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SysTools PDF Lock Software

Advanced Utility to Lock PDF Files in a Secure and Hassle-Free Way.

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  • Locks PDF documents to secure confidential information from unauthorized access
  • Add permission restriction for Printing, Copying, Editing, Extracting Pages
  • Restricts permissions for Filling and Commenting in PDF files as well
  • Encrypts PDF file passwords with the latest encryption options including AES256 bit
  • Protect PDF files with a document password or a permissions password as per preference
  • One does not need to install Adobe Acrobat to use this application to restrict PDF files
  • Use existing document open password with “Keep source document open password same” option
  • Provides the “Add File” / “Add Folder” option to lock PDF files in batch mode to save time
  • Users can set their preferred location to save the resultant PDF files
  • Generates report after completion of the process in CSV format for the future needs

Free Live Demo - SysTools PDF Locker Fully Secured Download Version

The PDF File Data Remains Confidential & Passwords will Not Be Saved.

Password Protect PDF

Supports to Secure All Type PDF Files

bank statements pdf

Bank Statement




Aadhar Card


PDF Contracts
& Agreements



secure PDF files

& e-books

Advanced Features

Know Why This PDF Lock Tool is The Best Choice For All

  • Saves resultant PDF files on desktop by default.
  • Users can opt to set a preferred destination for saving resultant files.
  • Auto-analyzes password-protected files upon adding to the software.
  • Provides the “Remove” option to selectively remove unwanted PDF files in bulk mode.
  • The “Remove All’ option removes accidentally added PDF files or folders.
  • With this tool, you can selectively apply any of the provided permission restrictions.
  • The Live Runtime status of the process shows the number of files and the number of successful locking.
  • Provides the “Stop” option to abort the process in between while bulk locking PDF files.
  • Dialogue prompt gives the option to skip processing password-protected PDF files.
  • Maintains the folder structure of PDF files intact throughout the process.
  • Run the process again by simply going back home instead of relaunching the tool.
  • Adobe Acrobat is not required for password restriction purposes.
  • An independent application to efficiently lock PDF files.
  • Choice to put either document open password or a permission password as per preference.

lock multiple pdf files

Lock PDF Files in Bulk

This astonishing PDF Lock tool is proficient in locking PDF files to prevent unauthorized copying and editing. It provides users the option to save time and effort and password protect multiple PDF files in bulk. One can use the “Add Folder” option to load and process multiple PDF files in a batch in an effortless and efficient manner. Moreover, if you do not want to process selective files from within a folder, you can use the “remove” option to eliminate them. Along with that, the “Remove All” option removes the accidentally added files and folders from the preview panel.

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Variety of Permissions to Restrict

This splendid utility provides you with a myriad of permission restrictions to protect your files. It secures PDF files from access like copying, editing, extracting pages, etc. One can choose selective permissions according to their preference. You can opt for all the permissions as well as a selective few. The permissions provided by this software are:

  • Copy
  • Edit
  • Fill
  • Print
  • Comment
  • Sign
  • Extract Page

Core Features of PDF Locker Software

Understand The Advance Feature and Secure PDF from Editing

Protect with Permission Password

Apply permission restrictions on your PDF files to avoid any unauthorized actions. This fascinating PDF Lock Tool provides users with seven different types of permissions to restrict. One can choose to apply all of them or selectively choose some according to their preference. The provided permissions are Copy, Edit, Fill, Comment, Sign, Page Extraction, and Print. You can select to restrict any or all permissions with password of your choice.

Password Protect PDF with Document Password

This expert utility provides users with the option to password protect PDF files with a document-open password as well. It restricts access to PDF documents securely. You can choose to apply the document open password with the permission password or alone as per your preference. Moreover, you can generate a new password to protect your files, or if your PDF already has an existing document open password you can select the “Keep the Source Password Same” option to preserve the existing password in the resultant PDF files.

Add Multiple PDFs in Bulk

The Add Folder option of this PDF encrypt tool lets you add multiple PDF documents in one go to save time and effort. You can simply add an entire folder of PDF files to process and protect with a password. During bulk mode, if you want to remove an unwanted file from the uploaded folder then you can do so with the “Remove” option. Moreover, to remove an entire folder or all the uploaded files from the preview panel, use the “Remove All” option.

Multiple Encryption Options

This PDF Lock tool provides multiple encryption options to encrypt your applied passwords; document open and permission. The software supports the latest encryption AES 256-bit as well. It provides several encryption options including AES 256-bit, AES 128-bit, RC 440-bit, and RC 4128-bit. You can choose either of the provided encryptions to encrypt PDF your applied passwords by simply selecting the Encryption option.

Keeps Folder Structure Intact

This PDF Locker assures preserving the original folder structure intact as the original. Using this tool, you can be sure that your folder structure is unaltered while password-protecting the PDF files. Even during bulk processing, the data integrity of the user files stays intact and preserved.

Supports All PDF Versions

You can lock and encrypt any PDF file using this PDF lock software as this astonishing utility supports all latest and older versions of PDF files. Be it PDF version 1.1, 1.2, 1.7, or 2.0, this utility supports password-protecting them all. So, no matter which PDF document version you have, you can easily use this PDF encrypt software to save your files from unauthorized copying and editing information.

PDF Lock Software - Specifications

Software and Hardware Requirement to Secure PDF File Using This Tool

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Name: SysTools PDF Lock
Version: 3.1
Size: 44.5 MB
New Release: July, 2023
UI Language: English
MD5: 561eed46794514a52190ae7be008b411
Free Version:

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Trial Limitations

Free PDF lock tool allows to user to password protect 5 PDF files only with SysTools as watermark. To overcome this limitation buy PDF locker full version and activate it.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required


Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz


Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above should be installed.


Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Win 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit & 64-Bit), Windows 11 (64-bit), & Windows Server 2008 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 / 2022


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Electronic Delivery

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Software Customization

If you need to customize PDF lock tool or need additional features then, Request Quote

PDF Lock Software - Comparison

Understand Differecne Between Free and Full Version Software

Features Free Version License Version
Bulk Processing of PDF files
Add File / Add Folder option
Lock PDF Permissions
Windows OS (all versions) Supported
Supports all PDF versions
Encrypt PDF File with password
Saves resultant locked PDF Only 2 PDF Files
Lock without 'SysTools Demo' Watermark
Cost FREE $29
PDF Password Protection Tool - FAQs

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How to Lock PDF files using this software?

Here are the quick and simple steps to execute the process:

  • Launch the PDF Lock software on your system
  • Click Add File / Add Folder to load PDFs
  • Set the preferred destination for resultant files.
  • Apply permissions and passwords of your choice.
  • Finally, click the Lock button to restrict PDF files.
No, this is an independent application that does not require any other installation in order to password protect PDF documents.

This utility provides seven types of restrictions which are Edit, Copy, Comment, Fill, Sign, Print, and Extract Page.

It absolutely does! It supports numerous PDF encryption tool including AES 256-bit, AES 128-bit, RC 440-bit, and RC 4128-bit.

Yes, it does. This astonishing PDF password lock software supports processing all versions of PDFs whether the latest or older.

Yes, this utility provides the option to users to apply both or either of the permission or document open passwords. One can apply the passwords as per their preference.

Yes, there is! This PDF protection utility provides an option to keep your source document password the same. To activate the feature, simply enable the checkbox for the “Keep Source Document Password Same” option.

Using the demo version, you can process and encrypt two PDF files. Moreover, the resultant files will contain the “SysTools Demo” watermark. To lock an unlimited number of files without a watermark, opt for the full version.

PDF Lock Tool - Reviews

What are Users Saying After using PDF Lock Software Full Version