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mbox file viewer

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SysTools MBOX Viewer Freeware
View Multiple MBOX File Emails And Attachments Without Email Client Dependency

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  • A Forensic MBOX File Viewer Tool to View MBOX Files along with its Attachments
  • In-built Viewer provides option to Preview MBOX File Emails of multiple email clients
    This Free MBOX Viewer software to view an MBOX file supports to open & read MBOX Files of email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora Mail, Netscape Mail, Pocomail, Seamonkey, Spicebird Mail etc.
  • Option to Add File & Add Folder to read MBOX File in bulk
  • Auto-fetch MBOX file from Default Profile Configured of Thunderbird
    This MBOX File Viewer software to open and view MBOX file will auto load MBOX file from its default location of Mozilla Thunderbird to read mail from MBOX & View .mbox file
  • Load All the Items within .mbox File with the Item Count displayed
  • Get Free Installation on Multiple Computers & PC
  • No need of Installation of supporting Email Client to view .mbox File
  • Supports MBOX files created in Gmail, Google Takeout, Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc.
  • MBOX Reader Tool is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 & below versions

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Expert Reviews for SysTools MBOX Viewer Tool

SysTools MBOX File Viewer is a standalone MBOX Explorer tool that allows a user to easily open MBOX files emails and attachments of any email client like Google Takeout, Apple Mail (Mac Mail), Gmail, Thunderbird, Entourage etc.

Software Informer

Software Informer gives SysTools Gmail MBOX Viewer Free Software to 100% secure and clean award for its best performance.

Soft Pedia

SysTools MBOX Reader software to view an MBOX file gets 100% clean award by Soft Pedia for delivering Ad/Virus/Spyware free solution.


SysTools MBOX File Opener to read mail from MBOX file got the 4 stars rating from Cnet for its efficient and easy working.


Soft32 provides SysTools Thunderbird MBOX Viewer Software to read an MBOX file gets 5 star rating for being the most effective product for opening MBOX files with attachments.

Software Suggest

SysTools MBOX Reader to read Mail MBOX is the recommended Forensic MBOX Mail Viewer software to open large MBOX file among various others as it has the best performance for opening MBOX files.

Key Features of Windows MBOX Viewer FREEWARE

MBOX Files Viewer Software to Open , Read & View MBOX File in Batch

preview MBOX files

View MBOX Emails along with Attributes

Preview & Open MBOX file emails with proper formatting. Emails within this MBOX File Viewer to open large MBOX file will be listed with its associated properties as follows: From, Subject, To, Sent date, Received date, Size in Bytes.

open and view attachments

Preview Attachments of Email

This Forensic MBOX Viewer software to read MBOX format will generate preview of attachments of the selected email. Software will preview each email and its associated attachment of types like: images, documents, .ppt etc.

preview MBOX files

Auto Load MBOX File from Default Configured Profile

The Thunderbird MBOX File Reader Portable Tool to open an MBOX file provides an in-built functionality to auto load MBOX file from default location, if you have configured a Mozilla Thunderbird Profile. The MBOX Mail Viewer tool to view .mbox file provides two option :

  • Select Single Identity : Choose this option to preview MBOX files within selected Profile Configured or Identity
  • Preview All Identities : Choose this option to preview MBOX files within all Identities

open and view attachments

Preview By File or Folder Mode

This Forensic Windows MBOX Viewer Free software to view an MBOX file provides option to open & view MBOX files via two options : File Mode & Folder Mode

  • File Mode : This Option allows users to add & preview single MBOX file
  • Folder Mode : This Option allows users to brwse folder consisting of multiple MBOX File & preview in bulk

no email client required

View Multiple MBOX File

This MBOX File Explorer is the best program to view MBOX file and has the capability to open and read MBOX files in batch. This Google MBOX File Viewer will help you to explore multiple MBOX File without any dependency on Email Client.

change view mode of screen

Switch Screen View Mode

As you launch the MBOX Explorer tool to open MBOX mail, then, this Gmail MBOX File Viewer will appear in horizontal view mode which you can change to vertical view mode as per your convenience to read MBOX files.

no email client required

No Email Client Required

Free MBOX File Opener to read an MBOX file is best for you to open and view MBOX file messages and read MBOX format on a machine where no compatible application having access of MBOX files is installed or available.

