Simple Process for Converting Read-only PDF Files to Editable Ones

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“I am working as a Sales Executive in a Multinational Company. On a daily basis, I need to coordinate with the client and schedule meetings with them. Most of the clients share the Approval documents and other essential files in PDF format which are password protected. All these documents shared are restricted and hence I can only read the document. My Manager wants to make some changes in the PDF file. Though I can access the file using the given password, somehow I am restricted to edit or write content to the PDF file. I initially tried the manual method for converting read-only PDF files to editable ones, but I felt it as a difficult process to remove permissions from PDF files. Please suggest some smart approach to change read-only PDF to a writable document.”

As we know on PDF files people can set a password to protect it from any illegal usage. Or they can apply restrictions like printing, copying or extracting the text. But, in some cases, people want to edit read-only PDF files, like as we have seen in the above query.

Other than this, there could be any other reason for converting read-only PDF files to editable ones, be it for personal use or for a business process. Considering this point, we have come up with the simplest method to change read-only PDF documents to editable format.

Is There Any Instant Solution to Convert Read-only PDF to Writable Document?

The most demanding and highly-rated software to change restricted PDF to editable format is SysTools PDF File Unlocker Tool. It is a reliable application mainly recommended by technical experts to remove all kinds of restrictions such as to print, copy, extract or edit content from PDF files.

It is developed by technical experts thus, providing advanced features and other functionalities to convert read-only PDF files to editable format smoothly. The utility also provides the facility to remove comment restrictions from PDF files. Thus, enabling the user to comment on a secured PDF document with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This application software is available for both Windows and Mac operating system users.

How Tool Convert Read-only PDF files to Editable Ones

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For Windows Users

  • Download & launch the tool on Windows OS/ Mac OS

launch the software

  • Browse for read-only PDF files by clicking on “Add File(s)/ Add Folder”.

  • Click on Change to save the file at the desired location
  • You can also choose to print the resultant PDF files

  • Click the Unlock button to begin the process

  • Now, the resultant PDF file can be edit, print, copy, sign, comment

Working of the Software for Mac Users

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  • Firstly, install and launch this PDF Password Unlocker for Mac utility on your system
  • Add the secured PDF file i.e., Add File(s) or Add Folder(s)
  • Now, begin the process of converting read-only PDF files to editable ones, click the Next option
  • The software saves the resultant PDF file on the desktop by default. Thus, changing the destination location click on Change 
  • As files are loaded, the software will show the unlock status as Pending
  • Click Unlock & see that the status has been changed to Completed
  • Once the unlock process is completed, a prompt message is displayed as shown below,
  • Click on View Report to see the complete details of the export process
  • Finally, the editable PDF file is saved at the destination location allowing users to edit, extract, copy and print

 By following the above-mentioned process users can easily convert read-only PDF files to editable ones.

How to Edit Read-Only PDF Files After Removing Security?

From the above sections, we have seen that the different restrictions like print, copy, paste, extract, etc are removed from the PDF file. But, in order to write some content in the PDF file, the user has to follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • The first step is to open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • From the extreme right pane, click on the Edit PDF tool
  • Once it is opened, select the image or add text if required
  • After adding the text, resize and drag the texts as required
  • Also, users can move or resize images within the page at any location

Summing Up

By reading this blog, one can easily convert read-only PDF files to editable ones. This tool is a complete solution to remove security from PDF files which are read-only. It is a one-stop solution to change read-only PDF files to writable or editable format in just a few simple clicks. However, to write any content or to edit the PDF file, it is advised to opt for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or any online solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert read-only PDF to writable document manually?

You can use Acrobat Pro DC for this but you must know the permission password to change PDF from read only to edit.

How to fix the error message “This is a Secured Document. Editing is not Permitted”?

This error message appears when the user tries to edit a secured PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Therefore, in such cases the best solution will be is to remove edit protection from PDF document.

What is the solution to remove read-only restriction from PDF files?

With this software by SysTools, you can easily delete read-only restrictions from PDF documents.

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