Troubleshoot SQL Server Error 825 – Complete How To Guide

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Published On March 11th, 2024
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SQL error 825

When the SQL Server observes read operation failure in the database, it raises the SQL Server error 825 number code to users. Nowadays, we are getting plenty of user queries regarding the fixture of this exact error. Although there are some solutions present in the market, all of them lack a few major points.

Therefore, this article is going to address those loopholes that users need to focus on while fixing SQL Server error number 825 in the database. Along with the best in class solutions, this article consists of an in-depth explanation of the error 825 itself and its causes. Our aim is to provide the perfect solution to users without missing out on any single bit of information.

What is SQL Server Error 825 Message?

There’re scenarios where the database shows errors due to failed operations. These errors with specific numbers indicate the reasons. The SQL Server error 825 is an input/output read-retry error first observed in SQL Server 2005. A read operation fails & then the server retry the operation till it succeeds. The server stucks in this loophole & shows the 825 error.

Error 825 means that the SQL server tried multiple times to execute read operation which is 4 times maximum & failed.  Now, in order to fix the issues, what users need to do is just find out the causes and fix the loopholes so that the read operation can be completed. The display error in the system looks like the below image:

error 825

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SQL Error 825 Critical Causes to Keep in Mind

SQL error 825 in the database can arise due to I/O subsystem failures, disk corruption, misconfiguration of the storage drives, hardware issues, memory issues, file system issues, anti-virus hindrance, system crashes, etc. have a look at these errors below in detail.

  • Failure of the Input/Output Subsystem: Failures in the Disk Controller, Disk itself, or Storage Area Network (SAN) can cause the I/O subsystem issues.
  • Corruption Present in the Database Disc: Corruption issues in the disc for the MDF files creates hindrance for the smooth working of the database.
  • Misconfigured Storage Subsystem Settings: Misconfiguration of the subsystem settings can cause the read retry error as the server could not read the data files.
  • Critical Issues in the Hardware: The issues in the hardware like faulty disk drives, controllers, or cables often cause this I/O error 825 in SQL Server.
  • SQL Database Memory Issues: The exhaustion of memory leading to inconsistent data reads or writes causes memory issues that lead to the error.
  • Antivirus Interference: The antivirus also interferes between the read write operations in some of the cases.
  • System Crashes: Unexpected system crashes like power outages or abrupt shutdowns can often cause errors in SQL Server. 
  • Other Reasons: There can be several other causes like file system issues, database inconsistency issues, etc that results in such an error.

How to Fix SQL Server Error 825 Step by Step? 

Let’s have a look at the manual solution to find out how to fix the SQL Server error number 825 using 4 simple steps as shown below:

Step 1. Detect SQL Server Error Number 825

First of all, users need to detect the error 825 & analyze it in more depth. Therefore, users need to verify the error log files of the database between the suspected time-period. Also, users can check the system event log as well in order to gain more hidden information regarding the same.

Step 2. Verify Database Hardware Health Status

As mentioned, SQL Server error 825 can occur due to disk failure. Therefore, users need to check the database hardware health from time to time. Problems related to the disks, controllers, drivers, or array cards in any way can result in poor hardware components health.

Step 3. Get Latest Driver Updates

Always keep your drivers updated in order to avoid any I/O issues. Contacting the disk manufacturers for getting driver health checks & updates can be a good option.

Step 4. Transfer SQL Database Files to A New Drive

Now, there are chances that the major issues for SQL Server error number 825 were present in the drive. If this is the case then users should simply move the SQL database from its existing drive to another one. Follow the below steps as mentioned:

  1. Create a new Drive in the system. For example: F Drive with enough space to accommodate database files. Also make sure this drive is configured correctly.
  2. Make the exact same folder structure on the F drive as present in the existing drive.
  3. Now, users need to stop their services of the SQL Server to continue further.
  4. Move all the files from the existing drive to this newly created F Drive.
  5. Now, simply swap drive letters as shown: (E>I, F>E, I>F)
  6. Provide necessary permissions & start the SQL Server services again.

Automated Software to Fix SQL 825 Error

If users still get the SQL Server error number 825 in the database, then there must be corruption issues. In order to fix the SQL database corruption, users need to download the best in class SQL Database Recovery Tool in the system. This advanced software can fix the damages in the MDF & NDF files without any hassles. Moreover, users only need to execute 5 simple steps to get rid of the corrupted SQL files. The utility comes with various features that provide users customized results as per their requirements.

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Download the tool & follow the below steps respectively:

Step-1. Open the Software in your system. Click the Open button.

launch tool

Step-2. Brows and then Add the MDF or NDF files in application.

add files

Step-3. Choose the Quick or Advance Scan mode to proceed.

select scan mode

Step-4. Set the Destination Location and the File Path now.

set scan mode

Step-5. Hit the Export/Save button to solve SQL error 825.

click export

The Final Say

Finally, users are aware of the best ways to fix SQL Server error 825 without any data loss or further hassles. Users can get their expected results using both manual as well as automated solutions mentioned above. Also, the best way to avoid such errors is to simply maintain the SQL Database health.


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