Understand How to Delete Multiple Emails in Microsoft Outlook at Once

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The main purpose of this blog is to help Microsoft Outlook users to remove or delete multiple emails in Outlook account effortlessly using manual solution. The entire blog is divided into three parts:

1) How to delete emails in bulk on Microsoft Outlook?

2) How to remove Outlook data from PC?

3) How to delete emails from Outlook server?

In the world of IT, data management of storage system is quite important. It includes handling of efficient storage, update, and retrieval of data from a particular file or the machine. Out of which, deletion of unwanted data is the most common way to manage space in any data storage system in the computer. These days Microsoft Outlook plays an important role in the email service field, and it has an efficient email data storage file system called PST (Personal Folder Table) file to store data. This PST file is having a predefined data storage capacity and because of which at some point, the user faces an issue of data deletion from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 versions. To remove multiple emails from Outlook together is not actually a difficult task after all. It will be easier, by understanding the different requirements of a users, then find how to delete Outlook data from a PST file, or from a Computer or from a Server.

Outlook Email Recovery software helps to recover accidentally deleted emails from Outlook account. It can recover permanently removed emails without affecting its data integrity and its folder hierarchy.

1. Delete Multiple Emails in Outlook Together

Sometimes, the user needs to delete Outlook email messages in mass, but they don’t know how to delete multiple Outlook emails in bulk? For this, there are two ways to delete the Outlook .pst file data. Firstly, by deleting PST emails from Outlook profile.

a. )  Delete all Emails in the Folder

  • To remove all emails from a PST file folder in MS Outlook follow the given steps.
  • Expand the Folder pane. Click the arrow on the top left to expand Folder Pane
  • Now right-click the folder to be cleared, and hit Delete All.
  • Click Yes to move all items to Deleted Items folder.
  • All those selected emails will be in the Deleted Items folder now.

b.) Delete multiple Emails in Outlook at Once

The following steps help you to remove multiple emails from a folder by without touching unread or important emails as per your requirement.

  • Go to Folder Pane. Select the folder from which you need to delete multiple mails in Outlook account
  • To delete consecutive emails: Click the first email >> press and hold Shift key >> click on last email >> press Delete key.
  • To delete non-consecutive emails: Press and hold Ctrl key >> click emails to be removed >> press Delete key.

c. ) Delete a Profile from Outlook

The final way is to delete whole PST file from the system, which can be done by following the steps given:

  • First, close Outlook email application in the system.
  • Open Control Panel >> Mail >>show profiles
  • Then choose the profile >> Remove
  • Once the profile is deleted from Outlook, the user can delete the .pst file of respective account from its default location on your system. This method won’t help you to delete multiple emails in
  • Outlook account, but to remove a profile from MS Outlook efficiently.

2. Remove Outlook Data from Computer / Machine

The forensic investigators delete or remove Outlook data from PC after completing their investigation, so that the data cannot be misused. While deleting a data from your system, user must know that, there are two ways to delete data from machine, i.e. soft and hard deletion.

  • Soft deletion is the normal deletion of data and there is a scope of data recovery.
  • Hard deletion is the permanent deletion of data, which is done by shift + delete.

Now let us consider deletion of PST file (MS Outlook data stored locally) from the system. Even after the permanent deletion of data from a drive, there is a chance of recovery with the use of commercial utilities like Hard Drive Recovery software. Then, the question arises as how to delete outlook emails from computer, so that it cannot be recovered in any circumstances? To meet this requirement follows the steps below:

  • Open Outlook in your system
  • Go to File >> Account Settings >> Data Files.
  • Double-click on default profile, and then the new window screen will appear.
  • Select the Compact Now option.

After compacting or compressing a file, i.e. after removing white spaces from a data file particularly a PST file, it cannot be recovered. A permanently deleted compressed file cannot be recovered by any recovery tool.

3. Delete Outlook Emails from Server

While discussing about possible ways to delete multiple emails in Outlook account, it is necessary to consider how to remove emails from Outlook server. A user may come across situations like how to delete Outlook emails from server i.e. from an Outlook.com profile several times. As an account, creation is free in Outlook.com but it offers limited storage space because of which, user need to delete all Outlook emails from server in order to generate more space for new data. However, at the same time, user needs to keep a copy of emails preserved for the future usage.

To overcome this problem, there is a tool available, i.e. Hotmail Email Backup. It makes it easy for users to clear up server storage by first maintaining the backup of data locally and then clearing it off from server. It only deletes the data that has been backed up. It offers an option to pause and resume the backup in between, if it is required.


In the above discussion, the various user’s situations are discussed, along with its relevant solutions to delete multiple emails in Outlook account. It makes it easy for the user to keep the important things in consideration while deleting data to manage Outlook properly. It also provides a clear cut idea about the steps to delete Outlook emails from a PST file, computer or from a Server effortlessly.

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