How to Export Yandex Emails to PST File Format Securely?

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Published On October 26th, 2023
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Overview: This blog provides a manual & an automated solution to export Yandex to PST file format. With the resultant PST file, later if necessary you can import it into the Outlook application of any version. Or just securely store the Output PST file on your computer.

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Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used mail application among personal users and business users. It is a personal information management system that provides functions like calendaring, task and contacts management, journal logging, web browsing, and so on.

Subsequently, users prefer to move Yandex emails to Outlook PST file format. In this article, we will learn the best ways to perform the exportation in a few clicks. So, let’s start with the topic that you provide the complete information, knowledge, and a stepwise guide.

Manual Approach to Export Yandex to PST File

In this method, we will synchronize the Yandex Mail account to the Desktop mail client and export the PST file. So, in this way, we will use it as the MS Outlook desktop email client.

  • In the first step, a user has to synchronize the Yandex mail account to Outlook manually.
  • The second step consists of exporting that PST file. Let us follow the step-by-step guide to perform the exportation explicitly.

Let us move further in the blog and explain both steps to export Yandex emails to PST in detail.

Step 1: Synchronize Yandex with MS Outlook

  • Download and Install Outlook on your system.
  • Then, select Outlook > File > Info > select the plus (+) Add Account to select the new account option.
  • Now, fill in the Yandex account login details in the Outlook 2013 application and tap Next for Outlook 2016, 2019, or 2021 just enter your Yandex email address and click Connect
  • After that, tap on OK > Finish and just wait for the synchronizing process to end.

Step 2:  Yandex Mail Export to PST from MS Outlook

  • Open Outlook and Go for the File menu option.
  • Select Import/Export >> Open/Export option.
  • Now, choose the Export to a file option and click Next.
  • Then, select the mail folder and click the continue button.
  • After that, choose the destination location and hit the Finish button.

But, this method is not as easy to do as it looks. There are many drawbacks associated with the manual approach to export Yandex emails to PST that we will be covering in the forthcoming sections of the article.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

  • Users need the required knowledge to attempt this manual method, if you are a non-technical person then, this method is definitely hard for you.
  • If you have to export large Yandex data files in Outlook PST then this method is a hassle for you.

To overcome these limitations, skip this part and move to the Next Method.

Use the Expert Recommended Yandex to Outlook Converter

There is just one manual approach, which is complex and needs professional aid while performing the exportation. If you want a simple, non-technical, and quick solution, you may download the SysTools Yandex Mail Backup Tool to bulk export Yandex emails to PST file format. It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface that makes the software easily operable to perform the exportation without any sort of data loss.

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In addition to this, it is a completely standalone Yandex to Outlook PST exporter utility that offers various impeccable features. This includes filters like date filtration, naming conventions, delete after download, etc. The incremental backup option will let you export the newly arrived files only causing no duplicity.

In the adjacent section of the blog, we are providing the working steps to perform the entire procedure without any trouble.

Steps to Export Yandex Emails to PST

  • Download and Run the IMAP Backup Tool on the Mac operating system of the supported version.

ldif file

  • After that, provide Yandex Mail login details in the software and click on the login button.

viewing modes

  • Now, select the PST option from the select Export options menu to export Yandex to PST.

select PST

  • Then, click on the Advanced Settings option and apply filters for quick and smooth for Yandex Mail Conversion to Outlook.


  • After that, you can choose the desired destination location to save the resulting file by clicking on the Change button.


  • Now, hit the Start Backup button to successfully export Yandex emails to PST format.

export yandex to pst

Frequently Asked Queries

Q1: How do I export Yandex to PST format efficiently?

A1: Follow the steps given below to Yandex Mail export to PST:

  1. Download the Yandex to Outlook Exporter on your Mac system.
  2. Input your Yandex Mail login details in the required fields.
  3. Choose PST format as the export option from the provided options.
  4. Apply advanced settings and set the preferred destination path.
  5. Click on the “Start Backup” button to initiate the Yandex to PST conversion.

Q2: Can I use this software (I am a non-technical user)?

A2: Yes, you can easily use this too. This tool has an easy user-friendly interface which is appreciated by both technically sound and novice users.

Q3: Does the utility have an Incremental Backup Option?

A3: Yes, this Yandex Mail to PST exporter provides users with an Incremental Backup option.

Q4: Can I export Yandex to PST in bulk using the above-mentioned automated solution?

A4: Yes, this is a smart Yandex to Outlook Exporter utility that supports exporting emails in bulk mode to PST format.

So There You Have It

In this blog, we have explained the method to export Yandex to PST format. If you are one of those people who are looking for a solution to export Yandex emails to PST file format, then, use the professional solution. The best part of this software is that it can export emails from multiple Yandex accounts at once without any trouble. However, it offers a free trial version to check the functionality before purchase.


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