What is Data Leakage & How Will You Detect & Prevent it with Data Leak Prevention Tool?

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Published On August 20th, 2022
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For an organization, the most important thing is its confidential data. If you also want to know how to detect & prevent Data Leakage using Data Leak Prevention Tool. Almost 75% of the world companies are facing the Data Breach issue which increases the risk of Business Strategies. So, stay tuned here & get the best solution for Data Leak Prevention Services.

What is Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)?

There is no doubt Businesses & Organizations send/receive a chunk of sensitive data including Backing Details, Employee Social & Personal Information, % even the Enterprise’s own information. Hence it is recommended for the organizations to choose Data Leak Prevention Strategies so that no or any end-user will breach any such important information. Hence Companies & Organizations trends show the need for cyber secured tools & services to rely on other perimeters.

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There are various methods that are used by Data Leak Prevention techniques to assist the enterprises to keep their data safe & secure from any Breach.

  1. Data Leak Prevention technique uses a mechanism to check the overall traffic sniffing through any device via email, message, or through any other communication challenge.
  2. The DLP tools use technique to scan the storage devices like Hard Drives, External Hard Drive, USB Device, etc. It will directly lookup all the resources that can cause data breach & the whole process is known as Content Discovery Process.
  3. More importantly, it will look up all the devices connected by the end-users like USB Drive. It will protect all the data that is being accessed by any end users connected with an external storage device.
  4. It will successfully find out & mark all the important & confidential assets of a company to protect it from any external data breach.
  5. It will analyze all the Data Leakage Avenues & will evaluate all the risks associated with the lost information.

All of the above Data Leakage Prevention Strategies are vary useful & defined by many Cyber Security Experts.

How SysTools Can Help You to Prevent Data Leakage?

SysTools comes up with an advanced Data Leak Prevention tool that will enable any organization to resolve all the risks associated with any organization’s physical & virtual database security. Experts at SysTools will assist the Enterprises to analyze the risk & breach of important, crucial, & confidential data & protect it using advanced algorithms. We can understand the approach of SysTools Data Leak Prevention Strategy by analyzing the following features:

  • It will track & report all the Data Events recorded recently & manage all information in Log files.
  • DLP can encrypt all the sending information like email encryption, Device Encryption & Message Encryption to make the lost data unreadable for the third-parties.
  • The Tool will centralize all the DLP Management Policies on a single platform to detect & prevent Data Leakage.
  • Data Leak Prevention solution will containerize data on non-physical storage locations & make sure to reach out to crucial information from the End Users.
  • It can track all devices connected with the Network including Mobiles, Laptops, PC, Tablets, etc.
  • It will perform Content Discovery for external drives connected with the Company’s PC, so that breach data can be easily identified.
  • All data can be accessed on a single console through Web-based Login Portal, applying all the Data Leak Prevention Policies on Websites & devices.

Expert’s Comment on Data Leak Prevention Service by SysTools:

I will like to say that it is one of the great services I had used recently. I was eagerly waiting for any such solution that will help me to keep an eye on my crucial data & prevent it from any leakages by end-users. Thankfully, SysTools comes up with this Advanced Data Leak Prevention Tool & I can say that it is the best DLP Solution Provider in the World.

José Miguel Martín, Optenet (Madrid, Spain)

Detection & Prevention of Data Leakage is not an easy solution for large companies like us. There are millions of end-users & tracking all of them manually was not so easy. Hence, I decided to choose the Service offered by SysTools & I am very happy after using this Service. Kudos to the whole team of SysTools.

Felix Brezo, DeustoTech (Frankfurt, Germany)


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