. Along with that, we will also share how to transfer contacts from Comcast to Gmail using another expert-favorite software. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive straight into the solutions.

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Since Gmail is far better than Comcast and so there are users who are looking for an appropriate solution to transfer emails from Comcast to Gmail. Most of the manual and automated solutions available in the online marketplace to export Comcast emails to Gmail are either ineffective or might lead you to permanent data loss. This is the reason we have come up with this technical guide. Here we will show you how to transfer Comcast to Gmail using a super simple and 100% secure solutions.

Comcast is a webmail service, which is now a part of Xfinity Connect Web Tools. It also comprises an address book that allows us to store and manage our contact information. Whereas Google Contacts is another great way to save and manage all your contacts from the external platform. With this, one can edit and synchronize contacts through multiple devices.

So, here comes the good part.

How to Export Comcast Xfinity Emails to Gmail?

For a secure and hassle-free process, there is no solution better than the famous SysTools Mac IMAP Migration Tool. This tool provides a plethora of astonishing features to its users. It is highly secure and also provides a high-reliability factor which makes it an expert-favorite. You can also execute selective export of emails using the Date Filter. The utility also maintains 100% data integrity and keeps the metadata the same throughout the transfer process. In addition to that, one can launch and access this utility on any Mac OS device as it is available for all Mac OS versions.

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Guide to Transfer Comcast to Gmail on Mac OS Computer

  • Launch and start the expert-suggested automated software on your Mac OS computer. Click the “Continue” button.
    launch the tool to transfer emails from comcast to gmail
  • To add your Comcast account, choose the Host Name in the Source IMAP Account section, and enter the credentials for the added account in the respective fields. Then, click “Validate”.
    add and validate source imap account
  • Add your destination account by selecting a Host Name from the dropdown menu in the Destination IMAP Account section. Upon doing so, enter account credentials in the respective fields and clients. Click “Validate”.
    add destination imap account
  • Apply the provided “Advance Settings”, i.e., “Date Filter” and “Folder Filter” according to your preference.
    apply advance filters
  • Lastly, click the “Start Migration” button to initiate the transfer process.
    click start migration

And you are done! This is a simple and secure tutorial on exporting emails from Comcast to Gmail business. As this is the solution for Mac OS users, worry not! In the following segments of this article, we will also discuss a Windows OS alternative for the transfer process.

How to Export Emails from Comcast to Google Workspace?

For Windows OS users, technical professionals recommend the SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migrator. The software is a personal favorite of many technical professionals because of the astonishing features it provides. It preserves the folder structure and hierarchy the same as the original throughout the process. It allows you to transfer your data from all mailbox folders i.e., inbox, sent items, drafts, etc. You can also choose to retry failed items or re-run full migration according to your preference. Along with that, it also offers other advantageous options such as Delta and Concurrent Migration. You can also use the provided Date Filter if you want to selectively transfer emails from Comcast to the G Suite mailbox. The best part is this software is available to download for all Windows OS versions.

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Steps to Transfer Comcast to Google Workspace Mailbox on Windows OS

  • Download and activate the expert product on your Windows OS computer/laptop.
    start the tool to transfer comcast emails to gmail
  • Upon launching, select “IMAP” for the source platform and then, select “G Suite” for the destination platform.
    set imap and g suite as source and destination
  • Move to the Workload Selection section and select the “Email” option by enabling the checkbox beside it.
    select email
  • Now, if you want to selectively transfer your Comcast mailbox emails to Google Workspace mailbox, enable the checkbox for the Date Filter and enter the “To” and “From” timestamps.
    apply date filter
  • After you do that, choose an IMAP Server from the dropdown list in the Source panel of the tool. If you’re operating from a different server that is unavailable in the provided options, select “Other”.
    choose an imap server
  • Upon selecting the server, head to the Destination panel and enter the Destination Admin Email, Service Account, and Certificate File in the required fields. Click “Validate”.
    enter destination account details
  • Transition to the Users panel and select either the “Import Users” or the “Download Template” option to add users to the software interface.
    import users
  • Thereafter, add the Source App Password for the added accounts and at last, click the “Start Migration” button.
    add source app password and start migration

There you go! That’s all the steps to successfully and smoothly export your Comcast emails to your G Suite mailbox. In the remainder of the article, we have also shared how you can transfer contacts from Comcast to Gmail.

This is How You Can Transfer Contacts from Comcast to Gmail

The first thing you have to do is export contacts from your Comcast account and to do so, log in to your Xfinity Comcast account

  • Click on the Address Book tab and select the address book from which you want to export Comcast Contacts to Gmail

how to transfer contacts from Comcast to Gmail

  • Click on the hamburger icon and a small options window will open. Click on Export >> CSV

how do i transfer my contacts from Comcast to Gmail

  • After that, all your Comcast Contacts will start downloading into a CSV file format
  • Once done with this, download and convert Excel CSV to vCard on your Windows machine and launch it

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  • Click on the Browse button and add the Comcast Contacts CSV file you have exported above and the software will preview all your contacts

transfer contacts from Comcast to Gmail

  • After this, pick a column from the Excel Fields section and map it with the respective vCard Fields column. Follow the same step to map all your Comcast Contact Fields with vCard Fields and click Next to proceed with transferring contacts from Comcast to the Gmail process

export Comcast Contacts to Gmail

  • Choose vCard v3.0 or v4.0 and select Create Single vCard for All Contacts and other desired options. Browse a destination location for the output file and hit the Convert button

  • Comcast Contacts will start exporting to vCard file format

how do i transfer my contacts from Comcast to Gmail

  • Now, log in to your Gmail account and click on the Google Apps icon

transfer contacts from Comcast to Gmail

  • Choose the Contacts application and your Google Contacts will open right after the moment
  • Click on the Import option and add the Comcast Contacts vCard file you have exported above

  • All the contacts saved within the vCard file will start uploading to your Gmail account
  • After finishing the contacts import process, all the Comcast Contacts will get synchronized with your Gmail Contact List

And…you are done!

Export Comcast Contacts to Gmail issue FIXED!

So, this is how you can transfer contacts from Comcast to Gmail with a few simple clicks. It is suggested to follow each step carefully and sequentially to avoid any kind of information mismatching or permanent data loss issues.

Winding Things Up!

In this technical era, everyone is obsessed with the latest and convenient technologies. Thus, most Comcast users are inclined towards modern emailing services like Gmail. However, moving data from old to modern platforms was never easy and the difference in file formats makes it even more complicated. In order to make this complex procedure simpler, we have come up with this write-up. The solution given here is simpler and actually working. So, follow the steps given here to transfer emails from Comcast to Gmail.


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