a window explorer UI

Simple User Interface

No complicated structure or steps are incorporated on the Forensic MBOX Email Viewer software to open MBOX mail helps in making it; look and feel easy for navigation. Even a non-tech user can easily use this free MBOX File Reader tool to open .mbox file.

search within MBOX files

Quick Scanning of MBOX File

MBOX File Reader performs a quick scanning of each .mbox file & lists all of its emails with proper folder structure. This Thunderbird MBOX File Viewer will preview scanning process with file size & creation date.

a window explorer UI

No Size Limitation

The SysTools MBOX File Viewer do not have any limitations on file size of MBOX File. This Thunderbird Email Viewer allows you to read MBOX File of any size and view them successfully in MBOX Opener Software.

Thunderbird File Viewer Screenshots

Know How to Open MBOX File Reader

gmail .mbox file viewer tool
Step 1: Launch Free SysTools Mail MBOX Viewer
read mbox file messages
Step 2: View MBOX File Email Message
view in vertical mode
Step 3: Multiple MBOX File Switch View Mode
Gmail MBOX Viewer
Step 4: Normal Mail & Attachments View

Watch Live Video of MBOX Viewer

Know How to Open MBOX file with MBOX Mail Reader Software

Download MBOX File Viewer Freeware

mbox file viewer

Size: 14.4 MB Version: 4.0

Free Version Limitations

Free version of MBOX File Viewer allows to preview MBOX Files with attachments

Download Freeware

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Upgrade to Pro Version for Advance Search & Option.

System Specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 10 & all below versions
  • Processor: Pentium(R)® Dual-Core CPU E5700@3.00GHz 3.00GHz
  • RAM: Around 2 GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk: Minimum 100 MB space is required for installation

Application Pre-Requisites

  • If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".

Supported Versions

  • Microsoft Windows – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)/10

Additional Software

  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5

Frequently Asked Questions

How to View Thunderbird MBOX File in Free MBOX Viewer Tool?

Brief Working Steps of Best MBOX Reader Software:

  • Download SysTools MBOX File Viewer Tool
  • Browse MBOX File of Thunderbird, Google Takeout, Apple (Mac) Mail, Entourage
  • Allows to Preview & Open MBOX File in Batch With Attachments
  • Auto-fetch MBOX file from Default Profile Configured of Thunderbird
  • Forensic MBOX File Viewer allows to switch View Mode: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Supports to open & read .mbox files in Windows 10, 8, 7 & below

What is MBOX file? Which e-mail clients support it?

MBOX file is a plain text file in which all messages are combined in a series. Inside MBOX, all messages begin with "FROM" and finish by a blank line appended in the end. Some of the common e-mail clients which use MBOX file format are : Thunderbird, Gmail Takeout, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, Mulberry, Sea Monkey, Spicebird, Pocomail, Mozilla-mail, Opera Mail etc. By default the location of MBOX file will be "/User/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/ directory".

Can I Add Multiple MBOX Files At Once?
I have multiple MBOX files saved in a common folder. Is it possible that I can add and view all of them together using this MBOX File tool to open Google MBOX file. Adding each file one by one is not feasible?

Yes, you can add multiple MBOX files at once with this Google MBOX File Reader. All you need is to Select Add Folder Option and MBOX Mail Viewer Software to view contents of MBOX file will load and give preview for each of them.

Is there a size limitation for opening MBOX files using this free .mbox Viewer which is available online?

No, there is no limitation on the size of MBOX file using this MBOX File Viewer Software available online. You can open and preview MBOX files having any number of emails.

Do I Need to Install Any Email Application to Use the Google MBOX File Viewer Software?

No, You do not need to install any email client to use the Google Takeout MBOX Viewer software. Gmail MBOX File Reader is a standalone tool to view and open MBOX files.

Can I openMBOX File in MBOX File Explorer?

Yes, you can open and viewMBOX File through the MBOX Reader Software. Thereby, allowing you to successfully read MBOX File.

What is the Difference Between Free and Pro Version?

MBOX File Viewer is a freeware MBOX Explorer tool which facilitates you to view MBOX file emails and perform simple search within MBOX file. On the other hand Pro version of the MBOX Format Viewer Tool will have options like: advance searching, multiple email views as well as export MBOX to PDF file format.

