This is How You Can Export LinkedIn Contacts & Read Them From Various Platforms

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LinkedIn, the best professional social network, currently being used by more than 575+ million users all over the globe. It is a very handy professional network when it comes to networking, job searching, and commercial exploration. With LinkedIn, you can always come across people who have studied with you, worked with you or with the same dedication as yours. So, keeping your LinkedIn contacts separately can be beneficial for you as you never know what can happen with the Internet.

Users with a large LinkedIn network, often ask questions like how to export LinkedIn Contacts. Once they know how to do this; their next questions are like:

  • How to import LinkedIn contacts to Mac Address Book?
  • How to import LinkedIn contacts to Outlook?
  • How to import LinkedIn contacts to Office 365?
  • How to sync LinkedIn contacts with Android?
  • How to sync LinkedIn contacts with Google?
  • How to sync LinkedIn contacts with iPhone?
  • How to sync LinkedIn contacts with iCloud?

So, if you’re one of those users who are searching the answer for such queries then, you’re in the right place. Here we will show you how you can easily export, sync and access your LinkedIn contacts from various email clients and OS.

LinkedIn- World’s Largest Professional Networking Community

Since LinkedIn is a social network to establish contact between professionals so, obtaining hundreds of contacts in a very few time is very common for its users. The larger LinkedIn network, the better because all the valuable contacts will help each other to achieve the professional goals.But, what would be your reaction if one morning you will find that LinkedIn has stopped working?

Well, imagining this scenario is scary right, as this will leave you without your LinkedIn network. Despite this, backing up your LinkedIn contacts is also good to keep track of the type of your network and access these contacts from mobile phones and other devices. Because of all this, we highly recommend you export LinkedIn contacts so that you can sync or access them later whenever required even without opening your LinkedIn account.

Discover How You Can Sync/ Export Contacts From LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows to export your LinkedIn contacts/ connections as CSV, which is a flexible file format for segmenting and managing your contacts information. Below is how to export contacts from LinkedIn:

Note –The maximum limit to export contacts from LinkedIn is 500 records at a time.
  • Open your LinkedIn account and click on My Network. Select Connections option from the left-side screen

Import LinkedIn contacts to Mac Address Book

  • Click Manage synced and imported contacts from the right preview pane

export linkedin contacts

  • From Advanced actions section, choose Export Contacts

sync linkedin contacts with android

  • You will be redirected to How LinkedIn uses your data page, select Connections from Pick and choose section. Click Download archive

import linkedin contacts to outlook 2010

  • Now, you might be asked to enter your LinkedIn account password for confirmation
  • A zip file will start downloading in your system which includes several LinkedIn contacts

sync linkedin contacts with Office 365

Your LinkedIn Contacts are Within Compressed Folder

Once your zip file has been exported, you will find that it contains a CSV with all your LinkedIn Connections, which can be opened easily with Excel. The data that will be included in the exported CSV is:

  • First Name: The first name of your contact
  • Last Name: The last name of your contact
  • Email Address: The email address (personal/ professional depends on the contacts)
  • Company: The name of the current company
  • Position: The title given on the LinkedIn profile

What Would You do with Exported CSV File?

Now, this LinkedIn Connections List can be imported in several email clients, devices, OS, and other platforms, including Mac Address Book, Outlook, and Office 365. Also, importing LinkedIn Contacts to different platforms will allow you to access your contacts even if you cannot access your LinkedIn account or you do not have an Internet connection.

There can be users who may want to import their LinkedIn Contacts from platforms like Android, iOS, iPhone, Google, iPhone, etc., or devices that support vCard file format only. In order to do so, then you need to convert their Connections.csv (LinkedIn Contacts CSV) to vCard file format.

Both of the software will export all the CSV contacts to vCard file format in bulk mode. Also, using these tools, you can either create a single vCard for all CSV contacts or create separate vCards for each CSV file contact even without encountering any data loss issues. Later, the converted vCard can be imported in all other vCard supported platforms.

Create a Master Contact Database In Mac, Outlook, Office 365, and More

Here, we’re going to show you how to import LinkedIn contacts to some widely used platforms like Mac Address Book, Office 365, and MS Outlook. So, let’s get started! Before importing CSV to Office 365:

  • Open CSV in Excel and click on File >> Save As
  • Choose CSV (Comma Delimited) as File Type as Click Save

#1. Import LinkedIn Contacts to Mac Address Book

  • Open Mac Address Book first and click on File >> New Group
  • Enter a unique name to this Address Book
  • Select the newly created group and click on File >> Import

import linkedin contacts to mac address book

  • Add the Connections.csv from your mac machine and click Open

sync linkedin contacts mac address book

  • Once CSV gets imported, access your LinkedIn contacts without any hassle

#2. Import LinkedIn Contacts to Office 365

  • Open Office 365 account. From Apps, choose Outlook

sync linkedin contacts office 365

  • In Outlook, click on Contacts icon and select Manage >> Import Contacts

import linkedin contacts to office 365

  • In Upload your CSV file windows, add your LinkedIn Contacts CSV and click Import
  • Check if the text looks fine then, click Looks OK, continue

  • Contacts importing process will begin right after this

  • Once contacts get imported access your LinkedIn contacts easily with your Office 365 account

sync linkedin contacts office 365

#3. Import LinkedIn Contacts to Microsoft Outlook

  • Launch Outlook application, click on File >> Open & Export >> Import/ Export

how to link linkedin contacts to outlook

  • Choose Import from another program or file option from Import and Export Wizard

linkedin contacts in outlook 2016

  • Select Comma Separated Values from Import a file window and click Next

sync linkedin contacts to outlook

  • Click on Browse and add LinkedIn Exported CSV. Click Next
  • Select Contacts >> Next

import linkedin contacts to outlook 2010

  • Select Map Custom Fields and map CSV fields. Click OK >> Finish

download linkedin contacts to outlook

  • Let the contacts import process gets completed successfully

import linkedin contacts to outlook

  • Eventually, access your LinkedIn Contacts easily from MS Outlook Contacts

Import LinkedIn contacts to Mac Address Book

So, this is how you can export your LinkedIn Contacts and access them from various platforms.

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