Export Lotus Notes Internet Header

Lotus Notes Email Header

For every message that is received by Lotus Notes user, an internet header is embedded along with it that can be viewed by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the message and in the View menu, drop down to Show and choose Page Source.

Show Header

  • A new window will get opened with full header information available at the top.

show page soure

Importance of Internet Header

For Forensics need & to get help in email investigations when emails are migrated from one email platform to another, it is important that all the components of the message are carried along with. This includes the email Body (un-structured text, attachments, hyperlinks, inline image) and Header (To, Cc, Bcc, Content Type, Transmission and Authentication details).

  • Enterprise Compliance Management: At an enterprise level, certain standards are set to send and receive emails. To maintain operational transparency and regulations, regular compliance takes place at organizations where email headers prove helpful to provide relevant information.
  • Forensic Analysis of E-mail Messages: An email header is one of the finest resource that is used in email forensics for testing forgery. For investigating Lotus Notes mails and extracting evidences, it is important that the email with its header is available.
  • Email Retention Policies (Preservation): Organizations that follow the policy of records management through an email account also calls for header maintenance. This helps in internal and external monitoring of the database (if needed in future) for ediscovery purposes.

Migrating Internet Header with Export Notes:

When emails are exported from NSF file into PST file format using the software, there is facility to migrate the internet header of emails. Using the "Apply Advance Options (For Advance Options)" feature in the tool, the option for migrating mails can be availed.

Click on "Settings" tab and enable the check-box for "Internet Header".

change user id

change user id

View Converted Email Headers in Outlook.pst Files

Once the emails are migrated from Lotus Notes, the internet header can be viewed in MS Outlook by following below mentioned steps:

Open the message in Outlook. Click on the File menu and choose Properties.

change user id

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