Upgrade to Pro or Pro Plus Version- Why ?

search within mbox files

Scan and Index MBOX File

Software will scan, load and ask to Index the entire MBOX file items. You can allow Forensic MBOX File Viewer software to index the MBOX file items to later search for email within MBOX file.

auto load emails
Add Multiple MBOX Files

It is possible to scan & preview multiple MBOX files. You can browse & open MBOX files individually i.e. one after other.This MBOX file Explorer Freeware Software will load each .mbox file by showing the item count along with it while opening MBOX files.

advance search within mbox
Advance Search within MBOX File

Search emails or attachments by providing a relevant word or phrase in search bar. You can search for emails as well as attachments within MBOX file. MBOX File Viewer Software to access MBOX file will list all the email into the search folder that is having exact matched term. read more

MBOX viewer


You can save selected emails or entire MBOX files along with attachments into PDF document format and choose an appropriate naming option for the same. Software to view contents of MBOX file will maintain formatting while creating the PDF and you can open MBOX File attachment in PDF.

naming option
Multiple Naming Options

There are several options to name a PDF file while saving it. You can save file by subject, subject + date etc. For more accuracy and 100 % successful conversion, select auto incremental option to save file with incremental numbering. read more

save mbox to pdf
Make New Folder to Save PDF

Software gives you the option to save PDF files to any desirable location or you can also create a new folder from the MBOX File Viewer software pane itself while browsing the location to save the file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

What Clients Say

I was exhausted searching for an apt solution to MBOX file extension that might permit me to view MBOX File without Thunderbird. Thankfully, I currently have MBOX Viewer which solved my drawback.

— Edward,Lyon

I had large number of MBOX files taken from my Thunderbird mailboxes. Forensic MBOX File Extension Opener has been very useful for me to easily open multiple MBOX file.Thanks a ton guys for this MBOX Explorer Tool!

— Chiara, Bologna

I was so worried, as I was unable to open MBOX file in my system. I searched alot for Google MBOX File Viewer tool but was unable to find any. Later I came across this MBOX File Type Reader tool which helped me to open & read MBOX file. The Google Takeout MBOX Opener tool opened all my emails within no time and it worked absolutely fine.

— Alexander, Atlanta

I was overwhelmed after using MBOX Explorer software as I remember that day when I was unable to read MBOX file. This MBOX Viewer came to save my job and time that day. All thanks to the software development team of this utility to open MBOX Archive for helping out the users like me.

— Harry Chane, New York
  • I am looking for the solution which serves as the best free Google MBOX Viewer in order to open MBOX file on PC.I am having some of my important emails in the MBOX format on my system and now I am searching for a basic MBOX File Explorer Freeware Application for opening .mbox file. Therefore, how to open an MBOX file on Windows 10/8/7 and all the other below versions.

    Sandra Smith

    Senior Engineer, USA

    Reply for Comments

    • If you want to open an MBOX file, then you can try for reading MBOX files in Thunderbird by simply downloading the ImportExportTools addon and install it in Thunderbird client.

      James Jacob

      Blogger, UK

      • Users can also use of the Free .mbox File Viewer Tool in order to open MBOX Archive file. Moreover no supportive email application is required for opening .mbox file using this .mbox Reader Application. This free MBOX File Viewer will be beneficial if you are facing frequent problems & will also help users to access MBOX file.

        Mack Anderson (Author)

  • I am having a quite large MBOX file along with attachments. But, the problem is that I am not having any supportive email application to open MBOX files. Everytime, when I try to open my MBOX file, it shows some error. Can this issue be resolved using this MBOX File Format Reader?

    Mariya Jacob

    Technical Assistant,Russia

    • This MBOX File Extension Opener Software to open an MBOX file on Windows in bulk, it does not have any file size limitation on the size or number of MBOX files. It might be possible that your MBOX file is corrupted due to which you are not able to open & view contents of MBOX file. But, this MBOX Format Reader is the best program to view MBOX file and is capable to open MBOX Archive & Corrupted files as well.

      James Paul (Author)

  • My MBOX file Size is above 10 GB,I am not able to access MBOX file. Will this best MBOX Viewer with search function help me to view .mbox file?

    Maxwell Anderson

    Tech Enthusiast,Italy

    • Yes, the MBOX Files Viewer tool to view MBOX File attachments without any supportive email client also works to open & read .mbox file. This MBOX File Opener tool does not impose any file size limitation to access MBOX files and can easily open large MBOX files.

      James Paul (Author)

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