Migrate Lotus Notes 'All Documents' View into Outlook

The All Documents View in Notes® is a specialized email storage folder that keeps a track of all the messages in the mailbox. It saves the email with properties like Sender, Subject, its original Folder, Date and Size. This mail view is also considered important as it contains emails that are not downloaded into the Inbox.

All Documents in Lotus Notes

The only folder whose mails do not get space into the All Documents view is Trash. The deleted mails do not get saved into this folder.

Why Move 'All Documents' Folder into Outlook

  1. To Save Emails without Folder Tree: By migrating the All Documents Folder into the single PST file (which is accessible in MS Outlook), you can save all mails into the root folder. As, all the mails will be merged into single mail folder in MS Outlook, therefore you can use the search feature of Outlook for finding the email messages.
  2. To Archive All Emails in Single Folder: If all the Notes messages have to be archived into the Outlook, then moving them into single folder and preserving helps you in easy access. Further, if any of the mail is required, it can be searched and fetched using powerful Search filter of Outlook.

How the Tool Convert "All Documents" & show into Outlook?

To export NSF file into PST with All Documents is an optional feature in the tool. It has to be enabled (if needed). To activate this facility, enable the check box for "Apply Advance Options (For Advance Users)" and click on the "Settings" button.


Select the "Options" tab and enable the "Add Documents" check box. Click "Apply"

All Documents

When the resultant PST file will be opened in Outlook, the All Documents folder will be named as "$All" folder in Outlook (a screen of which is shared below).

view all documents in MS Outlook

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