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Published On August 20th, 2022
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Latest technologies are enabling more varied and high-level monitoring and surveillance practices in the workplace.

Workplace Monitoring can help companies determine team member capabilities, any suspicious activity has taken place in the network, and figure out what tools employees need to do their job.

Apart from this, a very dramatic question comes into everyone’s mind.

Is it legal to do Workplace Computer Monitoring?

Yes, an employer has the rights to install any surveillance software on a device that they have provided for work. However, employers cannot install employee monitoring software without informing their employees. Then it will be a wrong practice. As well as, it is an employer responsibility to tell their employees what is being monitored on the system at the workplace to prevent any privacy concern issue.

In recent years, workplace surveillance technology has changed a lot. Previously it was only limited to cameras and biometric. Now it becomes easier with software to watch what the workers or employees are doing during the business hours.

This blog covers the following topics for a better understanding of workplace monitoring & surveillance policy in the business environment.

So, let’s get started!

What is Workplace Computer Monitoring Software?

It is a software application that enables the employer to get all the cyberslacking activities happens in the company. It performs extensive monitoring that provides insight into employee activity executed during the business hours.

This will provide a complete picture that team members are genuinely doing work or hardly working. Also, once it is deployed on the endpoints, it becomes possible to remotely monitor any employee activity. Besides this, the employer can also track the system activity of the employee who is working remotely.

No matter what employees are sending, viewing during working hours, the employer always has an eye on them.

How SysTools Can Help You to Improve Workplace Efficiency?

SysTools, a vibrant company provides the impeccable cloud-based Workplace Monitoring software at very fair pricing. This application gives complete insight of the employee system activity and notify the employer about every suspicious activity taken place in the corporate network.

Besides this, we also offer different tools to prevent the stealing of business-critical information & improves work efficiency.

To get more information about software, connect with us on – 9899116872 /8882397781. SysTools also provide free demo of the software before purchasing its licensed version.

workplace privacy and employee monitoring

Furthermore, we have mentioned all the benefits of our workplace surveillance tool below.

Key Benefits of Workplace Productivity Monitoring Software

  1. Employer has comprehensive control over workplace productivity
  2. Easy for an employer to track staff system activity on the way
  3. Get activities insight of an employee who is working off-network
  4. Quickly find out suspicious activity happens at workplace
  5. Predict about employee behavior and the fitness for employment
  6. Help employer to prevent stealing of company sensitive information
  7. Easy to manage employees productivity with constant feedback of software
  8. Monitoring identify bad actor in the team and deal with them accordingly
  9. Easily identify office politics at workplace atmosphere and resolves it quickly
  10. Reduce unnecessary engagement of employees over social media platform
  11. Workplace surveillance analyses cyberslacking & goldbricking
  12. Notification over the mails or SMS when any suspicious activity takes place
  13. Identify any rule-breaking or fraud activity takes place at the workplace
  14. Manage and measure performance of employees working remotely

What Employees Think About Workplace Monitoring Solution?

Every story has its pros and cons. Likewise, workplace surveillance also involved some downsides.

The constant monitoring of employee’s desktop and online activity can encourage distrust in the workplace. As well as, the negative feedback discourage the employee results in lowering workplace productivity.

Thus it is important to maintain the mutual trust between employee and employer while implementing the workplace monitoring solution. As it is an employer right to get knowledge about how the employees perform during the working hour or anyone stealing the data.

Final Words

Constant workplace monitoring is a crucial aspect to run a business effectively. It keeps your employees at their work and informs employer about trade secrets and proprietary information theft at the right time. Many employees classify the workplace monitoring and surveillance policy as a distraction, but it is a very useful tool for an employer

Smartly manage your monitor technology to ensure the smooth running of a business.


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