Import Service For Your Region Has Not Been Rolled Out Yet!

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Published On October 10th, 2022
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Are you also facing trouble while using Office 365 Import service? Then Don’t worry! We have a perfect solution for you.

Many Office 365 users who face problems while using the Office 365 Import Service, it’s due to the factor that, Microsoft currently doesn’t provide Import service in all countries.

Yes, You heard it right!

There are only a few countries that can take the benefits of Import services. Currently, Import service is only available in the United States, United Kindom, India, East Asia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Canada. If you don’t belong to these countries then it’s not possible for you to use Import service right now.

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The Import Service For Your Region Has Not Been Rolled Out Yet

Reply from Microsoft

Microsoft Reply

So, It means while paying the same amount, Users of some countries get lesser services than other countries.

Note: There are also some countries which are in the list of Import services but in few regions of their country Import service is still not available.

But, don’t worry, If the import service for your region has not been rolled out yet, then also you can Import to Office 365. You can take the help of automated professional tools like SysTools Office 365 Import Tool. This tool can perform the import process irrespective of the country you belong to or the Office 365 subscription plan you are using. Apart from just import service this tool also provides a wide range for features while importing data into Office 365 user accounts, such as:

  1. Perform import service for multiple users account
  2. Import data into shared mailboxes
  3. Category & Date Filter for selective data import
  4. Incremental feature skip already imported data
  5. Dual login options: Admin or User
  6. much more…

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It’s been years and still no updation in the list of countries for the Import services. Office 365 users keep ask for the import services, but the number of countries is still the same. There are only two options for such organizations, either use professional import tool or migrate from Office 365 to another platform. If the import service for your region has not been rolled out yet, then you can take the help of an automated tool for the solution to your problem.