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An Expert Solution to Train Your Employees against Cyberattacks

An Award-Winning AI Driven Training platform that Helps Organizations Mitigate Cyberattacks and Educate them regarding Ever-evolving Threat Landscape. Register Now to Reduce the Chances of Cyber Attacks up to 96% using our Advanced Mechanism.

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How It Works

How Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees Helps Protect Your Data?

Security Awareness Now Made Simple with this Next-Gen Training Solution

Phishing Simulations

Phishing Simulation Software to identify and mitigate Advanced Cyberattack. Plus, you can personalize the whole process.

Specialized Training Sessions

Collective training programs help employees identify cyberattacks and manage them without compromising data.

Flag Suspicious Emails

Users are activated to flag skeptical emails via detailed Report button and stay more aware of cyberattacks.

Advanced Reporting Tools

The solution helps you identify your weak spots via its advanced AI driven reporting tools.

Why Go For SysTools?

Why Choose Our Cyber Awareness Training Platform Over Others?

The Characteristics that Make this Solution the Best to Train Employees

  • Add or remove users from platform using Azure Active Directory automatically or On-Premise solutions.
  • A wide-range of specially designed templates are provided along with the option to create your own templates from scratch.
  • Easily integrate this Cyber security awareness training solution in your workflow. Add notifications to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and other cloud-based workspaces.
  • This platform can easily integrate with SIEM tools which means that there won’t be any compliance issues with this Cyber Awareness Solution.
  • Talking about the security compliance, this solution is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR adherent.
  • The solution comes with an all-inclusive documentation specially designed to help you understand all the functionalities of the tool. You can also reach out to our 24X7 available customer support for all your queries.

What We Come Up With?

What All Options Does This Cyber Awareness Training Platform Offers?

AI Driven Solution that helps Enterprises Cut Successful Cyber Attacks by a Great Margin

100% Personalized and Automated Solution

No Manual Intervention

100% Personalized and Automated Training Platform!

A Perfect Solution to Educate and Train your Employees to Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks.

Fully Automated

The solution needs minimal human intervention and making the entrire training program more engaging such that users have a better learning experience.

User-centric Schedule

We ensure that your employees gets the quality and effective training such that they are ready to mitigate the risk of security threats easily.

On-Point Training

On-Point Training

Intriguing Cyber Awareness Training Sessions for Employees!

Our Experts have Crafted Specialized Training Sessions to Help Employees Understand and Develop Healthy IT Habits.

Advanced Learning Paths

Use pre-defined learning strategies or create your own path using workflow builder as per your preferences. Also list new employees on these learning paths automatically.

Customized Training

Identify weak spots of your employees and train them on the basis of their mistakes. Showing them their mistakes instead of telling them makes a huge difference in their learning.

Wide Ranging Learning Content

Every individual makes different kinds of mistakes, so our solution consists of broad ranging content that is tailored according to every individual’s learning growth.


A Smart Dashboard

Digital Panel to Gather, Collect & Display All the Actionable Insights

A Real-time Tracking Panel that lets you Track & Analyze Progress of Employees.

Live Tracking Dashboard

You will get a real time progress status of Cyber Awareness Training for employees along with extensive reports (that are exportable too) including numerous metrics.

Growth Record of Employees

This is one of most important reports that helps you analyze the vulnerabilities of individual employee and the count of successful demo attacks of that employee.

An All-in-One Platform

All Inclusive Cyber Security Awareness Training Solution

A Cyber Awareness Training Suite that will train your employees to recognize cyber threat resulting in much lesser successful attacks

Mock Cyber Attack

Choose from a wide-range of templates and carry out automated mock cyber attacks to test the awareness of employees.

Cyber Awareness Training

The time-to-time mock-ups will train the employees which will help them recognize the cyber attacks.

Risk Analysis

Assess the awareness level of employees through real time reports and plan further training on the basis of those reports.

Ask Your Doubts

Commonly Asked Queries

What You Need to Know About Cyber Security Awareness Training Platform

It is completely an AI-driven solution where the algorithm creates a profile and a score for each employee in the organization. The solution initially sends a simulation based on the function of each employee. Following that, the AI will analyze the behavior of each individual and intelligently make changes to its approach in the upcoming simulations. The solution analyzes the simulations that the user report, the emails in which the recipient got engaged, did he click on any hyperlink, how long did the user keep the mail open before realizing that it is a simulation. Using all this data, this AI based Cyber Awareness Training solution understands which simulation appeals to a recipient.

The software comes with an integrated dashboard that offers unparalleled set of features. You can track the performance on the basis of an individual, job functions, departments, and locations.

The complete setup of this solution requires only 3 simple steps:
  1. 1. Whitelist Domain – Choose the domain where you want to perform simulations and whitelist the servers.
  2. 2. Add Recipients – Add recipients into the solution via Azure integration or via CSV / XLS file.
  3. 3. Set the Stage – Set the adequate configuration within the platform and start using it.

Yes, it is possible to unsubscribe from this program if the administrator gives recipient the permission. However, we won’t recommend doing this as training solution is beneficial for all the users.

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