Google Drive File Stream Not Syncing : Steps to be Taken Next

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Every new technology has its advantages and disadvantages. There are only some that work flawlessly without any fault. There may be some problem or another with every new launch. There are some issues with people reporting that Google Drive file stream not syncing. It is a common problem faced by many individuals who have reported it a number of times. There are simple solutions to this issue. All the recommended steps have been described in this post when users face an issue like google drive file stream not showing up. These are simple methods that can be implemented by any user. Follow them precisely to avoid data loss.

‘I have just configured my PC to the latest version of Google products. I had meant to do that for quite some time. It is a difficult procedure for me as I am a non-technical person but I managed somehow. But now I having trouble with the syncing of files. I am not able to access some of them properly as Gdrive file stream not responding. Now, I find myself looking for ways to fix Google Drive file stream not syncing. There are no proper solutions advised. Could you help me with this problem?’

google file stream not syncing

Additional Guide: – Google drive file stream not syncing is a big issue for you. But, most of the users are using Outlook as their default mail client. The error can also occur in the exchange configured Outlook. In this situation, you need a trusted way to migrate OST file to PST file type. Read this post and know the safe way to Gdrive file stream not responding issue.

Quick Glance at Google Drive File Streaming

This is the newer version of file syncing with server data. It is a desktop application to quickly access the drive data on demand. With this, all the documents are available on the computer and save some storage space on the system. Any changes made will be automatically saved to the cloud. This may help solve many of the Google Drive sync issues like google drive file stream not working. It can be configured in the following manner:

  • First, uninstall the drive from the Windows PC. This will stop the syncing process from GDrive. Make sure to remove all the files completely before moving forward.
  • Then, open up Google Drive in Chrome and verify that all the files in GDrive are present and current.
  • Then, delete the files in the folder on the PC. This will free space on the computer.
  • Then, install Google File Stream on Windows or Mac PC.
  • Now, access all the files on the computer.
If your Google Drive is facing some storage space issue due to bulk amount of data, you can migrate files from Google Drive to another Google Drive to free up some of the storage space. Google Drive Migrator by SysTools is one such reliable application to do the same in an efficient manner.

Steps to Solve Google Drive File Stream Not Syncing

There are simple instructions to resolve this problem when google drive file stream not responding. Here are those listed in a precise manner:

Solution#1 Upgrade File Streaming Service

It is a simple technique that works all the time. A user can request for some settings to be configured so that syncing to the drive can be made a lot easier. This can be helpful to fix Google Drive Sync issues. It is a useful method and a straightforward one.

Solution#2 Remove Old Upgrade Version

There are problems that arise when a recent upgrade has been downloaded from the server. The version may be incompatible with the Windows operating system or some other difficulty. Try to remove the previous or old version and use the newer one. Or remove the latest pack and use the existing version. Check if the Google Drive file stream issues have been resolved.

Solution#3 Save Google File Stream Files Offline

While using Google Drive File Stream, the files are stored within a separate virtual network volume & is downloaded on-demand. This allows users to access data when not connected to the internet. This is the reason when ussualy find issues like There are simple steps to perform this method. It allows an individual to save the files locally on the computer. Here are the instructions for the said procedure:

  • First, go to Google Drive File Stream drive from the left panel on a folder explorer window.
  • Then, launch any of the displayed folder and list all the stored files in the drive.

  • Then, right-click on any of the file or folder and select Drive File Stream>>Available Offline.


The brand designs new products every few days. It is impossible to keep track of all this technology and fix it simply by personal knowledge alone. Even technical professionals search for solutions online in blogs and forums. There are ways to solve Google Drive file stream not syncing issue. It is quite easy to implement and solve the issue drive file stream not working. It is a simple method and no major technical expertise is required. It can be performed by any professional, IT expert or regular user. All the necessary instructions have been mentioned in this post. Read carefully to avoid data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I restart Google Drive File Stream ?

1. Click on the Start button on Windows machine
2. After that, look for the “Google Drive File Stream” or “Drive File Stream” program
3. Then, click on the Program
4. Here, you need to wait for 20 seconds as Google Drive File Stream will reload to let again have access to your files.

Is it possible to sync Google Drive with multiple computers?

Yes, if you install Google Drive on several machines, it is possible to sync “Google Drive” folder of same account across multiple computers.

What is Google Drive file stream?

It is a new version to sync files with server data. It is a desktop-based application to access Google Drive data on demand. Any changes made locally on machine will get updated automatically on the cloud.

How to overcome Google Drive file streaming not syncing issue?

1. Upgrade File Streaming Service
2. Delete Old Upgrade Version
4. Download Google File Stream Files Offline