Import LinkedIn Connections to MailChimp Just in 2 Simple Steps

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Published On January 30th, 2023
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It is now possible to import LinkedIn contacts to MailChimp, including all the contact details of your connections! Well yes. Today we will show you how to export LinkedIn Connections to MailChimp just in a few simple clicks. But before we start, you must take into account why we should do this and if doing so really adds some value to our business. So, let’s start!

Import LinkedIn Connections to MailChimp

With more than 467+ million members, LinkedIn has become the most used professional social network in the world. Marketing Officers, Business Engineers, Managers, Directors, etc., everyone is on LinkedIn because this is the best platform for networking, job search, and commercial prospecting. So, are you the one who is using this social networking platform but deriving no value from your connections?

LinkedIn contacts to MailChimp

If so, then you can connect to your LinkedIn contacts with email marketing and MailChimp is the best emailing client to deliver relevant information that may be in the interest of your connections. This can prove very valuable as all your LinkedIn Connections will be in one place and you can send them an email to subscribe to your mailing list, conduct a market survey or inform them about your new campaigns.

How to Import LinkedIn Contacts to MailChimp?

Now, you might be thinking but how can I import LinkedIn Connections to MailChimp? Well, the answer is you cannot do it directly because LinkedIn does not provide an option to export LinkedIn connections to MailChimp emailing clients. But, this can be done indirectly and safely as well. Check the below section for know-how.

Step 1. Export Contacts from LinkedIn

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account
  • Click on the My Network icon on the top left corner of the screen

connect linkedin to mailchimp

  • Click Connections and all your LinkedIn contacts will be listed here. Click on Manage synced and imported contacts from the right side of the screen

export  LinkedIn contacts to MailChimp

  • Next, select all the contacts you want to export to MailChimp or you can check the Select All option to export all the LinkedIn contacts at once

How do I import contacts into MailChimp

  • Hit the Export contacts button from the Advanced actions section to proceed export LinkedIn contacts to MailChimp
  • Now, select the Connections option from the Getting Copy of your data section. Hit the Request Archive button

how can I import LinkedIn Connections to MailChimp

LinkedIn will ask you to enter the password of your account for verification, enter it and click Done

A few moments later, you will receive an email from LinkedIn. Open it and click on the link in the message to download the LinkedIn connections archive file. A .csv file will start downloading in your system comprising all your LinkedIn contact details.

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Step 2. Import Exported LinkedIn Contacts to MailChimp

ṂailChimp allows to import .csv contact file directly so below is how you can import LinkedIn contacts into MailChimp:

  • First of all, login to your MailChimp account and click on Lists

MailChimp login

  • Click on Add Contacts button and select the Import contacts option from the drop-down menu list

import contacts to mailchimp from linkedin

  • Select CSV or tab-delimited text file option from ‘Where do you want to import contacts from’ section and hit the Next button to proceed further

connect linkedin to mailchimp

  • Click Browse and select LinkedIn contacts CSV file to import to MailChimp

LinkedIn connections to MailChimp

  • Select the CSV file and click on Next
  • Check Show Skipped Columns option and Skip all unmatched columns

connect linkedin to mailchimp

  • MailChimp will display imported contacts. Click Next
  • You are all set to import screen will prompt now. Hit the Import button

export  LinkedIn connections to MailChimp

All the LinkedIn Contacts will be imported to your MailChimp account right after this and once the process gets done, Your import is complete message will display

After this, all the LinkedIn contacts can be accessed with MailChimp email marketing service easily

Having Issue with Imported LinkedIn Contacts?

After importing LinkedIn Connections to MailChimp, some users might encounter some strange issues like mismatched contact information or lost contacts. If you are one of such users, then it is recommended to convert the exported CSV to vCard (standard file format to save contacts) format and then, follow the same steps (Step 2) to import LinkedIn contacts to MailChimp account.

If you are a Windows user, download and easily convert Excel to vCard file format:

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If you are a Mac OS X user, download CSV to vCard for Mac:

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Note: The recommended software are completely secure and allows to convert unlimited CSV contacts to vCard even without resulting any kind of field mapping or data loss issues.

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Send Your Email Campaigns to your LinkedIn Connections

Since you are ready for email marketing with your LinkedIn connections using MailChimp, you must keep this thing in mind that MailChimp has its own spam laws and terms to prohibit sending unsolicited emails. So, make sure you are allowed to send email marketing campaigns to your LinkedIn Connections first.

Final Words

If you have hundreds or thousands of connections in your LinkedIn account then, it’s better to communicate with those contacts using email marketing as well. And… MailChimp is the best option to do so. In this article, we have discussed the simplest solution to import LinkedIn contacts to MailChimp account. The solution disclosed here is safe and does not require any technical assistance to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many contacts 👨 can you import into Mailchimp?

A. Well, there’s no such fix limit to import contacts to Mailchimp and you can import as many contacts as you want. However, sometimes this limit also depends upon your browser-based application.

Q. Can you manually add 📧 email addresses to Mailchimp?

A. Yes, in case if you don’t want to import a large contact list to Mailchimp then you can manually add contacts to a list. For this, you have to create a list in Mailchimp and click on “Add Subscribers”. Here you can manually enter the email addresses you want to add to Mailchimp.


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