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Phishing Simulation Software

Keep Your Staff and Business Safe from Phishing Attacks.

A security solution designed to change your security culture. Advanced software for businesses to identify phish-prone employees & train them to recognize and avoid phishing attacks.


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Perfect Phishing Attack Simulator

Prepare, Protect, and Prevail with Our
Phishing Simulation Software

Fully Automated, end-to-end Solution to Strengthen Phishing Defense!

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

Our solution does not require any installation and is entirely cloud-based. Additionally, its configuration process is effortless and straightforward.

Realistic Templates

Realistic Templates

Our Phishing Simulation Platform provides a collection of templates that are readily available and designed to resemble templates used by popular companies.

Customizable Campaigns

Customizable Campaigns

Stay ahead of the curve and increase the efficiency of your risk monitoring by customizing simulations that track user risk on a regular basis.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

With Phishing Simulation Software, review performance data related to users, departments, and other metrics to ensure that the evaluation is accurate and efficient.

User Behaviour Analytics

User Behaviour Analytics

Analyze and monitor how individuals within the organization interact with simulated phishing emails and related content.

Training Modules

Training Modules

Notify the hacked users and provide detailed training modules for them to be prepared and avoid future phishing attacks.

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Why Choose SysTools?

Dependable and Effective Phishing Simulation Software

Turn Your Staff into Human Firewalls and Reduce the No. of Phishing Scams!

Phishing Attack Simulator

Here are a handful of benefits you can get by opting for our Phishing Attack Simulator.

  • Create and customize your own phishing templates using our platform! This enables you to take charge of your security.
  • Our integration of the user logbook is of high quality suitable for business purposes, and can effortlessly be integrated with your current user directory.
  • Improve your organization's protection against phishing attacks by utilizing SysTools' phishing attack simulation software, which makes it effortless to address problematic behavior.
  • Get real-time visibility into user performance and associated risks with a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Creating, deploying, and monitoring simulated threat scenarios is a straightforward task with our intuitive interface. It is designed to be user-friendly and effortless.
  • Prevent modern phishing attacks by launching spear phishing tests that mimic targeted campaigns impersonating internal staff.

Core Features

Versatile Phishing Simulation Software for Businesses of Any Size

Block Phishing Attacks and Ensure Your Crucial Information is Safe from Invaders.

Level-wise Phish Testing

By selecting the appropriate difficulty level, you can initiate a Cyber Awareness Training test designed to assess the abilities of your most proficient employees. This will enable you to identify and reward your smartest employees effectively.

Personalized Phishing Cases

By utilizing SysTools' flexible Phishing Simulation Solution, your organization's administrators can confidently tailor the design of fake landing pages and adjust difficulty levels to maximize effectiveness.

Phishing Attack Simulator

Phishing Test Software

Digital Dashboard

Track the Progress of Employees in Real Time with Visuals

Empower your Team with Real-time Progress Tracking through the powerful visualization feature of the Phishing Simulation Software.

Data-Driven Performance Analysis

Make data-driven decisions about your phishing awareness campaign with thorough analytics and reporting tools.

Snapshot of Visual Feedback

Inspect the live dashboard to evaluate individual employees' vulnerabilities and track the success and failure rates of the simulated phishing attack.

Industries Who Must Use Phishing Simulation Software

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics






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Commonly Asked Questions on Phishing Simulation

Some Frequently Asked Questions by Users

During a simulated phishing test, businesses send fake, malicious-looking emails to their employees to assess the likelihood of them falling for a phishing scam.

When you use Phishing Simulation Software, it’ll significantly increase employees’ ability to accurately respond to suspicious emails.

We recommend conducting phishing drills targeting every employee 6 to 10 times annually, ensuring a 40 to 60-day gap between each campaign. Modify the frequency as necessary, taking into account your organization's security awareness requirements.

Phishing attack simulators can help your staff develop the skills to recognize and avoid such scams. Through this, your organization can lessen the chances for scammers to steal sensitive information.

If an employee happens to fall for a phishing email, there is no need to worry because it’ll be thoroughly documented. Further, this Phishing Simulation Software sends a report to the IT or security team, who will provide guidance on preventing similar mistakes from happening in the future.

Phishing is a cyber attack via email where scammers pretend to be trustworthy contacts or institutions to trick victims into sharing confidential information. This includes passwords, bank account numbers, credit card details, and other personal data that can be used to steal money, identities, and data. That’s why it’s suggested to opt for phishing simulation software to avoid falling into the traps of cyber fraudsters.

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