How to Clean Zoho Mail Emails? Free up Zoho Mailbox Items

Written By Tej Pratap Shukla
Anuraag Singh
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Published On December 2nd, 2022
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The Zoho Mail mailbox has restrictions on its storage size. For a personal user of Zoho Mail, the default storage space available is 5 GB. What will you do when your mailbox reaches its threshold? To avoid this, deleting emails is the best option. Through this blog, we will guide you on how to clean Zoho Mail mailbox safely without any data loss in your account.

Clearing Zoho Mail storage space is done by deleting mailbox items. The solution discussed here will backup Zoho Mail mailbox items efficiently before deleting the emails.

Do you believe, archiving 5 GB of data at once from a Zoho mail account is easy? Manually, it is not that simple as it seems, but with an efficient tool, it will be easy for archiving Zoho mail mailbox items and clean Zoho Mail.

But Why SysTools Zoho Mail Backup Tool?

SysTools Zoho email Backup is a popular application to create a backup of emails from the Zoho Mail. An efficient feature in this application is the “Delete after Download” option. It offers the facility to delete the emails from Zoho mail that is downloaded to the hard drive.

It is function through which one can easily and effortlessly clean Zoho Mail without losing any data. Other functions included list with the emails filtering, mail folder selection, incremental backup option, resume abrupt process, pause and resume options, etc.

Moreover, the data is saved in multiple formats: PST, PDF MBOX, MSG, EML. Using these format, it is easy to do Zoho to Outlook, Zoho to Office 365, Zoho to Gmail migration, etc. Plus, the application is compatible with all the versions of Windows.

Now, do you want to know how to clean Zoho Mail emails using this utility? It is sure that all emails are not important, but there are some important ones as well. So to save the emails from deleting it permanently and also, clean your mailbox, go through the following process.

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Steps to Archive Zoho Mail Mailbox to Hard Drive

Step 1. Run SysTools Zoho Archive Tool and login with Zoho account credentials.

login to application

Step 2. Select a format to archive Zoho Mail emails.

select format to clean zoho mail

Step 3. Browse a location to save Zoho emails and enable Delete after Download option.

option to clean zoho mail

Step 4. Click on the Start button to locally archive Zoho emails and clean Zoho Mail mailbox.

start the process to clean Zoho mail

How to Clean Zoho Mail – Manually

In this blog, we discuss few conventional solutions to clear up storage space in Zoho Mail. And they are:

  1. Delete multiple emails
  2. Delete folder
  3. Empty a folder
  4. Scrub the Inbox

1. Delete Multiple Emails from Mailbox

  • Select all the emails that you need to delete.
  • Press on the Delete icon in the top menu bar.
clean zoho mailbox

2. Delete a Folder from Zoho Mail

This option will help you to clean Zoho Mail folders easily. It will remove an entire folder along with all the data residing in it.

  • Right click on the folder that you need to delete.
  • Choose Delete this Folder Option from the list appeared.
delete zoho mail folder

Note: When you need to delete an entire folder, all the sub-folders and along the data will be removed to the trash folder. If you only need remove sub-folder, then right click on the sub-folder and press on Delete Folder option delete it.

3. Empty a Folder in Zoho Mail Mailbox

This method will help you to remove data from a folder by maintaining the folder in Zoho Mail itself. It will clear up data from a Zoho mail folder so that it will clean Zoho Mail to a small extent.

  • Right-click the required folder that you need to clear.
  • And select Empty Folder from the listing given.

The following options will be displayed.

  • Delete all messages in the folder.
  • Delete messages that arrived up to (provide a specific date until which you need to delete).
  • Delete all messages except the recent (provide a number to remove all emails older than the specified number).
empty folder in zoho mail
  • Now chose your preference from the listed options.
  • Provides an option to include archived emails, select Include Archived Emails and press OK.

4. Scrub – Clutter-free Inbox in Zoho Mail

This feature in Zoho Mail will help you to have a clutter free Inbox. The main advantage of this is, it allows to delete or archive multiple email message from multiple senders in bulk. It can be done just in few simple steps. This Scrub feature in Zoho Mail works based on sender of emails. And it is possible to use for 5 senders. It is helpful when there are lots of emails from the same set of senders.

  • Go to Folder, select the Scrub option
  • Chose the emails from the senders that you need to remove.
  • Press on ‘More Actions’ from the Top menu bar.
  • Select Scrub option.
Scrub mail to clean zoho mailbox

Note: A pop up appears with unique sender names (email address) depending upon your selection. Chose 5 senders from the list.

clean up zoho mail
  • In Action, select Archive Option, if you need to archive emails for future reference, and only needs to remove email messages from the mailbox.
  • Or else, you can choose Delete option, if you need to clean Zoho Mail mailbox items.


Zoho mail gives a mail storage space of 5 GB which is very low. This may fill faster as compared to other mail services. But, have you thought what is required when this gets filled up? One way is to delete the emails.

Since saving important emails is an important thing, we will require to do this deletion process carefully. This blog discusses, how to clean Zoho Mail email mailbox without losing any data. It explains the best solution to clean up Zoho mailbox storage space for future use.