Know How to Convert Opera Mail MBS File to PDF With Attachments

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Published On August 27th, 2022
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Want to know how to transfer emails from Opera Mail to PDF with attachments? Convert MBS File to PDF and save all the email messages in local system at once. Get the proper step by step solutions for conversion without any complications.

When a user needs to convert emails or data of one file format into another then it becomes a complicated task. As the user is not able to get a trustworthy way to implement the data conversion task. Opera Mail is an email and new client application which is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows Operating system. In Opera Mail, emails are stored in MBS file format. Sometimes, Opera Mail users need to convert emails into PDF documents. However, they are not able to find an efficient way to convert MBS files into PDF file format. Thus, in this blog, we are going to explain a hassle-free approach to export Opera Mail to PDF format.

Why Does A User Need to Convert MBS File to PDF Format?

The PDF file format is a secure and versatile file format which is platform-independent. Moreover, there is no change in the formatting of the PDF documents as data integrity is maintained. One can also apply a password to PDF file to enhance the security of PDF file. In courtrooms, even evidence is accepted in PDF file format. Due to numerous benefits associated with PDF file format, the users prefer to keep store their important and confidential documents in PDF file format.

Steps to Manually Export Emails From Opera Mail to PDF

  1. Run Opera Mail application on a Windows system
  2. Select a message that needs to be exported as PDF
  3. Now, go to File menu and hit the Print option(Or hit Ctrl+P keys)save one opera mail message to pdf
  4. In the next window, select Print to a File checkbox and click on Print buttonprint to a file
  5. Next, name the output PDF file and select the location to save it. Hit the Save buttonsave opera file as pdf
  6. Within seconds, the file will be converted to PDF
  7. Carry out the same steps for each email message from Opera to PDF.

Points to Note:

  • This process is easy enough to implement for 5-10 email messages to convert from Opera Mail to PDF. Any more than that and the effort and time required for this process increases exponentially.
  • This process will not save attached files of emails as attachments in PDF file.

How to Convert Opera Mail MBS Files into PDF File Format?

To carry out a simple and seamless Opera Mail MBS to PDF conversion, the user can opt for SysTools MBOX Viewer Pro. This software permits the user to convert MBS file to PDF file format along with the attachments. Moreover, the software provides an Advanced Search option which makes easy for the user to search for particular emails among tons of MBS emails. Additionally, the user can also perform the in-depth analysis of MBOX files via multiple preview modes provided by the software such as Normal Mail View, Hex View, MIME View, RTF View, Attachments View, etc. The software maintains the data integrity of MBS files even after the conversion process.

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The default location of Opera Mail account files is as follows:

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Opera Mail\Opera Mail\mail\store

Users can also go to Help > About Opera Mail to view this Mail Directory path.

To convert MBS to PDF file format, the user has to follow the steps explained below:

  1. Install and launch the software for Opera Mail to PDF conversion
  2. You will see Add File option at the top, click on it and then click on the Browse button to select the MBS file
  3. After that, the software will scan the MBS files and will provide a preview of MBS emails directly from the software’s interface
  4. You can view MBS email along with its attributes such as From, Subject, To, Sent, etc. via the tool. Moreover, one can also investigate MBS emails with the help of multiple preview modes provided by the tool
  5. Next, you need to click on the Export option available at the top. Then, an Export Options dialog box will appear. Here, you have to select the destination location to save the resultant PDF file by clicking on the Browse button
  6. You can also apply naming convention integrated into the software to the resultant PDF file as per your choice
  7. At last, you just have to click on the Export button to begin the conversion process
  8. After the completion of the export process, you can verify the results by navigating to the destination location

Summing Up

There are many users who need to export emails from Opera Mail to PDF with attachments. And the native option provided in Opera fails miserably in cases of keeping the attachments intact. So there is a requirement of some reliable solution to convert MBS file to PDF file format. Thus, in the above section, we have explained a step-by-step process to export Opera Mail MBS email and attachments into Adobe PDF file format in a trouble-free manner.

Listed Frequently Asked Questions:

How to convert Opera Mail MBS to PDF manually?

In order to manually convert Opera Mail emails to PDF, you will need to go to print option and checkmark the save as PDF option. read the article for detailed steps.

Is it possible to export bulk emails from MBS files at once?

Yes, you can easily convert multiple opera Mail MBS files into PDF format at once using the provided solution.

How do I open MBS file without Opera Mail?

You can use free MBOX Viewer tool to open the Opera Mail MBS files. However, conversion is only possible by using the provided solution in article.

Can I perform MBS to PDF conversion on Mac?

Yes, you can convert Opera Mail MBS files to PDF using Mac MBOX Converter software.