Is Employee Monitoring Software a Good Idea for Business Productivity?

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Published On May 25th, 2020
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We all know that the world is facing a Global Pandemic & hence Businesses got suffered the most. This article will help you to find a perfect Employee Monitoring Software to keep an Eye on your Employees especially in a Work from Home Environment.

Need of Employee Monitoring Software

At the time of writing, there have been 4,354,545 cases of dangerous Coronavirus or COVID-19 with 293,033 known death across the globe. This unprecedented situation has pulled the rug under the feet of every individual living on the earth.

The social distancing and mandatory lockdowns have been implemented in cities to control the virus spread. Because of this, society, economy, and business are being suffered a lot.

Businesses worldwide are facing economic and operational crises, which have not been seen in decades. To maintain business continuity in this pandemic, the companies have implemented resilience plans. Amongst all, the tracking of employees who are working from home is one of them which can be done Via. Employee Monitoring Software offered by the versatile company SysTools.

Employee Monitoring

So those who have this question in the mind, Is employee monitoring software a good idea for the businesses? Then this blog outlines the answer to this question in a detailed manner.

Let’s get started!

How Does User Activity Monitoring Solution Affect Productivity?

Measure how workers spend their time while working from home

In the subsequent section, we are going to explain the positive as well as the negative impact of employee monitoring solutions on business productivity and efficiency. First of all, we are going to explain how essential is to deploy employee monitoring for work tracking.

As we all know, the work-from-home or remote working is the need of an hour. Thus, it becomes mandatory to track employee’s work activities to safeguard exposure of financial, operational data, and business productivity.

However, the user activity tracking software also has some negative impact on the employees such as trust and privacy issues or more.

Why Employee Monitoring is a Good Idea – All Benefits

Millions of employees are working remotely in this pandemic situation. Due to which the managers are virtually handling the work completely. They have been looking for the multiple ways that tell what employees do online in the working hours.

Already, the company executives have illustrated that COVID-19 huge impact on the performance efficiency of organizations. So, it becomes a necessary step to track employee’s activity during work hours.

However, work-from-home employee’s surveillance is not as smooth as a butter. You need specialized software i.e., Employee Monitoring Software that meant specifically for this work.

Employee Monitoring Software engineered by SysTools is an easy-to-use and affordable workforce productivity solution. Businesses can also take a trial before taking a license of it. It is completely a cloud-based software that provides contextual data and works insights that help organizations to make quicker decisions regarding work efficiency. With this solution, the employer gets visibility of employee’s online activity, USB tracking, website blocking, check whether an employee stealing data, and much more.

A Complete Collaboration of Services with Employee Monitoring Solution

Along with this, the software sends you an alert or notify whenever an employee breaches a rule or any suspicious activity taken place in the corporate network. Besides this, our Employee Monitoring solution can cover the following domain.

Above all, the software answers the following questions effortlessly;

  1. Which type of device are employees using to sign-in to corporate networks?
  2. Which communication model are they using?
  3. What time of the day is the least or most productive?
  4. At what time they log in or log out from the system?
  5. How much they spend time on the social media platform?
  6. Is there any suspicious activity running in the firm?
  7. Which employee violates the company rules?
  8. Which employee installed unauthorized applications in the system?
  9. Who is stealing corporate data or provide information to outsiders?     

On top of that, if you know by the software that an employee shows a lack of productivity, then it is important to understand why. Because all we are facing a crucial time and it might be possible that the employee has some genuine problem, too. Instead of asking WHY it is better to help that employee and build a strong relationship with them. Certainly, this will improve your business efficiency.

Negative Impact of Employee Monitoring on Employees’ Health

It is evident from above that how good employee monitoring software is. Although some of the employees feel like ‘Big Boss’ is having an eye on them, due to which stress level and trust are severely affected.

Many employees do well under pressure, however, some of the employees are not so much efficient and takes time to complete any task. So, when those employees are worried about continuous monitoring, it takes away from work concentration. It might be possible that without monitoring, they probably would have done better.

At last, the employees suffer greater stress in an employee monitoring software environment.

As of now, consider the best-case scenario from the point of view of businesses that want to deploy employee monitoring for employees’ oversight to ensure work efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wrapping Things Up!

It is a huge challenge for the companies to maintain business work, security & compliance under the work-from-home business model. Plus, this mandatory remote working leads to some serious situations from Intellectual property theft to work productivity decrement. Hence it is concluded that to ensure security, productivity, and compliance across remote workplaces, employee work monitoring is necessary.

So, if you have a question, Is employee monitoring software a good idea for businesses? Then Yes!

Although we can never forget many employees has a feeling of distrust with the deployment of user activity software in their system. This should be carefully taken care of by the employer or HR management. Else, it could be possible that it will destroy the relationship with your employees.

In the end, Be Safe & Healthy!


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