SQL Server Error 823 and 825: Find a Feasible Solution

Raj Kumar ~ Modified: April 24th, 2020 ~ SQL Server ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Microsoft SQL server is the most popular database management system in nowadays. It provides the flexibility to the database administrator to manage the database. But, sometimes users may face numerous errors in different stages while working with the SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server Error 823 and 825 is some of them, which create hurdle in SQL transaction and its working. Most of the users have faced this type of error.

If you are also getting errors while accessing your SQL Server database and you are unable to perform any Input/output operation in your database. Then, you need to know how to fix SQL fatal error 823 and 825. First, let’s know about these Microsoft SQL Server errors and reasons behind SQL database corruption that leads to these errors.

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Reasons Behind SQL Database Corruption

There are following reasons due to which SQL database may be corrupt or damaged and shows various types of the error message. Let’s discuss some of them as given below:

  • More than 95% of corruption issue occurs due to hardware failure
  • Sudden system shutdown while opening the MS SQL Server database
  • Corruption can cause by software bugs & any natural disaster
  • If any modifications are done in the SQL Server account
  • If database infected by virus, worms, Trojan, Spyware
  • Upgrading the SQL Server from previous to latest versions

What is SQL Server Error 823?

SQL Server database uses Windows API like ReadFile, WriteFile, ReadFileScatter etc. to execute the input/output operations. In case, if these API calls fail to perform the operation with an operating system error, then SQL Server alerts for error 823. Generally, SQL fatal error 823 message specifies problem in the storage system or in the hardware, which is in the path of the input or output request. A user may come across this SQL error 823, when there are inconsistencies in the file system or if the database file is corrupted.

How to Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error 823?

In order to fix SQL Fatal error 823, there are two manual methods available.

Solution # 1:

To resolve error 823, run the DBCC CHECKDB command & try to recover the SQL database by using the following sentence:


If you want to use single user mode, then change the mode. For this purpose, you can use the following T-SQL sentence:


Solution # 2:

Another way to resolve the SQL server error 823 is discussed below. To execute this method, perform the following steps:

  • First of all, scan the MS SQL database to find out the suspected pages.
  • Then, verify the consistency of the SQL Server database.
  • If the error occurs, then run “DBCC CHECKDB” command.
  • Further, restore the SQL Server database from the backup file.
  • Finally, check the “Windows Application Event Log” to analyze the issues.

Microsoft SQL Server Error 825 – Know What It is

When SQL server displays an SQL Server alert error 825, it means that the read operation had to be reissued at least one time. It also shows a major problem with the hardware or hard disk. However, SQL error 825 does not mean that the problem found in SQL Server. But, if this error is not resolved, then the disk problem could cause data loss or data corruption. Hence, let’s discuss a method to fix the SQL Server fatal error 825.

How to Resolve SQL Server Alert Error 825?

The following steps may help you identify and resolve SQL Server error 825 message:

  • At first, review the SQL error log & the variable text in this message for clues that explain the problem.
  • After that, check your disk system. The problem may be related to the disks, the disk controllers, array cards, or disk drivers.
  • Now, contact the disk manufacturer for the latest utilities for checking the status of your disk system.
  • Finally, contact the disk manufacturer for the latest driver updates.

A Professional Tool to Fix SQL Server Error 823 and 825

If the above methods fail to perform SQL Server recovery and still shows the SQL Server alerts errors 823 and 825. Then, you can go with a professional solution like SQL Database Repair Program. The software can easily restore damaged database files, tables, functions, views, indexes, keys, triggers, etc. However, it is designed to eliminate the errors, repair corrupt files, and to create a new file. In addition, this utility is user-friendly and offers ingenious features to remove MS SQL server database errors including 823 and 825 and restore the database. Moreover, this software is designed to fix the corrupt databases of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, and other versions.

The Final Thoughts

In MS SQL Server, corruption is the major issue due to which database becomes inaccessible and result in SQL Server error 823 and 825. We have described the reasons behind these problems and the solutions to resolve these errors. Also, there is recommended alternate approach i.e. SQL Recovery Tool that helps to repair SQL database and fix SQL Server alert error 825 & 823.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I DBCC CHECKDB to resolve both SQL Server error 823 and 825?

Yes, you can use the DBCC CHECKDB repair command to resolve the database corruption.

Does SQL recovery tool allow me to recover my corrupted and deleted data?

Yes, the SQL database repair tool will help you recover damaged databases and restore them to the SQL Server database. You can also restore deleted stored procedures, tables, views, triggers, etc.